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How Can I Make My RV Dinette More Comfortable?

How Can I Make My RV Dinette More Comfortable?

Traveling around in an RV should be an adventure, but it should still be a relaxing experience. Sometimes, convenience can make a camper bed a little less than ideal to sleep on, so you’ve probably wondered: how can I make my RV dinette more comfortable?

There are many ways to improve the comfort of your RV dinette, including replacing the cushions, increasing the padding, reinforcing the base, or using a separate mattress altogether.

You can also adjust the space around your dinette to help things stay in place and keep yourself as comfortable as possible throughout the night.

Read ahead in this article to find out exactly what steps you can take to make your RV dinette convertible bed as comfortable as possible so that you can truly relax on your next big trip.

What Makes an RV Dinette Uncomfortable?

Not all camping beds are created equally, and understanding why you might feel less than comfortable can help you to choose a bed that’s right for you.

Dinettes are incredibly convenient and a very popular choice for an RV because they act as a dining area during the day before being converted into a bed at night.

When you’re shopping around for RVs, you might not think to set the dinette up as a bed and give it a test, but it’s definitely worth doing so!

A dinette may seem incredibly comfortable as a table and seating, but actually, be a little cramped and awkward when you’re ready to go to bed.

The main issues that make some dinettes less than ideal are usually:

  • Insufficient padding in the cushions
  • A base that is not quite sturdy enough
  • Not enough sleeping space
  • A slippery surface or lack of barriers, causing your bedding to fall off in the night

These are things that you can look out for when you’re choosing your RV in the first place, but don’t worry if you’ve already made your choice.

While you might not be able to make the bed bigger, your dinette can be adjusted and improved in many different ways, turning it into the ideal sleeping space for your needs.

How To Make An RV Dinette Bed More Comfortable

You might feel like you’re stuck with the bed you’ve got in your RV, but you actually have a lot of options! One of the beauties of an RV is that it is a home away from home, and it’s one where you have complete freedom to make it your own.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to your dinette to make things a little more comfortable at nighttime.

1.  Reinforce the base

Depending on the structure of your dinette, you might find that the base you are actually sleeping on is a bit wobbly or creaky. Some are simply not as sturdy as you might need, and they can even crack and warp over time.

Reinforcing your base can be as simple as adding another layer of solid plastic or plywood under the cushions, or you could look into replacing the base section entirely with something stronger.

Don’t forget to measure carefully so that you know it will fit!

2.  Replace the cushions

For most dinette beds, you will actually be sleeping on top of the dinette cushions, which conveniently fit into place to function as a sort of mattress. The standard options are not always designed with pure comfort in mind, and they might be too soft or too firm for your taste.

Replacing the cushions with an upgraded version that is more comfortable can be a great option. This can be an easy fix because you don’t have to bring anything additional with you in the RV – they just fit in where the old cushions were!

You might be able to buy nicer cushions directly from the manufacturer of your RV but, if not, you may need to shop around to find some that fit the space.


3.  Add a topper

No matter what cushions you end up with, they do tend to be quite thin. If you’re not getting enough cushioning for your needs, then you can simply add a mattress topper to make things more comfortable.

You can get many different kinds of mattress toppers, but a foam surface is often a good choice. You could even opt for something firmer and more luxurious, like memory foam.

4.  Use a mattress

If a topper doesn’t do the trick, then you can always bring a whole separate mattress! It may take up some room and be a little tricky to transport around with you, but it can definitely make your bed a lot comfier.

A mattress pad might be easier to fit into your RV than a full mattress, and there are a lot of different kinds to choose between, so you’re bound to find the right surface for you.

5.  Try different bedding

Maybe it’s not the cushioning that’s making your bed a little uncomfortable – it might be the bedding! It’s worth carrying a heavier blanket and better-quality pillows around with you for the sake of a good night’s sleep.

The quality of your sheets will make a big difference as well, and they can certainly stop things from sliding around as much at night.

6.  Add barriers to the sides

Sometimes, you find yourself a little uncomfortable in a dinette bed because you keep slipping into cracks between the cushions. Depending on how the bed has been put together, the jigsaw of cushions underneath you can separate while you’re sleeping, which creates uncomfortable gaps.

If they are not already there, you can install short barriers on the sides of the bed that will hold your cushions in place. You might need to make these in a way that they can be removed throughout the day, and then slotted into place when you’re ready for bed.

Summary: How Can I Make My RV Dinette More Comfortable?

So, how can you make your RV dinette more comfortable? Don’t fret – you have lots of options!

Swapping out or improving the bed surface itself can be a real game-changer, so you might want to look into more comfortable cushions or a nice foam topper. You could even bring a mattress to place on top of the dinette when you’re sleeping or use more comfortable bedding.

Additionally, you can reinforce the base to make it nice and sturdy, and improve the structure of the bed to stop things from moving around.

Whatever you do, it’s worth trying to make a change. Your RV experience should be a joyful one, so don’t settle for a rough night’s sleep!


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