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Is a Ford Transit a Good Camper Van?

Is a Ford Transit a Good Camper Van?

There aren’t many vehicles that you can use as a good camper van. In that regard, it may seem like your options are always limited. That said, of those types of vehicles available, they are all very competitive, and choosing between them can be tough. Today we are looking at the Ford Transit; is it a good camper van?

The Ford Transit is one of the most beloved vehicles by conversion companies and RV enthusiasts. It is one of the easiest vehicles to convert while also being one of the best to drive. The vehicle’s performance and handling provide some of the best driving, and the van offers spacious interior room for camping.

Look, I understand that converting a vehicle into a camper van or even buying one is a massive decision. You want to make sure that you get one that is going to last and perform well. So, in the rest of this article, I will expand on why I think the Ford Transit is a great camper van and give you a list of a few conversion companies.

7 Reasons The Ford Transit Is A Great Camper Van

Anyone can claim that a vehicle is good or bad. However, it is always good to ask for the reasons why they come to that conclusion. In this section, I want to list my seven reasons why the Ford Transit is a great camper van. Let’s get into it.

1. It can be converted to a class B style RV

Most of the time, people buy camper vans, they don’t convert vehicles that they already own, but if you do convert your Ford Transit, it can be converted into a Class B or Class C RV which gives you a lot more freedom. Class B means your living area is built into the van. A class C RV is more spacious because the living area is built onto the van.

A great example of a Ford Transit chassis being used as a full blown Class B RV is the Beyond by Coachmen RV… (featured image top of article:

2. The van is spacious

If you opt to go with a class B RV as most people do with the Ford Transit, you will find that the space of the standard Ford Transit is excellent. Even if you are around 6 feet tall, you should have no problem moving around in the van.

3. The overland experience

Having the option to equip your Transit with AWD, there are not many places that the vehicle cannot get to. Having this freedom means you can see and do more on your camping trips.

4. Reliability

One of the most popular vehicles in the United States is the Ford F-150. One reason is that they are reliable whether you use them for work or as your daily driver. Well, the Ford Transit is built on the same platform, and having that peace of mind while camping can reduce a lot of anxiety and help you have a better overall camping experience.

5. Easy Maintenance

Using any vehicle for camping, especially when you stay in the vehicle, adds extra wear and tear. However, the Ford Transit is one of the easiest and most affordable vehicles to maintain compared with other popular RV vehicles.

6. The Ford Transit has excellent handling

Ford is an American car, and when you think American, you think muscle which doesn’t translate to handling, but the Ford Transit is one of the best handling cargo vans on the road. When you drive for extended periods, this handling makes a lot of difference for the better, of course.

7. Ford Transit has excellent performance

While driving to your camping spot, not only do you want the ride to be comfortable, but you don’t want to feel sluggish on the road. The Transit has a 3.5L V6 engine that delivers 275HP. Oh, and it is turbocharged.

Ford Transit Custom Camper Van Conversion Companies

When looking for a company that does custom conversions, you need to look out for a few things, such as their popularity, reliability, and overall review score across the Internet. Sometimes the company will not specify that they do conversions, so it is always a good idea to ask if you are unsure.

Also read our in depth article: 10 Best Ford Transit Van Conversion Companies

That said, I thought I would help you by drawing up a list of the best in the business. So, here are five companies that do custom conversions on Ford Transit vehicles.


This list is a nice specific order, but I have decided to put the Sportsmobile first because I believe that they are one of the best conversion companies available. They have a wide selection of options. These options include:

  • Buy a campervan, chassis included
  • Design your own
  • Complete conversion
  • Partial conversion
  • Add a penthouse top

The company doesn’t just do camper vans. They convert and build emergency vehicles and work vehicles, including animal transporters. Suppose you are going to buy a camper van or have one of your vehicles converted. In that case, I highly recommend Sportsmobile, especially because their prices are competitive and their quality is impressive.

Vanlife Customs

Based in Denver, Colorado, Vanlife Customs offers various services that include custom building or converting your camper van. When you visit their website, you will be given a few options that include:

  • Used van inventory
  • Custom build a van
  • Parts and service
  • DIY consulting

Vanlife Customs adds personality to your van, and their personality is stylish and modern. I like the DIY consulting area. It’s filled with resources that help you work on your van without having to take it in, which is a nice touch.

Van Do It

I am not supposed to have a favorite, but Van Do IT comes close. There is just something about a family-owned business that makes me want to do business with them. Well, Van Do It is a family business that has been going on since 1947.

The people behind the company are passionate about what they do because they grew up camping in RVs. When you have that much experience, you learn about all the small things that can make a great camping trip.

The company offers custom builds and ones drawn from their designs. They also sell RVs. Be sure to ask them which option is best for you based on your situation.

Cardiff Campervans

This company made it into this list because they cater to casual RV enthusiasts. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you. Their work is amazing as they put serious thought and effort into the end product.

They don’t offer electrical or plumbing solutions for your camper van. Instead, they convert it into something you can live in and sleep in for short to medium periods. Because they don’t offer electrical or plumbing solutions, they are able to minimize the costs.

The reduction in cost is what makes this company so great for individuals who want a camper van but don’t intend on living in it full-time

Colorado Camper Van

Colorado Camper Van makes it easy for anyone who already owns a van to get started. If you do not have a van, you can still contact them, and they will help you with every step from getting a van to converting it. Once you are ready, they present you with three options. These include:

  • Just a pop-top
  • Pop-top and interior
  • Just an interior

Right now Colorado Camper Van has a new option for trailers. This option means you don’t have to convert your van because buying a trailer is similar to owning a fifth wheel. If something like this interests you, I highly recommend contacting the company and asking them about it. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, comparing vehicles used for RVs is challenging. That said, it is important to remember that this article was not a comparison. It was a semi review on the Ford Transit. Be sure to check out some of our other articles if you are still unsure about your decision.


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