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What Is the Smallest Class A RV?

What Is the Smallest Class A RV?

Class A motorhomes are more preferred due to their relatively larger and more accommodating structure compared to their counterparts, but even among these, there are many variances in terms of shape and size. Most Class A motorhomes mimic a bus-like look and are built on a heavy-duty chassis. While these motorhomes are not as nimble as Class B motorhomes, some manufacturers offer smaller, sub-30 foot long rigs.

The smallest Class A RV is the Thor Axis coming in at 25.6 feet in length. Manufactured by Thor Motor Coach, one of the industry’s most popular brands. A quarter of all motorhomes sold annually are done by Thor.

A significant amount of money goes into the purchasing of a Class A RV; therefore, a lot of research and time needs to be invested into this before you decide to buy one. This article looks at some of the key characteristics that make the Thor Axis a desirable Class A RV. Keep reading to find out more about this RV’s attributes and the places from where you could buy one for yourself at a moderate price.

What Is a Class A RV?

A Class A RV is a motorhome that is built on a heavy-duty chassis and looks like a bus due to its structure and windows. They are usually 25-45 feet (7.6-13.7 meters) in length. Class A RVs are quite luxurious with built-in facilities for kitchen, entertainment, and relatively more spacious living spaces. Class A RVs are also considered to be more comfortable to drive around in as opposed to a trailer van.

The Smallest Class A RV: Thor Axis

The Thor Axis is considered to be the smallest of the Class A RVs. The manufacturers have designed this recreational utility vehicle to be smaller compared to the other RVs to make it easy for the RV owner to take this RV anywhere.

The RV is complete with a Wi-Fi router, 4G hotspot, TV antenna, and all such basic amenities that you would normally find in any other Class A RV. In this video, you can see the review of the Thor Axis. The vehicle’s versatility allows the RV owner to drive it anywhere, from highways to back roads:


About Thor Axis

The Thor Axis provides the comfort of home even when one is on the road. The manufacturers, Thor Motor Coach, take pride in stating that the Thor Axis has it all – the adventure, beauty, and comfort – the ABC’s of travel embedded into this small Class A RV.

The Thor Axis is a fun recreational utility vehicle that is easy to drive and camp in. It is designed to take you anywhere and is a great option to consider if you are considering a road trip.

Equipped with all the amenities that you will find in a typical home, the Thor Axis is a home away from home. It has a designated kitchen area, living area, and a bedroom. There are various floorplans you could, in fact, choose from.

The interiors feature a cooktop, microwave oven, LED TV, and a Bluetooth coach radio complete with exterior speakers. It is perfect for quick getaways and for making memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Thor Axis Specs

  • Weight: 12,500 lbs (5669 kgs)
  • Length: 25.6 feet (7.7 meters)
  • Fuel Tank: 55 gallons (208 liters)
  • Fresh Water Tank: 42 gallons (158.9 liters)
  • Black Water Tank: 30 gallons (113.5 liters)
  • Grey Water Tank: 40 gallons (151.4 liters)

Some of these specifications may vary depending on the design package you choose. You can use design ideas to increase the utility of the space.

Signature Features in the Thor Axis

The Thor Axis has some avant-garde features that make it a great choice among other RVs. It has the Ford® E-Series 7.3 liter Triton® V-8 engine with 350 horsepower that allows for speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The set up gives the person who is sitting behind the wheel an extra boost of confidence as you carry your motorhome across the states, from one camp to another.

The dashboard is a 10-inch touch screen that doubles up as a monitor for your rearview and side-view cameras. The light control panel, connected to the switched for your generator, and general lighting inside the vehicle are also provided below the dashboard.

Interior Features in Thor Axis

The Thor Axis is a versatile RV that comes with three unique floor plans. It is also highly customizable, making it a breeze to camp inside as you are on your road trip. Whether it is a short weekend getaway or a full-time living, the Thor Axis can morph itself to fit your needs.

  • The interiors have vinyl flooring, metal entry grab handle, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. 
  • The entry steps have a lighted rubber tread. 
  • An air conditioning system is also provided. 
  • USB power chargers are provided throughout the RV.

Key Characteristics of the Thor Axis

The Thor Axis has Flush Mount Radius Compartment Doors, LED lighting, a roof ladder, and Rotocast storage compartments, which make it a very sturdy build. The entry door has a deadbolt lock making the RV a very secure place for sleeping in.

The driver’s seat has reclining leather chairs complete with a stow-away coffee table with cup holders. There is a map light to aid in navigation. Privacy shades are also available on the windshield. The RV has a workstation with 110V and 12V outlets.

Spacious Bathroom in a small RV

The Thor Axis RV has all the features you normally find in an average bathroom in a home. Having a well-functioning bathroom is critical for when you are on the road. Thor Axis provides just that. After a long day of exploring new places coming home to a warm bath in your own bathroom is immeasurably relaxing and refreshing.

Equipped with a foot flush porcelain toilet, a stainless-steel bathroom sink and bath vent with power switch, and medicine cabinets, the bathroom also has hooks for hanging robes and a skylight in the shower to boot.



A Thor Axis starts from somewhere around $57,000 and may go as high as $80,000 – $100,000 USD. If you are buying a second hand Thor Axis, you will most likely look at the lower end of the spectrum. However, if you are customizing the RV, the costs will also increase accordingly.

Where Can You Buy Thor Axis From?

You can contact the manufacturers directly if you are planning to purchase a brand new Thor Axis. This way, you can add in more features to the RV before you take it on the road. RV Trader and RV Universe are a couple of other places you can consider purchasing your Thor Axis from.

Class A RVs are generally distinguishable by their flat front, coach bus style profile and large size. These behemoths of the RV industry offer the most amenities, largest passenger and sleeping capacities, and often the most luxurious interiors. However, some of the 45-foot-plus Class As only get about 6 miles per gallon, which is not the most efficient. In this article, we’re going to look at the smallest Class As on the market that offer a happy medium of luxury, ease of driving, and fuel efficiency.

So, what is the smallest Class A RV? The absolute smallest Class A RVs are the Thor Axis and the Thor Vegas, which both measure in at just 25’ 6” long for the shortest models. The Axis and the Thor are essentially the same rig, just with different exterior designs so we’ll call it a tie and review them together.

While the Axis and Vegas take the prize for shortest Class A, there are several other quite small options as well that are less than 29 feet long. Let’s look at some specifics:

How To Choose A Small Class-A RV

(photo: Lisa Hourin)

Thor Motor Coach has branded both the Axis and the Vegas as RUVs (recreational utility vehicles) due to their intentionally short length and powerful engines that make them easy to drive and maneuver. This RUV is built on a Ford E-Series chassis and has a 7.3L V8 gas engine with an automatic transmission.

They can safely seat and sleep up to five people – the 24.1 model has two twin beds that can be converted to a king bed, a sleeper sofa in a slide out, and a dropdown overhead bunk space above the cockpit.

The Axis and Vegas models also come equipped with an air conditioner, a power awning with built-in lighting, a gas generator, a two-burner gas cooktop, and a tankless water heater for instant hot water.

You can easily remain connected with their Winegard ConnecT wifi, 4G, and TV antenna. Thor Motor Coach also has options available, including a solar panel, electric stabilizing system, power driver’s seat, upgraded interior finishes, and heat pads for holding tanks.


Since the RUV is so short, interior space is obviously limited. However, at less than 26 feet long, this rig can practically fit in a normal parking space and will drive more like a large van than a typical Class A. The shorter length can also open up many more opportunities in terms of available campsites and practical road options.

I talked with Lisa (@lisahourin) about her Thor Vegas and here is what she shared:

(photo: Lisa Hourin)

How did you choose a small Class A RV over all other types of rigs, and specifically how did you choose the Thor Vegas?

“We chose the small Class A over larger rigs for ease of driving, maneuverability, and for fitting in peoples’ driveways. We liked the Thor Vegas because it was sort of unique…and because it was the first used RV we looked at and the previous owner had made quite a few upgrades and bought warranties that made it too good a deal to pass up.”

What are some pros and cons of the Vegas?

“In general, we’re really happy with the Vegas. The pros are the size, it’s very easy to drive and fit places, and the interior feels high end, the window/view is amazing, the bathroom and shower are relatively large, and the rig itself is tall (my husband is 6’2”).

The only real con for us is, with our particular model, the passenger seating is a bench (as opposed to a booth-type set-up) and it’s a bit hard for our kids to see out really well because the main window is behind you when seated on the bench.”

(photo: Lisa Hourin)

Do you live in the RV full time or take it on trips?

“We are new RV owners – we literally took ownership of our Vegas about two days before we left on a cross-country trip. We bought it specifically to travel from our home in Virginia to my parents’ house in San Diego and to our best friends’ house outside of Seattle.

All told, that trip was exactly a month. I’d LOVE to live in an RV full-time, but that will have to wait until our kids are done with high school and move out.”

Do you have any advice for people shopping for small Class A RVs or anything else you’d like to share?

“My advice would be to check out different kinds of rigs and see what feels right. We had been to an RV show recently and I realized then that you could immediately tell whether or not certain models vibed with you.

I think it’s also important to think about the pros and cons of a trailer versus a rig you drive, and also to do some personalization to make it feel like yours. Also, DEFINITELY take a new RV for a practice run to make sure you know how everything works.”

More Small Class-A RVs

Newmar Bay Star Sport 2702 



Length: 27’ 11”

Price: Starts at $133,322

Up next on our list of shortest Class A RVs is the Bay Star Sport 2702 from Newmar, which measures in at just an inch shy of 28 feet long. The Bay Star Sport is built on an exclusive Ford F-series motorhome chassis and features a 7.3L V8 gas engine. This RV has two slide outs – one for the queen bed and a larger one in the living area for the dinette and sofa.

A small kitchen area and a full bathroom complete the space. In the kitchen, you’ll find a three-burner range, a small oven, a microwave, and an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator as well as a flip up countertop. Workspace in the kitchen is quite limited, although the dinette table provides an additional work surface as well.


The Bay Star Sport also comes with an air conditioner, a propane furnace with ducted heat, a generator, and two 12V house batteries. It has storage built in everywhere with overhead cabinets on nearly every wall, so all of your personal items can be neatly stowed even in a small space. 

Entegra Vision 26X 



Length: 28’ 5”

Price: Starts at $122,018

Next we have a four-way tie for the 28’ 5” length. The Entegra Vision 26X is also built on a Ford F-series chassis and has a 7.3L V8 gas engine. It has a similar floorplan to the Bay Star Sport, except that the bathroom is opposite the queen bed in the back, leaving more room for a bigger kitchen and wardrobe.

The Vision has two slide outs and a 13-foot awning, as well as an optional drop-down overhead bunk over the cockpit area for additional sleeping space. You can also opt to replace the standard sofa with a theater sofa option that has a center console with cupholders. 


The kitchen features a three-burner stove and small oven as well as a microwave and 8-cubic-foot refrigerator. A pop-up countertop provides extra space for food preparation and the stainless steel sink can be covered for additional counter space as well. The easily operated dinette table is legless so you can comfortably move around it.

Jayco Alante 26X 



Length: 28’ 5”

Price: Starts at $129,991

The Jayco Alante 26X has a 6.8L V10 gas engine on a Ford F-series chassis. It features nearly an identical layout to the Entegra Vision 26X with two slide outs and a 13-foot awning so you can be comfortably shaded outside. The kitchen has the exact same amenities as the Vision, although premium touches mean that this RV has a higher starting price point.


Winnebago Sunstar 27P 



Length: 28’ 5”

Price: Starts at $146,872

The Winnebago Sunstar 27P is on the same Ford F-series chassis as some other options on this list and has the same 7.3L V8 gas engine. However, this RV does set itself apart from the others with a spiced-up interior layout. The door is midway back instead of just behind the cockpit, which puts the sleeper sofa behind the passenger seat and opposite the dinette.

This model has two slide outs that are both on the driver’s side – one for the king bed in the master suite and one that encompasses part of the kitchen and the dinette. This unique design has the stove, oven, and sink on the driver’s side and the refrigerator and pantry on the opposite side of the RV.


This RV can sleep five people with the master king bed, the sleeper sofa, and the dinette which can be converted to a sleeping space. You can also opt to add a powered loft bed over the cockpit for extra sleeping capacity. This small Class A RV is potentially the best choice if you plan to have more than two people traveling in it on a regular basis or if you like to entertain guests.

Winnebago Adventurer 27N



Length: 28’ 5”

Price: Starts at $169,660

As with many of the RVs on this list, the Winnebago Adventurer 27N is built on a Ford F-series chassis and is powered by a 7.4L V8 engine. This RV has another unique layout that features a spacious master bedroom area, an extra-long slide out on the passenger side, and two smaller slide outs on the driver’s side.

The 27N forgoes a couch to make room for a large wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and a more spacious kitchen and bedroom. It can sleep four people between the queen master bed and the dinette that converts into a sleeping space, with the option available to add a loft bed over the cockpit to sleep additional people.


A 19-foot awning significantly expands your living space to the outdoors, and plentiful outdoor storage bays can carry everything you need for an amazing trip. Although this RV is the same length as the Sunstar 27P, it is significantly more expensive due to the more spacious bedroom and other luxury touches that give the Adventurer a more expansive feel.

Closing thoughts…

Hopefully, you found this overview to be helpful. Even though the Thor Axis is small in size, it packs quite a punch. Its benefits outweigh any drawbacks it may have. The most glaring drawback compared to other RVs is the size, but having a smaller sized RV, makes it easier during the road trips as these kinds of motorhomes are more nimble. 

Given that there are so many ways in which you can customize the van’s interiors, it is quite the perfect choice for the long road trips and camping you have planned for the days ahead.


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