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10 Places to Find Ford Transit Camper Vans for Sale Online

10 Places to Find Ford Transit Camper Vans for Sale Online

Buying a Ford Transit camper van gives you the freedom to plan a weekend getaway or work while you are on the road. But, in these uncertain times, going out to buy one increases your exposure and vulnerability. Keep on reading to know where you can buy the Ford Transit camper vans online.

Today camper vans have grown in popularity because of the many advantages they provide. Chief among them is the ability to move freely from one place to another in the confines of a safe transit vehicle that also doubles up as a home. While campers quite frequently use certain vans, the Ford Transit camper van is fast becoming a vehicle of choice for many travelers.

10 places to find Ford Transit camper vans for sale online:

1. VanDOit

Image via VanDoIt

VanDoit claims to be the number one dealer in modular multi-purpose vans and van components. If you visit their website, the fourth tab is for Ford Transit. If you click on that, you will land on a page that will give you more information on their production timeline related to specific Ford Transit camper van projects. 

We reached out to VanDoIt and here’s what they had to say about locating a used Transit:

“In looking for a used Transit van, it’s always important to look for a van that’s still covered by Ford’s Factory Warranty. So, if you run into an issue in the middle of the the wilderness, there is likely going to be a Ford Dealership nearby to fix your problem. That’s the nice thing about our vans. They are used Ford Transits and already upfitted, yet still have the Ford Factory Warranty.”

They recommend the Ford Transit for several reasons, including dealership warranty, manageable repair costs, quality, and affordability. VanDoit mostly leases out these vans and vouches for the high-quality feel of the van. They claim that the Ford Transit camper vans drive like a high-quality car and are in high demand. 

They charge between $48,000 to $108,000 for a full van and conversion. Considering some vans are being sold at a price like this without customization, this feels like a really great deal. To purchase a van from them, you can click on the contact button on their homepage. 

Even though they focus on customizing the vans, they also have a fleet of their own vans, which they lease out and sell. On the website, it is encouraged not to buy a van separately and get the whole deal from them—from buying the van to customizing it. 

The website also has information on various packages, components, and inventory. To learn more, you can check out their Facebook and YouTube pages. 

Here is one of their videos showcasing the window accessory they have designed for a Ford Transit camper van:

2. Classic Vans

Classic Vans claims itself to be America’s No. 1 conversion van, camper van, and wheelchair accessible dealer. They are a family run business and have been functioning for the past 30 years and are a licensed and bonded dealer. 

They are highly rated by Better Business Bureau and are also a member of IADAC since 1989. You can also read more about their customer service review online on google.

You can order a van by visiting their website and clicking on the vans for sale tab up top. The website also has options for facilitating credit applications and has a national delivery option available. It allows you to order from the comfort of your home and deliver the van at your doorstep. The delivery time is 2-4 weeks, and it depends on the vehicle model, make and color.

When ordering, you will need to pay a certain sum as a deposit. This amount will vary depending on the make of the vehicle and any customized specifications you may have with your order. 

These deposits are cancellable if the order is canceled prior to the build. Once delivered, you will need to pay for the tax and license at your local DMV office. Classic Vans will charge only $70 on top of the selling price as part of the documentation and delivery fee.

3. Conversion Trader

Conversion Trader sells new as well as used vehicles. They also have a Facebook page and YouTube page where you can interact with the community to learn more about the dealer and get first-hand information about any newly listed Ford Transit camper vans.

You will need to register on their website before placing an order. Before registering, you can, of course, browse the vehicles they have on sale by clicking on the Search Vehicles tab on the website. You can further filter the search by choosing the kind of make, the vehicle’s general category, and even the price range within which you are looking to buy the vehicle.

If you scroll further down the website, you will be able to see newly listed vehicles in a grid table. This list provides the basic information, such as the make of the vehicle, the place where the vehicle is currently located, whether it is diesel or gas, its mileage, and the year of manufacturing. These are key information that will help get you started with your search.

The list also includes photographs of the vans along with the price details. You can click on any particular listed vehicle to land on a page with information related to that specific van and view further specifications and photographs related to that vehicle.

4. RV Trader

RV Trader has been around for quite some time now, specializing in rental RVs and RVs for sale. On their homepage, you can just key in the RV details that you are looking for, in this case, a Ford Transit camper van, put in the ZIP code that will be convenient for you, and include a radius within which the seller can reside. Based on these specifications, the website will narrow down the search for you.

RV Trader provides great deals on the Ford Transit camper vans. Ranging from $25000 to $145000—there are a lot of options to choose from. Here the RVs are provided in a list form with basic information, such as the RV cost, model, year of manufacture, and photographs available for quick viewing on the list itself. There is also a small blurb provided by each buyer that gives more details regarding the RV.

You can email the seller to take the purchase discussions forward. Some sellers also provide video chat facilities that can help with a virtual walk through the van in real-time. The website also has an option to save the search and add filters to your search as well. For more information, you can visit their YouTube page or join their community on Facebook.

5. Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile has been around since 1961. It was founded in El Paso, Texas, and later relocated to Indiana and has since then specialized in the conversion of vans. Sportsmobile, today, is located in multiple areas on the map and has gained renown due to its impeccable service and high-quality conversions. Samples of their work can be seen by scrolling down on the website’s homepage. 

They are one of the oldest van conversion companies in the US. They convert vans for all kinds of purposes, but their primary focus has always been camper vans, Class B motorhomes, recreational vehicles, and van conversions.

They’re designing as per their customer’s specifications, and some of the designs that were highly customized to meet their customer’s needs can be found on this page.

They claim on their website that conversion for sprinters can usually be adopted for Transit vans as well. There is a contact button at the top that you can click on to get started in your journey to own a Ford Transit camper van.

Under the Ford Transit tab, you also have an option called “Planning and Ordering.” This gives out details of the exterior and interior work that you can get done to the van and gives you a price estimate for the same. Right from planning and designing to pricing options, all are available online. 

Once you have completed these steps, you place the order online. They deliver nationwide, so you do not have to worry if your state is included in their delivery list.

6. ModVans

Image via ModVans

ModVans are well-known dealers in modern and modular camper vans. They are a recreational vehicle manufacturer based in Ventura, California. They build high-end RVs with modern design and offer them for sale directly to the customer.

ModVans take orders for Ford Transit camper vans and customize them. They also have a guide on how to buy from them. This information is provided under the How To Buy tab at the top of the website’s homepage. 

The vans are highly customizable, and you can even choose from the floor plan templates available on their websites. It is complete with modular features, modern design, and camping features.

To book a van in ModVans, you will need to reserve the van to secure your position in the production schedule of ModVan. A deposit amount ranging from $1,000 – $5,000 may also be required to be paid, depending on the options you choose. The reservation system then generates an estimate of the expected delivery date based on the current production schedule.

ModVans also offer a pre-packaged financing solution for your RVs that could be for a term period from 4 to 20 months at low-interest rates. You also have the option of contacting the local credit unions should you need more help with the financing.   

7. Fun Town RV

Fun Town RV provides RV specials and clearance deals. They offer deals at very competitive prices making this one of the best places to buy a second-hand Ford Transit camper van from. You can contact them directly using the contact tab at the top of the web page. Largely located in Texas, the Fun Town RV dealership has claimed to be a superstore that stores vast inventory quantities.

Their website is also updated in real-time so what is seen on the website is also actually available in the store as well. They claim to sell a large number of RVs at hugely competitive prices. They sell both new and used RVs, and they also allow you to trade in your RV if you are dissatisfied with the previous purchase and buy a brand new RV at discounted rates.

The website has a very user-friendly interface in which you can see the listings and click on each to be able to view further details about the RV, such as the RV’s specifications, etc. before finalizing your purchase. 

While they have showrooms in Texas, their online presence makes it possible for potential RV purchasers from outside the state to also view these RVs that are for sale and contact the Fun Town RV team to move ahead with the purchase.

8. eBay

eBay is ubiquitous when it comes to buying anything online—from a needle to an RV. On this page, you can shop based on vehicle mileage and use other filters such as the RV length, RV category, fuel type, seller, sleeper capacity, and a host of other options. You can also choose your shipping and delivery options on this page.

The listings contain both new as well as used Ford Transit camper vans, and they range from $18,000 and upwards. 

Some sellers are also ready to take on the delivery costs upon themselves by advertising their vans with a free delivery option. The listings contain basic information such as the name and make of the van, whether it is pre-owned, the year of manufacturing, the number of miles it has clocked so far, and the country where it is available.

On this page, all the Ford Transit camper vans that are listed have the US as its current location. Choosing one of these vans will help bring down your shipping costs manifold if you, too, happen to be in the States. 

You can click on any one of the listed vans to land on a page that provides further information on the specs, vehicle history, and shipping and payments specific to that particular van.   

9. RVT

You can open an account at the RVT to purchase an RV. You can actually search for the Ford Transit van without opening an account as well. Simply click on the search tab at the top of the web page, and it will take you to another page with search options, and all you will need to do is key in the details of the van you are looking for—in this case, Ford Transit, and it will pull up a search list for you to browse.

The list will include basic details such as the van’s name, its price, the current location of the van, an option to call for price in certain places, and the number of miles clocked on the van. The left-hand side will have a list of other filters such as year of manufacturing, city, fuel type, weight, sleeping capacity, etc. that you can choose from.

Once you have these sorted out, and you know which van you will be purchasing, you can create an account and reach out to the seller. The website also provides for RV financing and insurance—two key things you should consider when you are purchasing the RV. If you would like to read more reviews on the vehicles, you can go to this page to read further.

10. Adventure Wagon

Adventure Wagon provides assistance with van conversion. It is more for accessorizing your van once you have made a purchase. Having an online presence makes it easy for you to order the design and installation process from your home’s comfort. 

They provide modular interior systems complete with integrated wiring, insulation, and ventilation. They also provide interior panels and wall to wall anchor points for added strength.

At Adventure Wagon, they promise on delivering professional finish with no compromise to the fit or quality of the work. The website also has an online shop that can be accessed by clicking on the Shop tab at the top of the web page. 

Adventure Wagon looks at the Ford Transit as an emerging alternative to the Sprinter van, and they are working on the modular interior system kit for the Ford Transit.  

They claim that the kit is based on the popular and time tested components that they have been using so far in their other vans. It is also believed to have completed the work by now, the summer of this year.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you have found this article helpful and will use the pointers when you go looking for a Ford Transit camper van online. In case you are looking to customize the van before you take it out on the road, many other websites also provide these services. 

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Or, alternately, you could do it yourself by looking up how to do van interiors online. These sites will provide many helpful examples for you to see someone’s conversion and use it as a reference point, even if you customize your van in a completely different way.

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