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33 Must See School Bus Conversions on Youtube

33 Must See School Bus Conversions on Youtube

If you are dreaming of doing a school bus conversion, these youtubers will be sure to inspire you! We’ve collected 33 of the best skoolie vlogs on the web for your viewing pleasure. You’ll find it all here – every vehicle is totally unique and one of a kind. Enjoy!

1. Tiny House School Bus Conversion

This is a great video to start off with because viewers get taken you on a tour of a beautiful bus named Bertha. Her owners show everything that was done to the bus to make it both livable and safe. The features added are awesome including unique storage compartments and looks into the bones of the bus itself and its inner workings.

Later in the video they talk about what it is like to live on the bus, and give great shots of the bus being renovated. There are even funny outtakes at the end.

2. One and A Half Years Into My School Bus Conversion

This is a cool video that shows a complete bus overhaul, and what it takes to renovate an entire bus basically from start to finish. This includes everything as the title says from when the bus was bought, to raising the roof, to demoing the inside, to wiring, and completing the build with finishing touches.

Viewers even get good looks at some of the materials used like the spray insulation, and varnish to make things last as long as possible after a lot of uses. There is no real look at the bus once it is finished because the video sort of abruptly ends, however you can check out the channel to see many other great videos of this school bus conversion in action.

3. School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

The inside of this bus is truly incredible and makes this episode from Living Big In A Tiny Home easily worth the watch. Beyond that it gives a great look inside what it takes to convert a school bus and what it is like to live in.

The host is great asking from more information about each feature of the bus and what it is like when you are out on the road and away from facilities which is an important line of questioning. In all, this is a superb video worth seeing if you want to see what a high end skoolie looks like and lives like.

4. Bus Conversion – The Bus Is Complete

This video is very cool because it intersperses them talking about what it is like to convert a school bus, with them actually doing the work previously. Furthermore the couple talks a lot about the storage features and other aesthetics that will be added shortly to make their bus fully functional to live in.

Later in the video, they show what it is like to cook in the vehicle which is a unique look into the bus conversion life. They have a great perspective and share their thoughts openly and candidly about the work that it takes to convert a bus, but the excitement of being ready to hit the road.

5. Tiny Living On The Short Bus

This is an interesting video, where the videographer just saw a couple at a rest stop with a cool looking school bus conversion and wanted to interview them and tour their bus. They were gracious enough to oblige for our viewing pleasure. The video is also an amazing look into the minds of a couple that just set out on the road.

They talk about what it was like to convert the bus and about their first few weeks being out in the world living this alternative lifestyle. Their bus is almost completely self sufficient and the couple shows you everything from the storage on the inside, to added features throughout to make life easy. They even talk about buying used vs new on a variety of different things like pumps and heaters.

6. Tiny Tour Of My Short Bus RV

In this video, Alison shows viewers what it is like to live comfortably in a 90 square foot school bus conversion. She has been living out of it full time for about a year. She talks about everything from her power supply and batteries to staying organized in the kitchen with an efficient fridge and stove set up.

I really like how calm and thorough she is throughout showing everything her bus conversion has to offer while also talking about upgrades she is planning on making in the near future. There are a lot of great tips interspersed to pick up on for your own conversion especially her security system and living without plumbing.

7. Luxurious Off-Grid Shuttle Bus Build

This school bus conversion tour is a great look into a beautiful and one of a kind bus that can be lived in off the grid. She takes viewers into everything the bus has and the storage compartments throughout. There is so many unique aspects to this tour that it is certainly worth a watch to gain inspiration for your own school bus conversion.

8. Simple Life Bus $1500 Conversion

This school bus conversion is absolutely gorgeous and would be a dream to live in. There are so many cool features and the overall aesthetic of the bus is one of the most unique out there.

The video can be a bit grainy and dark at times, but the narrator and tour guide is very knowledgeable and thorough with everything that has been put into the bus. It is a great video especially for those that are looking to make a bus conversion but are on a smaller budget.

9. School Bus Conversion In 11 Days

This is a super interesting and fun video which is definitely worth a watch. It shows Chase Reinford, an adventurer and blogger, as he goes out to New York and buys a school bus to convert so that he can drive it to California two weeks later and live in it.

He takes viewers inside everything that needs to happen for a successful conversion including framing the inside, making it an off-grid vehicle with the power, and even shows how everything hooks up to work properly. The final tour in the end is great especially to see the transformation that occurred in such a short amount of time.

10. Most Amazing Skoolie Bus We’ve Seen

I’ve already included a video from this couple earlier on this list however in this one, they take viewers on a tour of a different school bus conversion, one much bigger than their own, and owned by their friend Dean. It is a three-quarter sized bus and he graciously shows viewers everything about it, and talks about the functionality of the features included.

The tour is fun and informative, giving fans of skoolies a look at on of the cooler ones out there on the road. In the end, they head out on a hike to show viewers why they’ve chosen the skoolie lifestyle.

11. 15 Things To Know Before Building A Skoolie School Bus Conversion

This video is great for anyone that is about to embark on their own school bus conversion build. Host Zac gives great tips throughout about some problems that you might run into on your build, and how to rectify the situation, or how to avoid it in the first place. The wealth of knowledge is invaluable coming from someone who is just coming to the end of their own conversion.

Although the video is mainly just him talking, I’d highly recommend it to anyone even remotely thinking about building a school bus conversion, or anyone just interested in what it takes to build one.

12. School Bus Turned Into The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

In this video, Andrew Taylor show viewers his bus conversion and everything added to make it the ultimate adventure and off-grid vehicle. He even gives great demonstrations to show how things work on the bus and why they were used. I also liked the fact that he spoke at length about what it is like to live out on the road in a skoolie.

This video is definitely worth watching for the skoolie adventurers out there or those interested in the lifestyle.

13. Thomas Rear Engine Pusher School Bus Conversion To RV

This bus conversion video is great to show what a big bus conversion looks like in the end, and how you can save space throughout by being creative. The tour is very bare bones in terms of what the skoolie life is, but the video can offer great inspiration for your own build. Furthermore, it shows a lot of interesting features like the door moved to the side of the bus instead of the front, storage, and emergency exits.

14. Made My Skoolie Do 80MPH – Bus Conversion Tips

In this video, Adam shows viewers his school bus conversion, and offers amazing and thought out tips on how to make your own even better. He goes through everything including the engine, water source, heat, electricity, and AC, and even includes information on why certain things were chosen over others.

Unlike other videos, he talks about optimizing speed on the bus too. The tour does a great job especially of showing the outside of the bus and the extra features added there. This is a thorough video and is definitely worth watching.

15. 25 Foot Short Bus Conversion – Finished

This baby blue converted school bus is a beautiful house on wheels. In the video, Ken and Jason take viewers into everything this little piece of paradise has to offer for the skoolie fan. Some of the more interesting features of this bus include the AC unit, the plumbing features added, the larger refrigerator, and the minimalist aesthetic that the bus has overall.

Even the plugs and curtains are unique. This video is great because it comes from two guys who know their way around school bus conversions and have built a few and toured even more.

16. Tiny House: School Bus Conversion Family Of 4

This bus conversion video is great because it focuses on a family as well as gives great insight into life in a school bus conversion. There are even interesting shots of the actual build and how it looks while features are still being added to the inside. The look of everything about this bus is inspiring and unique which makes the video well worth watching.

It also is an inside look into how this family operates while confined to such a small space. This can be eye opening for those that want to set out with their families as well. This is a great video that basically doubles as a video blog from the family and offers great insight into the skoolie life.

17. 30 Foot School Bus Conversion – Finished

This bus is from Blue Ridge Conversions, a company that specializes in building school bus conversions. The look of the bus is awesome and the real wood used throughout gives this bus a look unlike any other I’ve seen.

This is a cool video because there is also nothing moved into the bus, so it is easy to picture how your own things would look there. You can use this video both as inspiration for your own build and to visualize how you want your bus to look once it is done.

18. Family Of 3 Lives & Travels Full Time In Their Mini School Bus Conversion

This bus conversion video offers a great view of living in a bus full time with a family. There are plenty of shots on the tour of the creative storage spaces, kitchen layout, and ways to make things stay in their own place. I’d highly recommend this video to anyone thinking about doing a short bus conversion because the information shared in this video is educational and informative.

19. School Bus Conversion Reveal

In this video, Ben and Kayla take viewers through their bus on a tour to show it off now that they have completed the build. They talk candidly about buying the bus at auction, and everything that goes into building and converting a larger bus like this one.

The wood burning stove is very cool as well as the composting toilet they used, and all the hidden storage areas. Check out this video for unique ideas for your own build, or for a totally cool inside look into a recently finished skoolie.

20. Fabulous School Bus Conversion

This school bus conversion is very unique and the bus itself is actually currently for sale. Owner and host Justin Rhodes takes viewers inside the bus and shows everything that has been put into the bus to make it livable on the road. There is plenty of great storage areas everywhere on this one. Also, he shows viewers what the power station looks like and how it works.

They even talk about what they would do differently if they were building another bus, and how they are able to have space for their kids as well.  Overall this is a very informative video and worth a watch.

21. College Dropout Converts Old Bus Into Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

This video is the perfect hyperlapse of an old school bus being converted from start to finish. It begins with stripping the bus of everything and then putting a brand new interior in with wiring, plumbing, electricity and everything an off-grid adventure vehicle needs. There is good music throughout but just watching the way that everything is done can provide great insight for someone looking to make their own school bus conversion.

22. School Bus Converted Into Shabby Chic Home On Wheels

In this video, Heidi, the owner of this amazing skoolie, gives viewers a tour of her space, and everything that makes it livable for her. There is a bunch of storage everywhere and the sink itself runs on a foot pump. Her personality shines throughout the video, and she offers great tips and tidbits on how to live life off the grid, and in such a small space.

This is a great look into what goes into converting a school bus and she talks openly about cost, and things she would have done differently. This is a great video and worth checking out.

23. Family Downsizes To A School Bus Home To live On The Road

In this video, viewers get a close up look into a family of 5, the Millers, who built and now live out of their bus full time. They talk openly about the challenges and joys of living out on the open road as nomads.

The video offers a tour of everything their bus has from the added storage because of all the people, to the bedding situation, as well as how they make the kitchen area livable too. This video is great because it shows a real look into the lives of this family on the road, and how they are able to make it happen.

24. Converted School Bus Home

In this shorter video, Andrew and Julie are gracious enough to show viewers their school bus home. It gets right to the point on the tour and literally shows everything that makes their bus unique.

They go through everything and offer tips to let viewers know how to live comfortably on the road. They seem like a very nice couple and their living space is interesting to look at. This video is easy to watch and offers continual tips for living in a skoolie.

25. 1995 Chevy Diesel Bus Conversion

For this video, Mark and Karin start off talking to the camera a lot about themselves and how they found the skoolie life, as well as the challenges of living out on the road. The close quarters make it hard and they are open about how the small space effects them.

Later on in the video, they give a tour of their bus and show viewers all the interesting aspects to their home on wheels. This video is great for anyone wanting an inside look into a couple living together on the road, and the challenges that will be faced living out of a school bus conversion.

26. Very Clever School Bus Conversion

In this video, Nathan shows us around his skoolie, and talks about how he got into building it. Then, he takes viewers on a tour of it to show it off. He talks about many of the things he is planning on upgrading to make it a livable vehicle, as well as much of the reclaimed aspects to cut down of cost.

He also has cleverly input features that he needs for remote graphic design work which definitely make the video worth watching. The creativity of this bus conversion truly inspiring.

27. Bus Life

In this video, viewers get a tour of yet another beautiful school bus conversion. She walks you through everything on the bus, and the space seem tranquil and easy to live in. I really loved the bathroom tile and how they use the shower for storage. This is a great video to give anyone looking to build a skoolie some neat inspiration and a different perspective on buses.

28. 1997 GMC School Bus Turned Camper

In this video, Cody takes us around his tiny home that was converted out of a bus. He talks about all the unique and interesting aspects he has, and his personality really shows through the ways that he has decorated and painted the bus itself.

The bus is not totally complete however he talks about a lot of the reclaimed aspects he is using and the way he washes his clothes is very cool. It is still a work in progress but it is cool to see how Cody lives in it and makes things work.

29. Bus Conversion – Full Tour Of Custom Modifications and Living Conditions

This video centers around Gentry and Ryan, and they give a great tour of their bus. The host also prompts them well to give more information about what it is like to live in the bus and out on the road. They talk about all the challenges of living on the road in a skoolie but it is clear they love their space. The storage areas are interesting and overall this is a great video to check out.

30. School Bus Turned Into A Loft On Wheels

This video is from a couple known as Expedition Happiness. They are bloggers and have a beautiful school bus conversion that they live out of. The space looks amazing and would be a great place to live. There is plenty of storage areas as well as beautiful wood used throughout.

The bathroom is tiny, but the shower alone is worth checking out this video. If you’re interested in skoolies, this couple does a lot more blogging so check them out too.

31. Open Road Skoolie Bus Tour

This is a very interesting skoolie tour where the owner and builder talks a lot about what went into the bus to make it what it is. He is a great guide and gives intimate knowledge for building your own skoolie. There are plenty of shots where he shows how he has things hooked up, and how and why they work well. I’d recommend this video to anyone interested in skoolies for inspiration on building their own.

32. Veteran Family Of 4 Convert A School Bus To Find Where They Belong

This video is super informative not only about living out of a bus with a family, but also to see how things are hooked up both on the outside and the inside of this great skoolie. Everything look amazing throughout and the hosts give a great tour to show everything that their bus has to offer. They also talk about upgrades they are planning on making, and where they sourced items for use and for building. This is a cool video and worth watching.

33. School Bus Conversion To Small Home

In this video, the hosts talk about starting out on their skoolie journey and how much effort goes in to making a great livable vehicle. They give a full tour of the bus and also show footage of the bus while it was being built. As with all skoolies there is plenty of great storage everywhere.

Viewers also get to see how there is plenty of room for the whole family and the way things are set up in the kitchen for optimization. This video is great both for inspiration and to get a great look into an awesome skoolie.


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