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What Are the Best Soles for Walking on Ice?

What Are the Best Soles for Walking on Ice?

Whether you live and work in an area where there’s frequent ice and snow, or you’re going on a vacation to the snowy mountains, you’re going to need to know the best soles for dealing with ice and snow. Luckily, there are shoes specifically made for this icy conditions. But which soles are the best for walking on ice?

The best soles for walking on ice are soles made of non-slip rubber. Non-slip rubber soles with large treads will offer plenty of grip and traction on ice covered surfaces. Look for winter rated hiking boots as these are specifically designed for walking on ice.

Read on to learn more about the best shoes to use on ice for different occasions, ways to keep your feet from slipping on ice, thermal insoles that are great for keeping your feet warm, and various safety tips to walk on ice without falling.

How To Identify the Best Soles for Walking on Ice

The best soles for walking on ice will be soles made from non-slip rubber. Most shoes made for snow or ice will have a non-slip rubber sole. Merrell’s Vibram Arctic Grip Snow & Ice Boots for men and women have one of the overall best soles for walking on ice and offer many other benefits.

These snow boots are great because they are for men and women, water-resistant, and adjustable. Merrell has a great reputation in the outdoor industry. Their products are sold at the best shops around the world, including REI for those of you in the USA.

The anti-slip and outdoor traction are what make these snow boots the best for walking on ice. They’re durable, comfortable, and make walking on ice a little easier.

Walking on Icy Pavement

The best shoes for walking on icy pavement will be shoes with extra grip and durability. The Merrell Arctic Grip boots might be the best overall shoes for walking on ice, but other shoes offer great benefits and work wonderfully for walking on icy pavement:

Bomkinta Women’s Snow Boots

The Bomkinta Women’s Snow Boots are an excellent choice for walking on icy pavement. Not only are they a beautiful, elegant look, but they offer a thermal lining to keep your feet warm and an anti-slip rubber sole. Making them great for use on any ice or snow. They have anti-skid performance as well, which will reduce the risk of injury on the ice.

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot

The Columbia Men’s Bugaboot snow boot is an excellent choice for men. These boots are entirely waterproof and lightweight while also offering long-lasting comfort due to the cushioning inside. These boots are great for walking on icy pavement because of the rubber soles with Omni-grip technology.

Best Shoes for Running on Ice

Finding the right running shoes for ice is very important, especially for avid runners. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause you to lose traction and slip, which could lead to serious injury. Many running shoes work great on ice for both men and women.

When running on ice, you’ll want shoes that have the best traction and grip. One of the best shoes for running on ice is the Inov-8 Men’s Roclite running shoe for men and the Invo-8 Women’s Roclite running shoe for women.

These shoes are great for hiking because of the extra traction, which makes for great running shoes on ice. The added traction will prevent any slipping while running. They also have a protected toe box and durable barrier, which will keep your feet dry and warm when running.

Best Shoes for Gripping on Ice

If you’re dealing with ice, you want your shoes to have the proper grip so that you don’t slip and fall. Most snowshoes offer extra grip, but hiking shoes or boots are also a great option to consider.


Merrell Men’s Thermo Hiking Boot

The Merrell Men’s Thermo Hiking Boot are great shoes for gripping ice. They may not be made specifically for ice and snow, but this hiking boot offers excellent benefits that work well in icy conditions. The boots offer a waterproof membrane so that water won’t sink into the boot, and the design works on all terrains. Therefore, the arctic grip capabilities will work wonders on ice.

Kodiak Women’s Snow Boot

We’ve found that the Kodiak Women’s Snow Boot is an excellent option for women. These boots offer the arctic grip technology that gives the shoes that extra grip it needs to be suitable shoes to wear in icy conditions. They also offer fantastic insulation, so your feet won’t get cold.

How Do You Keep Your Shoes From Slipping on Ice?

There are many ways to prevent your shoes from slipping on ice. Buying shoes made for ice is a great start. However, if you don’t want to buy new shoes or just want to be extra careful, here are some preventative steps to take:

  • Use a spray-on adhesive – You can buy adhesives that work great on ice and will help prevent slipping. You can also use hairspray to add artificial traction.
  • Use salt – Salt melts ice, so if you lay a layer of salt over the area you’re planning on walking, your shoes most likely won’t slip.
  • Use ice grips – Ice grips such as the EnergeticSky Ice Cleat Spikes work great to grip ice and prevent slipping. Also read: Are Trail Running Shoes Good For Snow?
Keeping Your Feet Warm With Thermal Insoles

Many shoes are made with insulation in mind, but if you’re outside in the ice or snow for too long, your feet may still get cold. Luckily, there are thermal insoles made for cold weather for this very reason.

We recommend the Warmfits Battery Powered Heated Insoles. These insoles are battery-powered, so they offer the warmest benefits and can be recharged. Not only that, but they’re a one size fits all brand, so when they come in, you can just cut it to fit your correct size.

safely walk on ice

Safety Tips For Walking on Ice

When it comes down to it, buying special shoes might not completely prevent you from slipping on ice. So, there are precautions you can take and safety tips to follow if you want to be extra careful:

If you’re hiking or going for long walks, buy sturdy ski poles. Ski poles will allow you to keep your balance. They might not prevent your shoes from slipping, but they can keep you from falling.

Keep an eye out for black ice. Black ice is dangerous because it doesn’t look like ice, so it’s easy to mistake it for just being wet pavement.
If you’re walking to or from your car, consider parking somewhere else. If you’re parked around a lot of ice or far away, you might want to move closer.

The longer you’re walking on ice, the more likely you are to slip. Use handrails where you can. The extra balance will help a lot to prevent falls, and being able to hold on to a handrail will do just that.

Final Thoughts

Walking on ice can be dangerous, especially if you’re walking on hills or even running. The best soles for walking on ice will be made with rubber, have strong ice grips, be insulated, and offer water-resistant or waterproof properties. Many shoes fall under this description; however, the Eureka Snow Boot is the best overall.

Running on ice will require shoes with more grip and flexibility. As long as shoes are made from rubber soles and have the right gripping capabilities, they should work well to grip the ice and prevent you from slipping.


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