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Do Class-B RVs have Bathrooms? 

Do Class-B RVs have Bathrooms? 

A Class B RV is the smallest class of RV that is available on the market today and is also often referred to as a camper van. A Class-B RV is a type of cargo van that has undergone a conversion to become a camper. Because of their small size, this may lead you to ask:

Do Class-B RVs have bathrooms?

Yes, Class-B RVs do have bathrooms. Some have full baths with showers, wet-baths or simply just a cassette toilet.

Continue reading on to learn more about Class B RVs, what features are available for them, and how even the tiniest of Class B RVs can defy science and fit a bathroom inside.

Types of Class-B RV Bathrooms

Many conversion offerings that are available for Class-B RVs come equipped to support a bathroom. There are several types of bathrooms that can be found in these camper vans like a wet bath, dry bath, or a simple cassette toilet.

The size and amenities of a Class B RV bathroom will depend heavily on the size of the camper van and the specifications of the conversion kit. Many people who forego a specialized conversion kit in favor of a more DIY approach opt to place a type of bathroom in their camper van as well.

Wet Baths

A wet bath is a type of all in one bathroom. Wet baths usually feature a toilet, sink, and shower in the same space. Many RVs have a wet bath in order to save space, especially in smaller RVs. The basic concept of a wet bath is a shower head attached to the bathroom wall, sharing the exact space with a toilet and sink.

Dry Baths

When it comes to RV bathrooms, a dry bath is the exact opposite of a wet bath. In a dry bath the sink, toilet, and shower are all in separate areas of the vehicle. Dry baths are found most often in very large Class A RVs because smaller rigs just simply do not have the space.

Cassette Toilets

A Cassette toilet is a small toilet that sits on top of a water reserve. Cassette toilets are great for traveling when space is limited but you do not want to sacrifice a bathroom. Cassette toilets are mostly square or oval in shape and the water reserve underneath needs to be dumped at a station just like larger RVs.

Most Class B RVs, or camper vans, feature either a cassette toilet and separate sink, or a wet bath in their conversions. Cassette toilets seem to be the more popular option of the two. This is partly because a cassette toilet, when empty, can be stored in small areas and out of the way. This is great for Class B RVs that have an extremely limited amount of space.

Adding a Toilet

For most Class B RV owners, adding a bathroom or toilet to their RV can be an easy addition that makes a huge difference in comfort for very little money. While some Class B RVs do not have space for a full bathroom, wet or dry, cassette toilets can be added to every size Class B RV and can be purchased for a few hundred dollars at most.



What is the Smallest Class B RV with a Bathroom?

The Interstate 19 Class B RV from Airstream is currently the smallest RV with a bathroom on the market today. And this is not just any bathroom, but an actual entire wet bath fits in this 19.5 foot rig. The Interstate 19 from Airstream is built on a Mercedes Benz sprinter chassis with high quality features that you would expect to come from Airstream.

What is The Largest Class B RV with a Bathroom?

If you are looking for something that will fit up to 4 people but still drive and function like a van, look no further than to the Winnebago Boldt. This 22 foot rig features a complete wet bath with a built in tech center, kitchenette, and office space for those who want to work on the go.

Like the Airstream Interstate 19, the Winnebago Boldt is also built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and includes all of the outdoor features that Winnebago could fit into a camper van. While the Boldt is a great Class B RV that comes with many amenities, the $230,000 starting price can be a tough sell for most camping enthusiasts.

Which Class B RV Has a Cassette Toilet?

If you are looking for a Class B RV that comes standard with a cassette toilet then you are in luck. Most all Class B RVs now come with, at least, a cassette toilet. The explosion in popularity of Class B RVs in the last decade, and most in the last 5 years, have changed the way that many people view and purchase Class B RVs.

Having a toilet has become an essential part of the Class B RV and can be either a deal maker or deal breaker during the sale of them. For the many Class B RV owners who choose to do the conversions themselves, the cassette toilet is an easy way to have a bathroom without breaking the bank.

Closing Thoughts

While Mercedes Benz created the Sprinter van in the 1970s, there has been a renewed interest in camper vans and Class-B RVs over the last decade. Social media influencers, travel bloggers, single people, and small families have flocked to purchase these fun easy to drive camper vans to explore more of the outdoors.

Their massive popularity has been attributed to the ease of use, cheaper gas, and no special licensing requirements to drive them.


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