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Is Coachmen A Good Travel Trailer?

Is Coachmen A Good Travel Trailer?

You’re planning a long-term road trip or maybe a weekend of camping. Either way, you’re considering the idea of getting a good travel trailer. So many brands to choose from and so much to choose from.

You may have heard of the name Coachmen. Yet, the question is: is Coachmen a good travel trailer? We’ll answer that question shortly.

We’ll also discuss what makes them great. You might be planning to save a bit of money but want to have a home away from home on wheels. RVs may be out of the question (and out of your price range).

Not a problem. There’s always a good alternative solution. Travel trailers for the most part are easy to hook up to your regular vehicle.

Plus, it’s easy to haul from place to place. If you are looking for a travel trailer and Coachmen is one that you’re looking at, keep reading. Let’s move further along to answer this question.

Is Coachmen Actually a Good Travel Trailer?

The short answer: Yes, Coachmen is actually one of the more reliable brands when it comes to travel trailers.

However, there are some factors that you’ll want to consider. For example, it makes a huge difference in the condition the travel trailer is in when buying it. Certainly new will always be in better condition than used. If you are on a budget, then buying it used is the clear option.

Before buying it, you’ll want to know if it’s in good enough condition. Some may be getting rid of it because it’s falling apart and the former user wants to get rid of it. You could turn it into a fixer-upper and use it for travel once it’s all finished (if that’s your thing).

Or, the seller may be getting rid of it because they got a better upgrade. Coachmen is a good brand and their travel trailers are pretty useful for many years. So long as you stick to a maintenance plan and keep it in good working order, it’ll last you a long time.

In other words, Coachmen isn’t a brand that produces cheap quality trailers (despite some criticism saying so). To better explain why Coachmen could be a good travel trailer, let’s talk a bit about its known features.

Plenty of Floorplan Options

If there is one major deciding factor for travel trailer buyers, it’s the floorplan. You’ll know where everything is from the couch to the bedroom. Everything is well organized and it doesn’t look like you’re walking in a maze.

If you are looking for a floor plan that is simple and straightforward, Coachmen could be a good option. If you are looking for a Coachmen travel trailer with a good floor plan, consider something like the Coachmen Clipper 17BH (2016 or newer models).

If you are looking for something that will be great for quality, easy towing, and yes even a well-organized floor plan, the Coachmen Freedom Express 312BHDS could also be a good option as well.

Easy to Tow

You want your travel trailer to be easy to tow while driving, right? If so, then Coachmen travel trailers are perfect for that. You could be driving a truck that will have the capability of hauling large items.

For example, if you drive a Chevy Tahoe and want something that’s easy to tow, the Coachmen Catalina 25RKS could just be the trailer for you. However, let’s discuss the information that is pertinent.


Before choosing any travel trailer (especially a Coachmen), you want to make sure of what the towing capacity is. Some trailers may be too heavy to tow and will exceed your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Make sure the trailer you choose does not exceed that. Also, pay attention to other weight specifications such as the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR). Finding out this information can be as simple as looking up your VIN number.

You can do that using tools such as this towing guide. Just fill out the required information and you should be able to know the towing capacity. From there, it will help you decide which Coachmen travel trailer is best for you.

It’s Very Dependable

No one should ever compromise on dependability. Especially when it comes to a travel trailer. You’ll want something that will be a good place to crash whenever you are on the road or camping in the great outdoors.

Not to mention, you’re saving up money that would otherwise go towards expensive hotel rooms. For a travel trailer, Coachmen serves its purpose. Plus, it provides you with something simple rather than an extravagance.

Coachmen are for those who don’t want to go all out when it comes to travel trailers and RVs. It’s a travel trailer that says ‘it’s here if you need it’ and nothing more.

Most of the Coachmen travel trailers are highly rated for their dependability. This is a good sign if you are looking for something that is useful. If you can get one that fits your budget, you’ll be happy with how reliable it can be.

You want a travel trailer that you enjoy using. You’re not getting it to show off. If that’s you, then Coachmen is the one brand that fits you best.

Dependability should never be cast aside for all the bells and whistles. It should be a feature that is a deciding factor for buying a travel trailer.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this write-up has been helpful in your search for a travel trailer. There is no doubting the Coachmen name. They have excellent quality travel trailers that will be easy to haul, simple to use, and just a joy to have whenever you are camping or on the road.

It’s important to find the right one for you. If you are buying it used, you want to make sure it’s in the right condition. You don’t want to buy one and have it fall apart on you the same day? In other words, quality matters most.

If you have the cash, buy it new. If you are on a budget, find the best Coachmen travel trailer that you can afford in terms of quality. Other than that, you’ll get your hands on a really good travel trailer that won’t steer you wrong.


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