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Does Coleman Make Good Campers?

Does Coleman Make Good Campers?

Coleman campers are some of the most popular campers on the market today. However, if you’re going to invest in a new trailer, you want to ensure you’re getting one that lasts. So, does Coleman make good campers?

Coleman does make good campers. Most customers feel satisfied with their purchases from the company. They describe these trailers as livable and having reliable floor plans. They are also fans of the warranty and customer service Coleman provides.

Overall, you’ll want to know more about the quality of Coleman’s campers before you buy one. This article will cover everything you need to know, so make sure to stick around.

What Makes Coleman Campers Good?

Coleman is well known for making all types of camping gear. If you’re looking into outdoor equipment, the brand is sure to pop up. Coleman is an old business, making decent quality products while being affordable.

Coleman campers are good, even if they’re not the highest quality on the market. They have solid construction, an affordable price, and plenty of features. These points make them very convenient for many families who want to go camping.

Most of their customers are satisfied with the campers they receive. The lightweight models are easy to transport, park, and set up. At the same time, the larger versions offer plenty of space and a sturdy design. Many of their campers also come with awnings that roll up easily.

However, the issues that customers have with Coleman campers are usually cosmetic. For example, it’s easy to scratch the floors, cabinets, and walls, especially if you bring pets with you.

Overall, you get reasonably good quality for the price that you pay. The campers aren’t as high-quality as more expensive options. Still, you get many features you wouldn’t expect in an affordable trailer.

Coleman Camper Features To Consider

Coleman campers are lightweight yet have plenty of features for you to use. The features that customers appreciate the most include all of the following: 

  • Indoor command center
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Mechanical awnings
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Large water tanks
  • Tall ceilings
  • Lots of room inside
  • Plenty of sleeping room
  • Many different sizes of campers to suit you
  • Multiple floor plans per camper series

If you enjoy a camper with many features, Coleman is sure to have one that works for you! Some of their models even come with built-in Wi-Fi routers or room for ten people to sleep at once. Many customers love how they can choose a trailer to fit all of their needs.


Customer Service

Coleman stands behind their campers with excellent warranties. You’ll receive help from them after purchasing the camper if you need it. Even customers buying used Coleman campers can use it since the warranty is transferable.

The campers also come with a thorough pre-delivery inspection. Each camper has a 253-point inspection to go through, so you know the trailer is up to their high-quality standards before receiving it.

When parts do wear out, you can trust them to take care of it for you. Dutchmen (the Coleman camper manufacturers) have a 98% answer rate, so you can trust they won’t skip your calls or emails to their support team. Overall, customers trust the company to provide them with excellent service. 

The Benefits of a Coleman Camper

There are many benefits to consider when looking into campers. With Coleman products, you want to consider the quality and features you receive for the price. While Coleman campers are pretty cheap compared to other brands, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a good trailer.

Coleman is one of the best options in its lower price range. You’re sure to appreciate everything you receive for the price. However, you shouldn’t compare them to more expensive models of the same size. These campers come with more features and higher-quality materials.

Sound Quality for the Price

The best benefit of a Coleman camper is the quality you get for the price. The trailer should last you a very long time, despite it consisting of cost-efficient materials.

Customers feel that the campers last a very long time, although you will need to take it in for routine maintenance to get the most from it. That way, you can find minor issues before they become unmanageable. Plus, you can get more out of the warranty early on.

As long as you take care of your trailer, you can get many years’ worth of use from it. And if your camper is in good condition, you’re sure to resell it in the resale market pretty quickly because of the reasonable price attractive to new customers. 

Decent Durability

These campers are reasonably durable, although not nearly as durable as the more expensive options on the market. If you want a camper for infrequent trips, it’s the best option. It may not be durable enough for those who want a trailer for more consistent use.

However, these campers are still more durable than you’d expect for the low price. The weak areas tend to be cosmetic, such as the outsides of the cabinets, so they’re pretty easy to fix if something damages them.


Vast Range of Floor Plans

No matter what you’re looking for in a Coleman camper, you’re sure to find it. If you want to check out different floor plans, Coleman has many options for you in all of their camper lines. For instance, the Coleman Lantern light offers 15 different floor plans, so you have plenty to choose from. 

Or, the Coleman Light series has 11 different floor plans. You can select plenty of custom design options as well.

Customer Preferences

Finally, many customers tend to prefer Coleman over the other camper brands. They feel that the trailers come with the features, designs, and functions they want. Plus, they come with additional amenities for the price, giving them a great value. 

Customers often positively mention the indoor and outdoor kitchens in their online reviews. The kitchens offer a lot of space and are very versatile, like a kitchen in a house. They also frequently discuss how easy the trailer is to pull.

They’re incredibly light and easy to hook up to a vehicle. Overall, you’ll find how easy it is to get the camper on the road and set up where you want it.

Coleman Campers Ideal for Budget Conscious Families

Traveling couples, small families, RVers on a strict budget, and those new to campers benefit the most from Coleman campers. They come with all of the features they want at an affordable price. 

However, because the materials are cost-efficient and lower quality than in other campers, wear will be much quicker in these models. That’s why infrequent travelers benefit the most. You also get incredible designs for the cost, helping house families in the campers.

In short, if you need a reliable layout but don’t mind some wear and tear with use, these campers are perfect for you. They also cost a fraction of similar models from other high-end camper companies.


Closing Thoughts

Coleman does make good campers within this price range. Customers feel that they get excellent quality, the campers are affordable, and they enjoy the excellent customer service from the brand.

If you want a reliable camper for occasional trips, then Coleman’s camper is best for you. The trailer shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg but will last through the trips you take. 

Overall, you won’t get a high-end luxury trailer, but Coleman campers come with everything you need! When you take care of them, you can expect the camper to last you many years.


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