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What is the Ideal RV Length?

What is the Ideal RV Length?

Whenever you are shopping for a new RV, your ideal length is an important factor to consider. The length of your RV will determine a lot of factors, such as how much floor space you have and what areas you can go camping in.

So, what is the ideal RV length?

The ideal RV length is 27 feet which will allow you to park at the most campgrounds as possible, including the majority of National Parks. Technically, the shorter your RV, the better, but you’ll need to balance that with your personal preferences and needs for more square footage.

For a more in-depth look at how to pick out the perfect RV length for your camping style, keep reading. This article explains why the 32 foot RV is best for most campers, but we also describe other lengths and when they are right for you. Let’s get started.

The Perfect Length for an RV

Whenever you are looking for the perfect length of RV, you want the RV to be right for a wide range of activities and uses. At the same time, you want the RV to be long enough that it provides a comfortable floor plan for you and your family. The 27 to 32 foot rig is generally considered the ideal RV length.

This RV is long enough to provide enough space for multiple travelers, but it is short enough that you can take it to many locations. For example, many national parks have a 27 to 32 foot length capacity. As a result, the 27 to 32 foot rig will allow you to go to most national parks while enjoying the most spacious RV possible.

That is not to say that the 27 to 32 foot RV is right for everyone. Some individuals may prefer a smaller RV, whereas others may need a 40 foot rig. The 27 to 32 foot RV is just the standard if you are looking for an RV that is suitable for most adventures while still maximizing space.

Average RV Length by Class

Whenever you are considering the perfect length for RVs, it’s important to look at the class of RV. The RV class will generally tell you how large the RV is and give you a better idea of how much space you will have. For most RV travelers, the RV class is more important than the specific length.

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Class A

When most people imagine a full RV rig, it is the Class A rig they think of. Class A RVs can be anywhere from 21 feet to 45 feet long, and they typically sleep 1 to 8 people.

These RV’s offer substantial luxury while you are on the road, but many of the longer rigs are not allowed in national parks or off roading adventures.

Class B

The Class B RV is the smallest of all with a van base. It is only 17 to 19 feet long and sleeps 1 to 4 people. Class B RVs are selected by individuals who live on the road and want to adventure to all spots throughout the nation. Class B RVs are not a good choice for those who want to live a life of luxury on the road.

Class B+ RVs are slightly bigger than the B model, but it still has a van base. Class B+ vans are between 20 and 30 feet long and can sleep 1 to 8 people. Class B+ vans are ideal because they allow you to take on many adventures while on the road, but you can invite more people on the road with you.

Class C

The Class C RV is in between Class B and Class A in terms of size. Most are between 20 and 31 feet long, allowing them to sleep between 1 and 8 people.

Class C vans are an option if you want a larger RV than a Class B but still want to go to national parks and other off roading adventures.

Factors to Consider When Selecting RV Length

Selecting an RV length is an important process in your RV selection. You want the RV to be long enough that it provides enough space for all your guests, but you don’t want it to be so long that it limits your adventuring opportunities.

To ensure you select the right RV length based on your camping style, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Floor Plan

The length of your RV will directly impact the floor plan. In other words, it will directly impact how much space is in the RV.

Select an RV that is long enough that it provides enough space for you, your family, your friends, and your pets.

Where You Want to Travel

You always have to think about where you intend to travel and what your travel style will be before selecting an RV. Do you expect to stick to RV parks, or do you want to do some off roading? This question will tell you a lot about the length or class of RV you need. If you want to stick to RV parks and major roads, you can get as large of an RV as you want.

However, you will want to go on the smaller end of the spectrum if you want to participate in off roading, boondocking, and more adventurous travels.


Closing Thoughts

Although there are many factors to consider when selecting the right RV for your travels, the 32 inch RV is the perfect length for most travelers. It is long enough that it provides a comfortable space for you and your loved ones, but it is short enough that you can still adventure and go anywhere you want.

For this reason, most individuals will do best with a Class B+ or Class C RV. Some individuals may be happiest with a Class A or Class B RV, but it ultimately depends on your ideal floor plan and where you want to travel. So, make sure to keep the factors above in mind before making your final decision since a 32 inch RV may not be suited for your traveling intentions.


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