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How Much Is a Winnebago Camper Van?

How Much Is a Winnebago Camper Van?

How much does the Winnebago Camper van cost, you ask? Considering this camper van packs so many options in a driveable, parkable van, you get an optimized road trip vehicle for much less than an RV.

A Winnebago Camper van will cost you $179,000 on average depending on which model you select. On the low end, you will look at spending $115,000 and on the high end $237,000.

The rest of this article will compare the various Winnebago Camper van models so you can choose the one that best suits your travel needs.

Current Price of Winnebago Solis

As the lowest-priced Winnebago camper, the Winnebago Solis lets you build your Class B camper van with the features you prefer. The starting MSRP is around $115,497 before you add any additional options.

If you are new to van camping, the Winnebago is a trend-setter for this price point. With a Ram ProMaster chassis and a V6 gas engine, this camper van offers three exterior color options:

  • Cherry red
  • Bright white
  • Silver metallic

The Winnebago Solis is the company’s first foray into the pop-up van market.

You get all the usual amenities with this model, such as swivel seats, a removal table, and sleeping spaces. What differentiates the Solis is choosing either a Murphy or sofa bed to go with the pop-up sleep space.

Current Price of Winnebago Travato

While the Winnebago Travato has been around for over seven years, this model offers four different floor plans to suit all your camping needs. With a starting MSRP of $139,316, the Travato sleeps two people and finishes at 21’ (6.4 m) long.

Winnebago has reworked the 59G floor plan to include:

  • Two automotive-grade seats with a dinette table.
  • The Winnsleep system of a foam mattress with European suspension.
  • Pop-up power outlets.
  • Slide-out galley and flexible wardrobe for storage.
  • Thirty-six-watt inverter and 230 watts of solar power.
  • Powered by Pure Three Volta system with 8,700-watt-hours.

The 59GL includes all the features of the 59G but with a dedicated lounge area and lithium-powered energy. The 59K and 59KL models feature twin beds and a rear wet bath.

Current Price of Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel gives you the option to go off-road with 4WD. This model retails at a starting price of $202,401 and has one floor plan, the 41E.

The Revel gives you a rear bed on a power lift so you can have space during the day for storage, but you can lower the bed at night for sleeping. Power comes from two lithium batteries that supply 3,200-watt-hours and an inverter that converts solar energy.

When you want to live off the grid for a while, the Revel makes that possible with the ergonomic interior and highest ground clearance for off-road excursions. Also read: Winnebago Revel Review: 6 Owners Tell All

Current Price of Winnebago Boldt

Built on the Mercedes-Benz diesel chassis, with the option of 4WD, the current price of the Winnebago Boldt starts at $237,098. In the Boldt, you get a generator-free camper van.

The Winnebago Boldt has all-season insulation, full interior heating, and in-coach water lines. The two models, 70BL and 70KL, offer full-service comfort with an off-the-grid Pure3 Energy Management System for ample electricity.

The Winnebago Boldt 70BL sleeps three and has a mid-cabin bathroom, while the Winnebago Boldt 70KL sleeps two and has a rear bathroom.

Current Price of Winnebago Era

The Winnebago Era is the classic Winnebago camper van, embodying what Winnebago is known for, including interior comfort and a powerful engine with on and off-road options. The starting price for the Winnebago Era is $204,287.

Depending on your on and off-road needs, you can choose the Mercedes-Benz rear-wheel-drive chassis or the 4WD drive chassis. The Era is the most extended Winnebago camper van at 24’ (7.32 m).

The Era gives you three models, the 70A, 70B, and 70X. Each brings luxury and function to the table.

The Winnebago 70A has:

  • A flex bed system that lets you convert a sofa with two rear twin beds into one large bed.
  • Swivel captains’ chairs.
  • A wet bath.
  • Flexible wardrobe.
  • Two-door compressor-driven refrigerator, two burners, and sink.
  • Both vinyl and ultra-leather upholstery.
  • Sleeps three people, but four if there are two adults and two small children.

The Winnebago 70B has the same features as the 70A but with an additional center seat.

The Winnebago 70X has:

  • Single-door compression refrigerator.
  • Two center seats.
  • Removable pedestal table between captain’s chairs and center chairs.
  • Sleeps two people.

Why Should You Buy a Winnebago Camper Van Over an RV?

You should buy a Winnebago Camper van over an RV, because the van offers easier maneuverability than an RV due to its size. The height of the camper van lets you anticipate turns and see farther for a clear view of the road.

In general, if you can drive a large SUV or truck, you can comfortably navigate a camper van.

You get sleeping, storage, room for bikes, and golf bags in a compact footprint, and this doesn’t even include exterior storage. From guide tours to exploring the open road, you can go where you want and take what you want.

Camping has exploded in the last two years, and more people are camping than ever before, making purchasing a camper van more enticing. Here are some compelling reasons to buy a Winnebago Camper van over an RV.

Easier To Drive

While driving a camper van might take some getting used to since they are heavier and less maneuverable than the cars many people drive, you don’t need a special license and can quickly get the hang of the logistics. Considering that it’s a van, you should be able to drive it like you would a normal van.

No Towing a Car

The traditional RV requires towing a vehicle if you want to go places or run to the store without moving your RV from its campsite. A camper van is mobile enough to handle those jaunts without extra effort, so you don’t need to tow a car if you don’t want to.

The Camper Van Can Go Where RVs Cannot

When you want to see where that dirt road goes, your camper van can navigate those less-traveled roads that can lead to breathtaking views. Even better, since your camper van has self-contained electricity, you can stay there in that magical place if you choose.

  • The RV must stay on paved roads due to its size.
  • A Camper Van Offers More Flexibility
  • Because the camper van is compact and self-contained, you can be more spontaneous.

An RV requires more planning since you need water and electricity hook-ups while the camper van lets you go where the mood strikes. Therefore, you can go in the middle of nowhere and still have the comforts of home.

Lets You Take Day Trips

A camper van lets you take day trips with ease. You can decide on the spur of the moment to hop in the van on a gorgeous day for a picnic or a sunset. The maneuverability and ease of travel allow you to take advantage of opportunities that require more planning with an RV.

Seldom will an RV owner spontaneously take the RV out for a quick day trip.

Closing Thoughts

The Winnebago Camper van cost reflects the features that make it comfortable for both day trips and longer expeditions. In this camper van, you get sleeping accommodations for two to four people with the ease of driving a vehicle that is comparable to a large SUV or truck.

Whether you want to camp in a traditional campground or stay off the grid for a bit, there is a Winnebago Camper van for you. Investing in a camper van gives you the freedom to explore and comfort for the journey.

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