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Largest Truck Camper? (7 Spacious Favorites)

Largest Truck Camper? (7 Spacious Favorites)

When you picture truck campers, has the image of a fireplace and full-size kitchen ever crossed your mind? Could you see a king-size bed and a recliner fitting on the back of your truck? These dreams can be a reality if you have a truck camper big enough.

There are no rule books when it comes to camping in comfort. What you can take on holiday is only limited to your space and imagination. Here are our seven favorite spacious large truck campers.

Top 7 largest truck campers:

1. HOST Campers Mammoth

The HOST Campers’ Mammoth truly lives up to its name. This 3955 lbs. behemoth boasts an impressive 113”-118” exterior height and an interior height of 78”. The Mammoth is able to store up to 65 gallons of fresh water, 51 gallons of grey water, and 32 gallons of black water.

There are over 50 different options and extras to choose from, making the Mammoth one of the most customizable truck campers on the market today. Do you want a 4 Ft Wardrobe? Would you like both a living room and bedroom tv? How about a 120V simulated fireplace with an electric heater? The HOST Campers Mammoth could be the truck camper of your dreams.

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2. Arctic Fox 1150

AF Campers’ Arctic Fox 1150 boasts an impressive 11’4’’ floor length, weighing only 3358 lbs. The beautiful cathedral-arched ceiling comes standard, with LED exterior lighting and a 45 Watt solar panel. The Arctic Fox camper 1150 can easily handle all four seasons thanks to its foam block insulation.

This massive truck camper has a little of everything. It is extremely functional and stylish. This camper is ideal for large families looking to camp in style and comfort or avid adventurer looking to up their camping game.

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3. HOST Campers Yukon

The Yukon 11’5” truck camper has an impressive triple slide-out design that gives campers a floor length of 136”. With an overall length of 19’3”, this massive truck camper is nothing to scoff at. The Yukon has grani-coat solid surface counter tops, a 12 Volt interior LED Lighting system, a double door 2-way 7 CU FT refrigerator, and much more.

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4. Eagle Cap 1165

Not many truck campers can boast about having a large island kitchen and a living area. The 102” wide body of the Eagle Cap 1165 is a sight to behold. 60”x 80” queen-size bed? Check. Shower, wardrobe, dinette, sofa? Check, check, check, and check! The Eagle Cap 1165 would be a great addition to any avid adventure’s arsenal.

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5. Lance 1172

Lance’s 1172 truck camper is their flagship double-slide truck camper. If you want to camp in luxury, look no further than the 1172 from Lance. This large truck camper has an overall length of 20’4” and an interior height of 80”, giving you and your family ample room for activities. This giant truck camper can sleep up to 6 people.

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6. HOST Campers Everest

Like HOST’s other products, the Everest 11’6” truck camper is massive. There are several bedroom options to choose from. Whether you want a king, or queen-size bed and extra wardrobe space, HOST has got you covered. With up to three expandable sides, the HOST Everest will provide you the space you need to enjoy your holiday with outstretched legs.

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7. Eagle Cap 1200

The Eagle Cap 1200 must be one of our favorite large truck campers. This truck camper gives you over 100 sq. ft. of floor space, which is simply mind-boggling. Hardwood cabinet doors, industrial grade vinyl flooring, frameless 4-season dark tint Ture Thermal pane windows, A sofa with a jack knife bed, what more could you want to enhance your camping experience further?

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Pros Of Having A Large Truck Camper

There are many advantages to owning a very large truck camper. Let’s discuss seven pros of owning a large truck camper

Campsite Options

Owning a large truck camper as appose to an RV or a caravan allows you multiple campsite options. Having a truck camper fixed to your truck will enable you to squeeze into some of the smaller campsites without the need to upgrade your camping lot to accommodate a large vehicle. This saves you money and allows for more freedom when planning your next trip.

More Space For Storage Options

Having a large truck camper allows for more storage space and options. The more space you have, the more room you have to pack things you might otherwise have had to leave behind. You might be able to fit in a few more “nice to have” items like bikes, games, sports equipment, etc., without limiting your living area.

When traveling with a truck camper, your storage budget can either be a limitation or a point of freedom. Having the option to choose what you want to bring because you can and not being concerned with what you have to leave will greatly increase your holiday enjoyment.

Bigger Beds

Having a large truck camper might allow you to fit a full-sized bed, or two, or three. Being able to spread out and have a decent night’s sleep will keep you enjoying your holiday for longer.

Nothing is worse than squeezing into a bed too small for you and having your legs dangle off the end. Having bigger beds is also safer for children, who tend to move around more at night than adults. Children can easily hurt themselves by falling off their camping beds while they sleep.

Prioritized Privacy

Owning a large truck camper might offer more privacy for adults by having a separate “main bedroom.” Having your entire family stay in a confined space for a couple of days could be taxing on even the closest family. Privacy is a basic need for every human being and having that option in a large truck camper is always welcome.

Extended Cooking Facilities

Large truck campers usually have extended cooking facilities. Having an extra burner or an additional basin to rinse plates makes life so much easier when spending time away from home. Having a larger cooking area also allows multiple people to assist with preparing food, taking the burden off of the single person who needs to cater to an entire family.

Extended Bathroom Facilities

Large truck campers often come equipped with extended bathroom facilities. Some truck campers include full-size showers. The added privacy of having a shower inside the camper often makes the camping experience more pleasing to those who don’t enjoy showering outside in nature.

More Space Overall

Large truck campers simply have more overall space. Having enough room to maneuver, cook, sleep, and spend time with your family inside when the weather might not be favorable significantly improves your camping experience. More often than not, arguments inside campers are started because people start to feel claustrophobic.


Cons Of Having A Large Truck Camper

Now that we have discussed the pros of owning a large truck camper, we need to discuss the cons of having a large truck camper. Here are six cons of having a large truck camper.

Truck Camper Cost

Truck campers can be a very costly investment. They range from $50,000 to $800,000 depending on the manufacturer, design, materials, and amenities. Large truck campers can easily break the bank if you haven’t done your research.

It’s always important to do your due diligence before committing to a truck camper. There are many factors to consider before swiping your card, and if you make a mistake, it could be very difficult to rectify it later.

Limited Off-Road Capabilities

Large truck campers limit your truck’s off-road capabilities. A large truck camper’s added size and weight, especially when fully loaded, will force you to stay on paved, well-maintained, even roads. This means you will be limited to specific campsites and locations when planning your holiday.

Traveling Burden

Large truck campers that aren’t designed properly could be difficult to transport. The added air resistance you, as the driver, will encounter when traveling could prove challenging to even the most experienced drivers and should not be underestimated. The bigger your truck camper, the bigger the risk. Unbalanced large truck campers have been involved in serious accidents.

Dollar Per Mile Increase

You need to be conscious of your budget when increasing the size of your truck camper. The added weight and wind resistance will increase your truck’s fuel consumption. Families looking to travel on a budget are often encouraged to purchase a smaller truck camper to help them save on fuel costs.

Weight Straining Your Truck

Larger truck campers have more space to pack “nice-to-haves.” Exceeding your truck’s carrying capacity puts unnecessary strain on your vehicle. The added stress significantly reduces several components’ life span and would require more frequent maintenance.
The more time your truck spends at the mechanic, the less time you spend with your family enjoying your holidays.

Camper Storage When Not In Use

Large truck campers require lots of space to be stored when they aren’t in use unless you plan on driving around town or to work with your camper still attached to your truck after returning from a camping trip.

Detaching and storing your camper could be difficult for one person to do without the right equipment and knowledge. When choosing a large truck camper, it’s always important to ponder where you would store it when you aren’t using it and how you would get it off your truck in the first place.

My Closing Thoughts

It’s always fun to see large truck campers when traveling to your favorite camping spot. Owning a large truck camper can be challenging, but the reward far outweighs the risk. Having enough space to fit your entire family comfortably is so worth it.

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