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Does Winnebago Make a Camper Van?

Does Winnebago Make a Camper Van?

You probably know Winnebago as the company that makes some of the most iconic RVs in the world. In fact, the name is practically synonymous with big, bus-style Recreational Vehicles, but did you know that they make camper vans as well?

Winnebago released their Class B line of camper vans in the last 10 years and they are quite different from the large RVs that most people associate with the Winnebago name. These campers look a lot like traditional vans, but they are kitted out with all of the conveniences of modern camper van living.

Camper van sales have been rising in recent years, with people across the world getting involved in the van life trend and enjoying the freedom of a home on wheels. For a lot of adventurers and explorers, an RV is simply too big, cumbersome, and awkward to travel with. The camper van is a great alternative that is better suited to most roads and campsites.

Winnebago actually makes 7 different models of camper van and they are becoming increasingly popular options for people that are looking for convenience and accessibility from their camper.

Where Does Winnebago Come From?

Winnebago actually started life as a civic project designed to bring jobs to Iowa in the late 1950s. A local businessman named John Hanson had the idea to draw in the manufacture of RVs from California and opened up factories near Forest City.

From its ambitious beginnings, Winnebago grew to be one of the most well-known producers of motorhomes in the United States. In just a decade the company went from having just 17 employees in 1958 to making $1 million per day in 1968.

Their first self-contained model of motorhome, the F-19, was built in 1966, and the D22 was released just a year later.

What Kind of Vehicles Do Winnebago Make?

There are currently 3 main classes of motor vehicles produced by Winnebago, as well as travel trailers that can be hitched to the back of a car.

Class A

The Class A RVs are the most classic and recognisable of all of Winnebago’s products. These are the big, shiny buses that are a staple on highways and rest stops all across America, and they are known to be spacious, high quality and full of modern conveniences.

The price tag on a lot of the Winnebago Class A RVs can be pretty steep, and they are also pretty unwieldy on smaller roads. If you can find a spot to set one up in, however, you can camp with all the luxuries of home.

Winnebago Class As may not be to everyone’s taste but they are certainly iconic, and there are very few camping options on the market that offer as much space and comfort.

The Journey is the most expensive and lavish of the Class A models available and one of those will set you back more than $400,000, but there are more reasonable options as well, like the relatively modest Sunstar that only costs around $176,000.

Class B: Camper Vans

The Class B camper vans are a much newer addition to the Winnebago lineup, but they are still designed to be comfortable and are premium in quality. They have the look of a classic tradesman’s van, but the interiors are surprisingly modern and homely.

Most of the Class B models are designed to be flexible inside and you can set them up how you want when you are at a campsite and pack them away for when you are on the road. It is certainly a whole lot easier to drive a Class B than a Class A, and finding a spot to park them in is much less problematic.

Each Class B comes with multiple floor plan arrangements that you can choose from to suit your individual needs, and they are fitted with all that you need for a comfortable adventure.

The Class B models do range in size, from the Solis Pocket to the Boldt, but even the largest model can only sleep 4 so they are not necessarily a vehicle for the whole family.

Class C

The Class C models are somewhere in between a Class A and a Class B. They are not as small and convenient as a typical camper van, but they offer more space and can sleep more inside, without being as cumbersome as a Class A.

These models are motorhomes and not camper vans, which means that they offer more inside and have a bit more body to them. Most of the Class C Winnebagos have a raised roof, with a cabin over the driver and passenger seats.

If you’re looking for more convenience than a Class A, but a bit more space and a few more interior features than a Class B, the Class C may be the way to go. Some, like the Ekko, are not too much bigger than a traditional van while others, like the Spirit, are so long that they can comfortably sleep 8 people inside.

How Much Does a Winnebago Camper Van Cost?

There is quite a range when it comes to the camper vans that are available from Winnebago, and the prices vary considerably as a result. Below is a list of all of the Class B models currently on the market, and the starting prices that are listed on the Winnebago website.

  • Solis Pocket: $102,533
  • Solis: $115,497
  • Travato: $139,316
  • Roam: $160,499
  • Revel: £202,401
  • Era: $204,287
  • Boldt: $238,947

You can find these campers for sale from different retailers, so you can expect the cost to change depending on where you’re looking. Optional extras and alternate floor plans will also add a bit extra to the price.


What is the Smallest Winnebago Camper Van?

The Solis Pocket is both the most affordable Winnebago Camper Van on the market, and the smallest. It is designed to sleep three people and is ideal for a couple, perhaps with one child or a friend in tow.

The flexible floor plan options mean it can be surprisingly roomy and comfortable inside, and it is fully kitted out with everything that you need. Despite its relatively compact size, the Pocket is still pretty luxurious and feels a lot more like a home on wheels than a van with a bed in the back.

While the Solis Pocket does still have a pretty hefty price tag, which you can expect from any prebuilt camper van, it is definitely a cheaper option and it may be just right for someone looking to start exploring the world on their own four wheels.


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