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Trailers Under 2,500 lbs with Bathrooms (top 10 picks)

Trailers Under 2,500 lbs with Bathrooms (top 10 picks)

For those on a budget or simply wanting a more compact size trailer, there are plenty of showstopping lightweight camping trailers under 2,500 lbs available. Purchasing a trailer weighing under 2,500 lbs has many benefits from reduced gas costs to the ability to tow the trailer with smaller sized vehicles.

Functionality and comfort are still important even when considering smaller trailers and for many, a necessity within a trailer is a full bathroom. We’ve managed to compile a list of the top 10 trailers under 2,500lbs, each of them containing a bathroom.

Top 10 trailers under 2,500 lbs with bathrooms:

1. Travel Lite RV Rove Lite 14BH

Weight (UVW): 1,850 lbs

The Rove Lite 14BH has an impressive modern finish with the classic aerodynamic teardrop trailer shape. With a convertible bed, bathroom including a shower, dinette, plenty of storage and space to move around, the Rove Light seems to tick all the boxes.

Travel Lite once again impress with their quality; the use of Azdel composite for the interior panels, an aluminum chassis and a water resistant material called Hydro-Lite for the exterior of the trailer, show the ingenuity behind this design. Along with the use of high quality materials, Travel Lite have gone above and beyond with the safety features on the Rove Lite.

Each model has a moisture blocking fiberglass side wall enclosing fire retardant block foam insulation that can withstand high temperatures.

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2. Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

Weight (UVW): 1,630 lbs

It’s hard to compress down all the impressive features of the Aliner Ascape, however, a good place to start is the interior headroom. Entering the rear of the trailer, there is 6’4” of headroom which decreases slightly as you walk through the trailer but still allows you to stand comfortably at the kitchen.

This creates such a spacious feeling within the trailer and keeps the space feeling light and comfortable. At the back of the trailer is also a 4 foot awning, great for extending the living space and even creating a social, entertainment area outside the trailer.

On the inside, there is an abundance of storage with rustic solid maple hardwood doors, a cassette toilet (and shower if looking at larger models), dinette and even a spare tire mounted below the trailer.

With the Aliner Ascape, affordability and convenience meet comfort and quality, making this a superb option for campers looking for a small trailer that packs a punch no matter the journey or destination. With a 50W solar panel mounted to the front of the Ascape, this trailer even allows you to harness the sun’s energy and keep you powered up for all the adventures to come.

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3. Clipper 106 Sport

Weight (UVW): 1,863 lbs

The Clipper 106 Sport is a lightweight trailer perfect for those travelling as a family or with friends. The 106 Sport features two insulated tent end bunks containing a comfortable full size bed either side and a convertible dinette. This innovative feature allows for more floor space to move around within the trailer and takes away the worry of a cramped feeling if multiple beds were to enclose the space.

Alongside the dinette is a small but abundant kitchen with a two burner stovetop, sink and refrigerator. Although the Clipper 106 requires more effort in its setup than trailers without fold out extension areas, Coachmen have made the setup as easy as possible.

The scissor style stabilizing jacks, residential grade linoleum and tubular steel frame have all been included to create a high quality, lightweight travel trailer that will take you anywhere and everywhere in a heartbeat.

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4. Jayco Jay Flight 145RB

Weight (UVW): 2,465 lbs

The Jayco Flight is a space saving trailer bursting with all the amenities any adventurer needs. Along with a two burner stovetop, microwave sink and refrigerator, the kitchen boasts plenty of storage and even has a large pantry for dry goods! The pantry space is a useful feature as it can also be used for additional storage or even a closet area for clothes.

An unusual feature of the Jayco Flight is the non-permanent sleeping setup, which although makes the most of the space, may not be the perfect fit for everybody.

The booth dinette converts into a comfortable bed, allowing more space for a rather luxurious bathroom to the rear of the camper. The bathroom features a toilet with neighbouring tub and shower for the ultimate ‘home away from home’ feeling.

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5. Aliner LXE

Weight (UVW): 1,795 lbs

With the ability to be towed with smaller vehicles such as a medium sized SUV, the Aliner LXE provides ultimate comfort and practicality for a fraction of the weight of larger camping trailers. The Azdel material on the exterior of the trailer improves its durability and longevity, preventing potential damage from harsh terrain and water.

The numerous large windows mounted all around the trailer are fantastic as they flood the inside of the trailer with natural light, resulting in a bright and airy space. Continuing through the LXE, there is a kitchen with a two burner stovetop, microwave, refrigerator, storage and sink.

The addition of a hard walled front dormer creates the ideal space for the built in shower and cassette toilet without impacting the interior living area. Towards the back of the LXE is a large, comfortable bed with a tremendous amount of storage underneath for outdoor equipment, spare clothes or anything that needs a home on your journey!

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6. Scamp 13 Deluxe Bath Package

Weight (UVW): 1,600 lbs

Scamp trailers are full of character whilst also remaining durable due to their lightweight, fiberglass construction. The exterior of a Scamp has a retro feel and it’s the type of trailer you will want to show off as it looks rather quaint from the outside and the interior remains just as impressive.

The length of the Scamp 13 is under 15ft long and it is also the lightest trailer in our list. There are several options available with the Scamp 13, but the deluxe floor plan doesn’t disappoint, with a private bathroom space including a shower, sink and dry flush toilet. For such a small, lightweight travel trailer, the Scamp 13 Deluxe still has plenty of floor space to keep the trailer feeling spacious and airy.

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The 8ft awning also helps to extend the living space to the outdoors, making the trailer feel bigger and brighter. Next to the well equipped kitchen is a convertible dinette which becomes a comfortable bed area when needed. Having a non-permanent bed is a great space saving idea and is another reason this small but mighty trailer is so well loved by many.

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7. Jayco Hummingbird 16FD

Weight (UVW): 2,535 lbs

The Jayco Hummingbird is a travel trailer offering strength and durability with a vacuum bonded exterior using Jayco’s StrongholdVBL lamination. This quality construction means you can spend more time enjoying nature than worrying about the negative effects it may have on your travel trailer.

The spacious interior includes a kitchen with all essential amenities, cosy dinette, 8’ awning and importantly a toilet with a shower and tub. Jayco have been trusted by many for years and are renowned for their two year warranty program covering aspects of the trailer such as the floor assembly and laminated walls.

The Jayco Hummingbird, however, has received mixed opinions from customers including a complaint of regular maintenance and small floor plan options. When considering a travel trailer, it is important to work out exactly what you both need and want from the trailer. For many, the Hummingbird may be the perfect fit, however, for other avid campers, a larger trailer may be more suitable.

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8. Riverside RV Retro 165

Weight (UVW): 2,600 lbs

As the name suggests, the Retro 165 has a vintage 1950’s aesthetic with a smooth shape and warm appearance. Riverside offer impressive customization options starting with the size and look of the trailer, allowing you to create the travel trailer of your dreams.

The Retro 165 contains Radiant Reflective Insulation which is perfect in maintaining a regular, comfortable temperature within the trailer. The retro style continues onwards to the interior with a convertible front dinette, large refrigerator/freezer, microwave, three burner stovetop with oven and a deluxe queen size bed.

A stand out feature of the Retro 165 is the bathroom cubicle containing a roof top fan, toilet and good sized shower area with a skylight above. The design of the bathroom allows for full privacy unlike many other trailers that have a small separating wall from the toilet to the living space.

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9. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB

Weight (UVW): 2,667 lbs

Although the Flagstaff E15TB is Forest River’s smallest walkable trailer, it doesn’t compromise on its features. Once the dinette area is converted into a sleeping space, a king size bed is created – a fantastic element for travellers wanting a good quality sleep after a hard day exploring the outdoors.

Along with the impressive bed, the E15TB also features a TV, awning, fridge, microwave, three hob stovetop and various storage areas. Another astounding feature of this trailer is the full bathroom boasting a ventilation fan and vent, gas/electric water heater, shower and a foot flush toilet.

The interior aesthetic is sleek and modern but maintains a warm edge thanks to the light wooden finishes throughout.

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10. K-Z Sportsmen Classic 160RBT

Weight (UVW): 2,740 lbs

The Sportsmen Classic is another trailer in our list that features fold out sides for sleeping areas. This creates plenty of space within the trailer to walk around and enjoy the space rather than feel closed in. The luxurious kitchen space in the 160RBT offers a microwave, sink, two burner hob top, refrigerator and pantry.

The spacious dinette and additional bench seat make this a great trailer for socialising and entertaining guests regardless of its compact size. The bathroom space in the 160RBT is simply astounding. The private cubicle includes a sizable corner shower with an overhead skylight, sink, mirrored vanity unit and foot flush toilet.

Besides the vanity unit is a helpful control panel indicating the levels of black and grey water, fresh water and the level of the battery. This is a brilliant stress relieving feature that takes away the guessing game when it comes to knowing how much water or waste you are carrying onboard.

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What is the smallest Jayco camper with a bathroom?

The 2021 Jay Flight SLX 7 145RB is the smallest camper from Jayco that also features a bathroom. This small but mighty trailer weighs in at 2,465lbs (UVW) and has an overall exterior length of just 16’8”.

How much does a Scamp 13 weigh?

The standard option for a Scamp 13 trailer weighs between 1,220 and 1,500 lbs. The deluxe option, however, weighs between 1,300 and 1,600 lbs. Both options are lightweight and have great towability.

How much does a 12 foot travel trailer weigh?

The weight of a travel trailer depends on the manufacturer but also will vary depending on any extra features added to the trailer, the belongings packed inside the trailer and the water and waste on board. A 12 foot trailer when empty weighs approximately 2,500lbs but this can vary from trailer to trailer.

Closing Thoughts

Our favorite trailer under 2,500 lbs from this list is the Riverside RV Retro 165 with its full private bathroom space on board. It’s the ideal lightweight travel trailer for those wanting to match personality and functionality with style and comfort.

The customization options with the Retro 165 ensure you can put your own stamp on the trailer and create a space you can’t wait to spend time in. Weighing in under 3000 lbs, it can be towed easily using smaller vehicles and SUVs.

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