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How Much is a Ford Transit Camper Van? (New, Used and DIY)

How Much is a Ford Transit Camper Van? (New, Used and DIY)

Ford Transits are one of the most popular options for camper van conversions. They are comparable in size and functionality to Mercedes Sprinter vans, but Transits are significantly cheaper, both in terms of the initial purchase and the ongoing maintenance costs.

Many aspiring vanlifers choose to build out their vans themselves, although there are more and more companies who now specialize in van conversions, and there are pre-owned and pre-converted vans available as well.

So, how much is a Ford Transit camper van? The answer varies widely depending on whether you purchase an older used van or a brand new one, what van upgrades you choose, and whether you opt for DIY or professional conversion. You can purchase a pre-owned and pre-converted Transit for less than $40,000, while a brand new Transit that is professionally converted by a company can total more than $100,000. DIY conversions vary drastically based on what options you select and what materials you use for the build, but you can save significant amounts of money by not having to pay for labor.

Let’s take a look at the cost ranges for professionally converted, pre-owned, and DIY Transits:

New Sportsmobile Ford Transit: $75,000-$100,000+

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Sportsmobile has been a titan in the recreational vehicle industry for over 60 years, and they create incredible Ford Transit conversions. They offer several ‘Standard Plans’ and also a ‘Design Your Own’ option which includes the standard equipment package, plus whatever additional furnishing options you select.

The standard packages range in price from about $40,000 to $50,000 depending on the exact package you select and the length and interior height of your Transit, and each of the items in the DYO option is priced individually on their pricing PDF so you can easily calculate your total cost.

These conversion packages obviously do not include the price of the van itself, but you can buy your Ford Transit through Sportsmobile and receive a dealer discount.

The base price (accounting for the discount) of 2020 Ford Transits ranges from about $35,000 for a low roof regular body van to about $36,300 for a high roof extended body van up to $43,000 for a high roof extended body van. There are myriad options for customization and upgrades available as well, which are all listed out on the pricing PDF as well.

It’s easy to spend well over $100,000 purchasing a brand new decked out Sportsmobile Ford Transit, but you know that every element of the conversion will be high quality, professionally installed, and covered under a 5-year/unlimited miles warranty. Additionally, Sportsmobile does have some pre-owned vans listed for sale if you don’t want to wait for a new van to be customized or if you want to save some money.

Pre-owned Ford Transits on $35,000-$100,000+

If you want to get on the road right away without breaking the bank, a pre-owned and pre-converted Ford Transit can be an amazing option. is a great place to start your search, with new listings regularly being posted from all over the country.

You can view all the details of each van, such as the model year, the current location of the van, mileage, fuel type, sleeping capacity, amenities in the van, and so forth.

Obviously, the price of each van is going to vary based on how much it initially cost, how much it has been used, and how motivated the seller is. At the time of this writing, there are 16 Ford Transits listed for sale, ranging in price from $37,650 to $125,000. With new vans posted regularly, you can find a huge variation in van size, amenities, and other stipulations you may have for your perfect Transit conversion.

Custom VanDoIt Ford Transit Camper Vans: $48,800-$108,800


This Missouri-based van conversion company evolved from Kline Motor Company, which was started in 1947 in Iowa. They advocate for a “VanDoIt Lifestyle” that gives people the opportunity to travel, explore, and adventure. VanDoIt only converts Ford Transits, so they are specialists in this niche. 

They currently offer two different packages: the DO and the LIV. The DO package offers an open floor plan with removable seats, fold-away furniture, and tons of interior attachment points for securing gear, adding shelves, hauling cargo, or whatever else you desire.

This type of modular interior allows you to live in the van if you choose, use it as a primary vehicle to move up to 11 people, take it on adventures, or use it as a mobile office. The versatility with this package is incredible, and there are so many available options that allow you to customize your van exactly to your needs.

The LIV package includes a queen or king bed on a hydraulic lift so you can change the height to allow for more or less storage space underneath it. A gear slide below the bed can also double as another bunk. This package can seat up to 8 passengers on modular bench seats that can be removed as needed.

Both of these packages can be customized with VanDoIt’s components, which include items like an air compressor, air conditioning, awnings, bike fork mounts, upgraded bumpers, solar and electrical systems, additional cabinets, a heater, a kitchen pod, upgraded insulation, a water heater, interior and exterior lighting options, a generator, roof racks and ladders, a shower, a toilet, and so much more.

You can choose exactly which elements you need to make your VanDoIt Ford Transit your dream camper conversion.

New ModVan CV1 Ford Transit: $78,475+

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Based in Ventura, California, ModVans was started when a group of friends bought a used 26-foot RV, and soon discovered that it was much too large for their purposes and scary to drive in anything less than ideal conditions, which led them to build a more modern and maneuverable camper by converting a Ford Transit. Their prototype was so well-received that they made a business out of it. 

They currently offer just one conversion package, the CV1. This van conversion is built for all-season camping, with heavy insulation and available 4×4 or all wheel drive. It can sleep four adults and has an available 300-watt solar energy system with a 2,000-watt inverter and a house battery system.

The van features an extra large two-burner propane stove, a sink, a 3-cubic-foot refrigerator, a cassette toilet with a privacy curtain, a rooftop AC unit, both electric and propane heaters, LED lights, a 10-gallon propane tank and a 10-gallon fresh water tank.

ModVans also offers optional modular features, like second row seating, a pop top, a downstairs bed, modular storage and bathroom options, and more. They have a list of optional upgrades so you can customize your ModVan however you like.

DIY Conversion by Isabelle and Antoine: $20,150 (not including van price)

Isabelle and Antoine of did a DIY conversion of their 2016 Ford Transit (featured image top of page) and created an incredible home on wheels for themselves. They generously allowed me to share some stats of their DIY build.

Isabelle and Antoine’s Ford Transit build – via @faroutride

The couple also kept meticulous records of each element that went into their van, how much everything cost (even broken down by category), and how many hours they spent on the conversion.  While of course DIY conversions vary dramatically in price, style, and layout, we will take a look at some of the specifics from Isabelle and Antoine’s van as an example.

They bought a 2016 Ford Transit T-250 with a 3.7L gas engine, Limited Slip Differential, a 148-inch wheelbase, extended body, and high roof. Other built-in features that they selected for their van include fixed rear windows, a flip-open passenger side window, power heated mirrors with turn signals, a 230-amp heavy-duty alternator with dual batteries, a heavy-duty tow package, remote keyless entry, and cruise control.

They do not reveal the exact price of their van on their website, since the price of each person’s ideal van base is going to vary so drastically and the prices for your dream van can always be found on the manufacturer’s website. Rather, they focused on the “guesswork” part of a conversion: the cost and time involved for non-professionals to build a home on wheels.

Their website has a wealth of information about converting a Ford Transit, including how they chose the Transit, how they calculated their power usage for their electrical system, and so many more helpful and specific details about their van. 

They estimate that all in, they spent about 1,000 hours and $20,150 on their conversion. They broke the cost down further, revealing that their climate control systems cost $3,700, their electrical system totaled $4,515, their living space cost $11,135, and other miscellaneous items added up to $850.

They have even kept a log book of repair costs, which is something that many people who are new to vanlife forget to account for in their budgeting.

While of course every DIY conversion is different, it’s such a helpful starting point to be able to look at someone’s conversion and know exactly how much it all cost. That way you have a point of reference, even if you decide to convert your van completely differently.


Does Ford make a camper van?

Ford has partnered with Westfalia in Germany to create the Ford Nugget series of camper vans on the Transit base. They have three versions, the pop top Nugget, the high roof Nugget, and the Nugget Plus.

How much is the Ford Nugget camper van?

The base price for the pop top Nugget is $59,875, while the high roof Nugget starts at $60,550 and the Nugget Plus starts at $67,150. Unfortunately, at this time the Ford Nugget camper vans are not available in the United States. Though it has proven extremely popular in Europe, Ford does not have any plans at the moment to bring the camper vans to the U.S.

Do van conversions have bathrooms?

Some do! Some people opt to reserve more space for other amenities by not having a bathroom at all or by having a hidden toilet that pulls out for use, while others prioritize a bathroom and make space for an enclosed toilet room or even a wet bath with a shower.

Is the Ford Transit AWD?

It does not come standard, but AWD is an available upgrade from the manufacturer for a Ford Transit.


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