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What does ‘RV Toad’ stand for?

What does ‘RV Toad’ stand for?

Do you know what an RV toad stands for? If you’re planning to take your RV for a spin, it would be beneficial to know what an RV toad is. It is basically any vehicle that can be towed by your RV; this can be useful for many things that you may have to do while you’re on your trip.

An RV toad is the phrase used to describe the vehicle you are towing with your RV. It can be used to run errands once you’re camped and explore your surroundings without having to take your large motorhome everywhere.

There are many vehicles that you can take along as your “toad”. It is important to keep your RV in mind as each one has a different towing capacity and not every vehicle is suitable for being towed by an RV.

To ensure that you can make good use of an RV toad, it would be useful to know more about it. So, keep reading this article to understand the various ins and outs so you can enjoy that trip you’ve been planning for a while.

What is the best toad for your RV?

You can only come up with the answer to this question once you know where you’re planning on going. You don’t have to know exactly, you just have to know the sort of terrain you’ll be facing.

Is it more of an urban space that can be tackled with a simple Sedan or do you need to be equipped with something that helps you navigate through rough terrain with relative ease?

Once you’re parked at a campsite, you can go around sightseeing or run errands in whichever manner you see fit. The right choice is important, as you don’t want to waste money arranging the wrong sort of car and then have it not be of that much use to you.

How are you going to tow your RV toad?

The method that you will be using to tow your vehicle is called ‘four down towing. This means the toad will be towed on all four wheels behind your RV.

The vehicle that you choose as your toad will need to be taken along in this manner. This method is usually considered to be the most ideal one.

It is also important to get a tow bar. This helps ensure that your vehicle is safely attached to the RV. The bar will either be mounted on your RV or on the front end of the vehicle that is being towed. Don’t forget to keep other safety measures in place, such as safety brakes.

Make sure that you know the appropriate place where you will attach the tow bar. Some variants of cars have them on the front end of the bumper or somewhere below the car. In some cases, a plate will have to be attached for you to latch the tow bar onto the vehicle.

What if you have a vehicle that can’t be flat towed?

Let’s take a look at the alternative towing methods you can use:

Tow dolly

If you have a car that can’t be flat towed, a tow dolly can be of help. It elevates the front two wheels of the vehicle being towed. It is important to note that setting up this dolly can take up quite a bit of time and may leave you feeling frustrated.

Car trailer

This approach basically elevates the entire vehicle onto a platform, It can handle even more weight than the tow dolly.

The issue that you might face with this one is that you’ll spend a lot of time loading and unloading the vehicle which may become more time-consuming than you had hoped.

What is a towed vehicle brake system?

If you do plan on taking along an RV toad, you will not only need to ensure a strong connecting mechanism, but you will also need to get a towed vehicle braking system.

This will help take the load off of your RV and help it manage the combined weight of both your motorhome and the vehicle being towed.

Why is a towed vehicle brake system important?

Without a towed vehicle brake system, there will be immense pressure on the brakes of the RV. This can not only cause your brakes to present problems sooner than their expected lifespan, but it would also double your braking distance.

This is not only for your protection but also for the others on the road. This is why it’s generally a law to have it installed as a prerequisite before you take an RV toad along. The lights for the indicators and brakes must also be functional in the vehicle being towed.

What kind of vehicles can be used as RV toads?

Not all cars can be towed behind a motorhome. You will have to consider the weight capacity of the RV and ensure that it can be flat towed. It must have a steering lock override and also the option to disconnect the transmission.

Compact 4X4s are considered to be the most desirable option as they can handle both rough terrain and urban areas. Jeeps are a very popular option. They can also be flat towed. If that is not available, just go for any other car that can be flat towed and has the other characteristics mentioned above.

How much money should you expect to spend?

It is considered an ideal practice to go for a vehicle that can be flat towed. This means you won’t have to spend extra money on buying a tow dolly or a car trailer thus keeping your expenses as low as possible.



If you are able to get an RV toad, it can be of great benefit to you. You can basically park your RV in the camp you’re staying at and go sightseeing or go around running errands in a smaller car.

Plus, you won’t have to pack away all your stuff so you can get moving for all your plans for the day.

Just be sure to observe the safety measures and make sure that your RV is cleared to carry the load of your toad. Have fun!


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