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Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms (7 compact favorites)

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms (7 compact favorites)

When out on the road, the last thing you want to be thinking about is finding the nearest public restroom, campsite outhouse or patch of forest – which is why having a bathroom in your camping trailer is so convenient. However, when we hear about a camper with its own bathroom, a lot of us picture a large and clunky trailer that weighs a ton and is a struggle to maneuver.

Camper designs have come a long way in the last few decades and newer models incorporate style and convenience with functionality – so your new camper can look and feel like a compact, lightweight house on wheels and have everything you need contained within it. Yes, even a spacious shower. Below we will highlight seven of the smallest camping trailers that are still roomy enough to have bathrooms.

7 small camping trailers with bathrooms:

1. nuCamp TAB

MSRP: $17,000

Length: 15 feet 3 inches

Dry Weight: 1,969 lb

This teardrop camper combines compact living with convenience and can accommodate a weekend road trip all the way to a long-term adventure. 

Sleeping two in a full or split bed design, the TAB camper includes a kitchenette with a 12v refrigerator, two-burner gas stove, stainless steel sink, and custom soft-close cabinetry. 

The bathroom features a wet bath with a cassette toilet and a built-in sink, for all of the features you need without losing too much precious space in your camper. 

The additional external shower completes the wet-room facilities, and this camper makes use of the Nautilus water management system and Alde Central Heat and hot water system which are both popular choices for RV and trailer manufacturers.

The nuCamp TAB features central air conditioning, a power roof fan, and dual pane windows to keep your camper at a comfortable temperature.

This teardrop camper has 18-gallon gray water, 19-gallon freshwater, and 5-gallon black water tank capacities, which can be monitored (alongside battery levels) from within the camper to ensure you always have enough water for your adventure.

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2. Winnebago Hike 100

MSRP: (not yet advertised)

Length: 15 feet 9 inches

Dry weight: 2,700 lb

Available in a range of floorplans, the Winnebago Hike 100 is Winnebago’s smallest and most compact camper to date and has features to suit any adventure. It is based on the Winnebago Hike, which is one of the manufacturer’s most popular models.

The H1316MB, H1316TB, and H1316SB models sleep two occupants, while the H1316DB and H1316FB models can accommodate three with the addition of a comfortable loft bed.

All models feature a bathroom located at the front of the trailer, consisting of a wet bath with a power vent and integrated wet/dry storage, and an outside shower is included for those days where the weather is perfect for an outside wash.

In addition to the spacious wet bath, this camper features a galley and kitchenette equipped with a compressor refrigerator, portable induction cook top, and sink with a cover to keep everything contained when you’re on the move.

Temperature control is handled by a low-profile roof air conditioner and furnace, and the camper is wired with solar prep and a 190-watt solar panel.

More info: (featured image top of article)

3. R-Pod 171

MSRP: (not yet advertised)

Length: 18 feet

Dry weight: 2,500 lb

Comfortably sleeping two people in a queen bed and an additional two in a converted dinette, Forest River’s R-Pod 171 is a little longer than some other compact campers on the market but still manages to remain lightweight. 

This lightweight structure is in part due to the inclusion of Azdel Onboard Composite in the paneling of this camper. Azdel has been used for the last 15 years and blends polypropylene and fiberglass to create insulating, strong, sound and weather-resistant walls for your RV.

The compact wet bath of the R-Pod 171 features a shower, sink, and cassette toilet, and the kitchen includes a 4 cubic foot refrigerator, stove top, microwave, coverable sink, and overhead cabinetry. 

The entrance of this camper includes a TV that can be swiveled and viewed from almost anywhere in the R-Pod 171. In addition to a spacious queen bed, the master bedroom at the back of the trailer includes a wardrobe for convenient storage.

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4. Airstream Basecamp

MSRP: $43,100

Length: 16 feet

Dry Weight: 2,650 lb

Airstream’s century-long history of building quality campers and vehicles has led to the development of the Airstream Basecamp. The Basecamp model comes in two floorplans – the 16-foot Basecamp 16, or 20-foot Basecamp 20.

The Basecamp is built-in Airstream’s iconic aluminum body, meaning the aerodynamic shape increases the fuel efficiency of your towing vehicle.

The Basecamp includes a full wet bath that houses a toilet, sink, and shower, and the furnace and hot water allow you to warm up in a snap after a cold day in the great outdoors. What’s more, the 12v tank heaters guarantee that even during the colder months if you’re not running the furnace your 21-gallon freshwater supply will continue to flow freely. 

The dinette doubles as a sleeping space for two (in the Basecamp 16, four in the Basecamp 10) that covers the entire rear of the trailer without compromising on storage space (ample storage is available under the bed). 

Blackout curtains give you privacy and ensure you can rest comfortably wherever you’re parked, and the bedroom features 12v USB ports to keep your devices charged.

The kitchenette has a sink and a two-burner stove that can both be covered by tempered glass to double as an extra workspace. A fridge and plenty of storage ensure that you’ll always have space to store your food, and you can opt to include a microwave in your setup for an extra price. The kitchen features two charging stations featuring USB and 110v outlets to give you the power for extra kitchen appliances.

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5. 16’ Casita Deluxe Spirit

MSRP: (second hand only – up to $20,000)

Length: 16 feet

Dry Weight: 2,185 lb

New Deluxe Spirits are only available in a 17-foot length, however, if you’re willing to buy a pre-loved camper you’ll be able to find 13 and 16-feet options as well. All trailers are made with a lightweight fiberglass structure, making them easily towable by most intermediate to large vehicles.

The Deluxe Spirit is the upgraded and luxurious version of Casita’s Spirit model, accommodating and comfortably sleeping three people with a combination of single and double beds both converted from dinette set-ups. 

While you’re giving up sleeping space for two people when compared to the standard Spirit model (which can house 5 people), this compromise makes room for a bathroom featuring a spacious and separate bath and shower, sink, and rooftop vent – a convenience you won’t find in the standard model.

This camper includes air conditioning, and the kitchenette is decked out with a stove, refrigerator, sink, and pantry cupboards for storage, with other appliances also available at extra cost.

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6. Airstream Bambi

MSRP: $56,500

Length: 16 feet 1 inch

Dry Weight: 2,900 lb

Once again, Airstream delivers with a small and lightweight single-axle camper trailer option. Available in four distinct floor plans measuring in lengths between 16 and 22 feet, the Bambi has a layout to suit any adventure.

All models have a well-thought-out bathroom with all of the essentials including a toilet, sink, removable shower head, and roof vent, plus useful extras such as a retractable clothesline and a towel rack. 

In addition, the kitchenette comes fully decked out in each model with a microwave, refrigerator (3 cubic feet in the 16-foot model), and two-burner gas stove top with plenty of additional pantry storage.

Each camper can sleep up to four people (which is impressive especially considering the compact size of the 16-foot model) on a master bed and converted dinette/seating area. 

Stay comfortable with the air conditioning and furnace unit that efficiently heats and cools your camper, and be entertained by the 22-inch high definition TV and DVD player plus USB ports and outlets placed throughout the camper.

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7. Scamp 13′ Deluxe

MSRP: $11,500

Length: 13 feet

Dry Weight: 1,550 lb

Scamp Trailers has been a firm fixture on the Recreational Vehicle scene since the early 1970’s, providing consumers with lightweight and long-lasting trailers that are easily customizable and built to an individual’s needs.

The Scamp 13 foot Deluxe trailer is available in three unique floor plans, and one of their popular options integrates a bathroom at the front of the trailer.

This wet room includes a toilet, shower, and sink with a 9-gallon tank, and an outdoor shower can also be installed on the exterior of this camper. Water is warmed using a gas water heater (gas and electric option available at extra cost). 

The kitchenette comes standard with a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator and storage cabinets, with the option to purchase extras such as a 12-volt power Range Hood, glass stove top, and backsplash – or provide your own if you have a particular design in mind.

Air conditioning can be installed in this camper and a 16,000 BTU furnace comes at no extra cost, helping you control the temperature and comfort in your camper in spite of the weather outside.

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What is the smallest Camper Trailer with a bathroom?

As you can see above, the Scamp 13 foot Deluxe Trailer is the smallest camper trailer that includes a bathroom. It is also one of the most lightweight options available, making it easily maneuverable. 

One thing to take into consideration, in this case, is that the Scamp model can only sleep two people which generally makes it less suited to families – so if you’re looking to accommodate a few extra people, the extra few feet in length on your trailer isn’t a bad compromise.

What is the smallest Jayco Camper with a bathroom?

Not included on this list is the Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB – another trailer on the smaller side that includes a bathroom. 

Measuring a length of 19 feet 10 inches, and with a dry weight of 2,890 lb, the Hummingbird starts at a reasonable $13,503 and has the most extensive bathroom options of all of the campers on this list.

The bathroom includes a separated toilet and enclosed shower, sink, and a variety of storage and linen closets. The full-sized bathroom is an appealing feature of this camper because it allows you to keep the rest of the bathroom interior dry when showering, ultimately leading to less cleaning and potential mold build-up.

What is the smallest camper with a slide-out?

The smallest camper that includes a slide-out currently on the market is the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer. It includes a slide-out to accommodate the sofa and extra walking space within the camper when stationary.

Inside this camper is another example of a nearly full-sized bathroom, equipped with a hand flush toilet and sink and enclosed corner shower. 

This is one of the longer camper options in the ‘small trailer’ category at 19 feet 8 inches, but the extra length is a compromise many are willing to make if the trade off is having a luxurious bathroom.

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Closing Thoughts

Personally, I’m a big fan of Airstream’s small campers. Not only do they have the classic and aesthetically appealing designs that Airstream is known for, but the company’s decades of experience reflect flawlessly in their lightweight and functional campers.

Of course with the well-known name and reputation, Airstream models do tend to have a larger price tag than other small campers on the market but I think the higher cost is worth it for the quality and durability the company is known for.

In terms of length, the Bambi and Basecamp are comparable, but it does feel as though the Bambi packs a lot more into a small space. 

Having space to sleep four people instead of the two that can be accommodated in the Basecamp appeals to me because I enjoy camping and road-tripping with friends, and I like the idea of them being able to stay in my camper trailer.

As someone who plans to spend a majority of my time during the day outside the camper, the narrow walkways and limited space in the Bambi don’t concern me – although I can see how it could be an issue for larger groups wanting to spend time relaxing in the camper.

The convenience of having a bathroom in your camper is unparalleled by even the nicest campsite outhouse. As this article shows, it is more than possible to find a camper that has both a bathroom and is still lightweight enough to tow with a mid-size SUV.


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