Winter Sports

how to winterize a 3 season tent

How To Winterize a 3 Season Tent

I get a lot of tent and camping-related questions from friends and family. Since I grew up in Minnesota, I’ve enjoyed the trials of winter camping since I was a child. Because of that, I get a lot of winter camping questions, like: Can you use a 3-season tent for […]

what is the best splitboard

What is the Best Splitboard? (Top 7 Picks)

Splitboards offer the ultimate backcountry adventure. Gone are the days of cumbersome snowshoeing or expensive helicopter rides up-hill. With a good quality splitboard, you can have the best of both worlds: using your board like skis until you find that perfect powder and begin your downhill shred. Not all splitboards […]

is andorra good for skiing

Is Andorra Good for Skiing?

If Andorra is on your list of ski destinations to check out, don’t miss our round up of the best resorts below. You’ll discover which places have the best nightlife, most terrain and ease of access to make your trip a success. Before we get into the details though, I […]

what kind of boots to wear for snowshoeing

What Kind of Boots to Wear for Snowshoeing?

If, like me, you have walked a few too many overcrowded summer trails, then it might be time to consider pulling on a pair of snowshoes. Just imagine pristine, untouched environments with barely another soul around. Imagine being the first to slice almost effortlessly through freshly fallen snow, away from […]

how do you start backcountry skiing

How Do You Start Backcountry Skiing?

Backcountry skiing is simple. You ski outside the bounds of ski areas, and you hike for your turns. But, of course, it’s more complex than that. You need different gear, you spend most of the day walking uphill, the mountains are uncontrolled for avalanches, and the snow is always thigh […]

which national parks are best in winter

Which National Parks are Best in Winter?

Millions of tourists visit our country’s national parks from all over the nation and the world. Most people venture out during the spring and summer months. Not nearly as many people visit these parks during the winter, but there are many reasons to make the time to. The winter adds […]

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing?

Are you excited for winter and hitting those snowy trails with your snowshoes? It’s important that you start conditioning your body now for the unique demands of snowshoeing movement. Remember, snowshoeing will be quite different from hiking. You’ll have full snow gear on and it’s added weight. Along with the […]

winter recreation basics safety

7 Common Winter Recreation Mistakes

Don’t let winter intimidate you! Winter is a beautiful time to gain a new perspective on your favorite locations and discover new ones. In places such as the Rocky Mountains, snow is a guarantee during the winter. Snow opens a REALLY BIG window of activities you can’t do the rest […]