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Find 4×4 Camper Vans for Sale Online (Top 10 Resources)

Find 4×4 Camper Vans for Sale Online (Top 10 Resources)

If you’ve recently decided that it’s time to hit the open road in a 4×4 camper van, you’ll need to start your search for your new rig. However, while finding a car can be as easy as heading down to a local dealership or checking online listings, searching for a 4×4 van isn’t always so simple.

In fact, searching for the perfect adventure rig for all your upcoming road trips can be a challenge. This is particularly true if you’re interested in a 4×4 van, which can be particularly tricky to find.

The good news is that we’re here to help. Up next, we’ll introduce you to 10 awesome places to get your next 4×4 van. That way, you can spend less time researching your new van and more time on the road.

Top 10 places to find 4×4 camper vans for sale online:

1. RV Trader

First up on our list is RV Trader, the premier online classifieds website for new and used RVs and campervans in North America. The site usually has an average of 160,000 new and used vehicles listed at any given time, so it’s a solid place to check out if you’re looking for your new rig.

Although RV Trader’s primary business is in class A and class C RVs, they’ve seen a boom in listings for camper vans and other smaller adventure vehicles in recent years.

In their listings, you can find a whole host of different 4×4 camper vans, including the uber-popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4. Since the vast majority of the 4×4 vehicles on RV Trader have already been converted, it’s a good place to start your search if you’re okay with scrolling through lots (and we mean a lot) of listings.

Some of the other awesome listings on RV Trader include Quigley-converted Ford Transits, which can be hard to come by if you don’t order your own conversion through the company. RV Trader also has a pretty nice collection of Stewart & Stevenson M1079 LMTVs, which are true off-road adventure mobiles.

Since RV Trader isn’t a dealer, but a classifieds site, you’ll have to arrange to see the vehicle and any potential payment or shipping costs with the seller. Most of the listings on the site are actually from dealerships, though there are some private sellers on RV Trader, too.

All in all, RV Trader is a great choice if you’re casting a wide net during your search and want to see what’s out there in terms of 4×4 vans.

2. Conversion Trader

Specifically built to help people buy and sell converted vans, skoolies, and even unfinished projects, Conversion Trader is a marketplace-style site that’s worth checking out in your search for a 4×4 van.

Since Conversion Trader is an open marketplace, you’ll want to be selective about which vehicles you consider during your search. As always, all the usual internet shopping safety precautions apply when shopping on marketplaces like Conversion Trader, but that shouldn’t deter you from considering some of the vehicles on the site.

Most of the listings on Conversion Trader are US-based and shipping/pick-up procedures will need to be made with the seller of the van. However, you can find pretty much anything you can imagine on the site, including professionally-converted 4×4 Sprinters and imported European adventure rigs.

Although many of the listings on Conversion Trader are for used vans, you can also find quite a few options out there from conversion companies that are looking to sell demo vehicles or one-off conversions. So, Conversion Trader is a nice option for folks who know that they want a 4×4 van but are open to all the different options on the market.

3. Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland is a 4×4 van conversion company and van life community that sells fully kitted-out vans online through their nation-wide network of authorized dealers.

The company’s flagship van, the Beast MODE 4×4, is built on a burly Sprinter 4×4 144″ chassis, which can handle rough forest service roads with ease. Each van boasts Storyteller Overland’s innovative floor plan and fine-tuned set of features to ensure that you have what you need for off-road driving and off-grid living.

With the Beast MODE 4×4, you get plenty of storage space, a portable toilet, an outdoor shower, a kitchenette, and a cozy sleeping space. Plus, each van comes equipped for adventure with a roof rack, side mount ladder, and extra-rugged rims.

The best part about ordering from Storyteller Overland, however, is that you can order your van online and pick it up at any one of a number of dealerships around the United States. With dealerships in nearly every corner of the country and a nationwide price guarantee, getting a Beast MODE 4×4 or any of the company’s other vans is a streamlined process.

 4. Winnebago

If you’d prefer to keep your 4×4 camper van search as simple as can be, it’s hard to beat Winnebago.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Winnebago? Don’t they make large RVs? I’m looking for a 4×4 van.”

If you’re asking yourself these questions, we understand. But, with the 4×4 Revel, Winnebago’s recent foray into the world of super slick campervans has been nothing short of impressive.

The Revel is built on a brand-new Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis, so it’s equipped to take on whatever you throw at it. At 19’7″ in length, the Revel can accommodate up to 2 campers on overnight trips, though it has enough seatbelts for 4 people.

Plus, it comes with a power lift bed and storage unit in the back of the van as well as a full-fledged wet bath so you can stay squeaky clean on the road. What’s more, the Revel has a modern kitchenette with a fold-down outside table, plus a removable interior pedestal table so you can dine in style.

The best part, however, is that you can get a Winnebago 4×4 Revel pretty much anywhere Winnebagos are sold. You can quickly locate a dealer on Winnebago’s website and pick up your new Revel in a matter of days or weeks. It’s as easy as can be!

5. Sportsmobile

One of the oldest adventure vehicle conversion companies in North America, Sportsmobile is a solid place to shop for your next 4×4 camper van. In fact, Sportsmobile has its own standard 4×4 conversion on a Ford Cutaway Chassis that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

For this conversion, Sportsmobile builds your van off a Ford Cutaway body and then reinforces it with a steel and fiberglass shell. They also include a whole slew of different 4×4 conversion features, including an Advance Adapter Atlas II All Gear Driven Transfer Case and F550 rotors to ensure quality performance on rough terrain.

Inside, you can choose from a number of different floor plans to suit your needs. Most floor plans include a bed, dinette, kitchenette, and storage space, though you can pick and choose from different add-ons to get a fully customized van.

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The ordering process with Sportsmobile is fairly straightforward as they can either buy a van for you or you can supply your own. Once you decide what van you’re working with, you can customize your build for your adventures.

Lead times vary quite a bit with Sportsmobile after you order your van and place a down payment, though you can expect to wait about 8 to 14 months for your fully customized van. Then, you can either pick up your new ride at one of the company’s two locations (Texas and Indiana), or they can ship your van right to your door.

6. GR Experience

GR Experience is an overlanding website and blog based out of California that helps connects prospective van owners with new and used vehicles.

The website is run by a couple—Kathleen and Bruno—who maintain a frequently updated list of vans for sale. Since their offerings change fairly frequently, there’s always a new vehicle to explore on the site.

Kathleen and Bruno usually have a selection of converted Mercedes Sprinter 4x4s for sale, so it’s worth checking back frequently if you’re on the hunt for a van. Each listing offers a brief description and overview of the van with basic specs and layout information.

The website is quite small, so you’ll usually have to contact the team directly to get pricing and pick up information if you choose to buy a van.

If you want to learn more about the team behind GR Experience or their line-up of vans, you can follow their Instagram, where they regularly post tips and tricks for making the most of vanlife.

Although GR Experience’s listings are a bit limited when compared to larger classifieds sites or marketplaces, they’re a nice choice if you’re interested in purchasing directly from a small company.

7. eBay

person sitting ontop of grey converted camper van in the desert

A classic choice for buying new and used vehicles, you can find pretty much anything on eBay and 4×4 camper vans are no exception.

Although listings vary from day to day on eBay, you can almost always find yourself a 4×4 camper van on the site with relative ease. Of course, eBay is not a car dealership, just a marketplace, so it’s important that you thoroughly vet any prospective seller before you send them any money or meet them in person.

However, on a given day, you can find everything from a fully kitted-out Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 to a Ford Transit Quigley 4×4 conversion on the site. Most listings will clue you into the make and model of the van, its total mileage, and its interior specs.

In some cases, you might find that eBay listings for 4×4 vans are from RV and car dealerships that are trying to advertise some of their inventory. Other times, the folks behind a given listing are avid vanlifers, just like us, that are simply looking to upgrade their rig.

Regardless of who you’re working with, however, be sure to check any potential delivery or pick up costs and arrangements before you commit to a vehicle. Since eBay is an international website, you want to be sure that you can actually get the van you’re interested in to your home to start prepping for your next adventure.

8. Craigslist

Another super-famous online classifieds site, Craigslist is a great place to search if you’re interested in scoping out all of your options.

Since Craigslist sites are separated by location, it’s often easiest to search for 4×4 vans using Entering a keyword like “4×4 camper van” will usually turn up tens of thousands of results from every Craigslist site and location.

Once you run your search query, will give you a list of different (hopefully) relevant van listings to look through. You’ll have to click on each listing to view the van and its specs, as well as to access contact information for the seller.

If you’re only willing to look at vans within a certain distance from your home, however, we’d recommend going to your region’s Craigslist site.

Do keep in mind, though, that Craigslist is a marketplace, so take care when meeting up with sellers or when finalizing a deal. Although you can find some “for sale by dealer” options on Craigslist, most sellers are individuals looking to sell or upgrade their current adventure set-up.


Similar to Craigslist and eBay, but specifically for vehicles, is an online marketplace where you can find everything from 4×4 camper vans to Class A RVs. The company was founded back in 1999 by a car dealership that wanted to help make it easier for you to find your dream vehicle. offers much of what you’d expect from an online classifieds site, including detailed vehicle information, photos, and notes from the seller. Most listings on the site are from dealerships and you can usually access the dealer’s website and contact information straight from the listing.

Plus, offers a free Vehicle History Report on all of the vehicles listed on their site, including 4×4 camper vans. The company quickly runs a vehicle’s VIN whenever you’d like to give you instant access to the vehicle’s title history, accident history, and any previous photos that are online.

Of course, as a marketplace, doesn’t have control over the vehicles that are listed on their site and it can sometimes be hard to find 4×4 vans. However, they are great at connecting potential buyers to reputable customers and their free Vehicle History Reports go a long way toward peace of mind as you shop.


view from the back of a 4x4 camper van with two people sitting inside is a specialty online marketplace for RVs and campervans in the United States. They are one of the largest RV and campervan classifieds websites in North America, so they often have one of the biggest selections of vehicles to choose from.

The site is a Better Business Bureau–accredited platform where you can often access hundreds of different listings for 4×4 campers. At any given time, has listings for both new and used vehicles, ranging in price anywhere from just around $20,000 for a used van up to $170,000 for a brand-new rig.

While some of the used vans are for sale by owner, many of the listings on are new or used vehicles from a dealership. In fact, a click through some of the many listings on the site on a given day will give you options for new and used converted Ford Transits, Winnebago Revels, Coachmen Gallerias, and Mercedes 4×4 Sprinters.

Once you click on a listing, you’ll also get access to all of the van’s details and information. This includes the make and model, transmission type, and total mileage. also allows users to review specific vehicle models, so you can check out what others think about your potential new van.

As soon as you decide that you’d like to learn more about a vehicle, you can contact the dealer or seller directly to schedule a meeting or to discuss the van’s specifics. even lets users review dealerships to help give you a bit of confidence in your new purchase as you shop.

Final thoughts on finding a 4×4 camper van for sale:

If you’re on the lookout for your next 4×4 camper van, we’ve got great news: There are plenty of excellent places to shop for one online. From international online marketplaces to eBay to specialist conversion companies like Sportsmobile, there’s a van out there for your needs.

As you shop, however, be sure to thoroughly vet your options before you hand over any money or agree to meet a seller in person. Buying from an independent seller is a great way to save some money on your purchase, but you want to be sure that you have a reliable rig for years to come.

Alternatively, if you think that you’d rather have more of a say in the design process of your new 4×4 van, you can consider ordering directly from a conversion company.

This normally takes substantially more time than buying a used van online, but it may be worth it, depending on your unique needs. Or, better yet, you can also order a Quigley 4×4 conversion if you want to convert a regular van into a 4×4 adventure companion.

You could even look at being on the fore front of tech and consider a fully electric camper van option. Regardless of what route you take, though, we hope this article helped you find your next van so you can get out to living your best life on the road. See you out there!

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