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What is a Short RV Called? (FAQs)

What is a Short RV Called? (FAQs)

There are a lot of different types and styles of RV out there, and it can be tricky to find exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t know the terminology. Have you ever wondered:

What is a short RV called?

The specific term for a short RV is Class-B RV or Camper Van. They will typically range in length from 16 to 25 feet. There is a wide variety of brands and models to choose from in this category with some of the most popular options being products from Winnebago, Jayco and Airstream.

Read ahead in this article to discover all of the different types and styles of RV, and which of them tend to be the shortest so that you can find a conveniently sized option for your own needs.

What Class of RV Is the Shortest?

There are a lot of different makes and models of RVs out there, but they generally fit into one of three standard classifications: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Although there aren’t any specific length requirements that would qualify an RV as one class or another, Class B motorhomes tend to be the shortest and Class A vehicles are usually the longest.

Class B motorhomes usually range from around 16 to 25 feet in length, although the size can vary quite a lot between models. These RVs are designed around the structure of a simple van but are built for camping. They are mobile and convenient, although they tend to not have lots of interior space.

There is, however, another kind of recreational vehicle that is often the shortest of them all: the converted van. A purpose-built “campervan” is essentially the same thing as a Class B motorhome, but the term is also often used to refer to converted or specially adapted vans.

Converted camping vans can be the smallest and most compact recreational vehicles on the market, as they are essentially the same size as a traditional van.

How Big Are Class B Motorhomes?

Class B Motorhomes and camper vans tend to be pretty small, but there is a lot of variety depending on the specific make and model that you choose. Some campers will be built with some extra length to have more internal space, whereas others have pop-tops to increase the headroom instead.

Shortest RVs are typically Class-B (

With a Class B motorhome, you know that you are getting a vehicle that is designed for the purpose, and they do try to maximize the amount of interior space you get while still being a relatively compact vehicle overall. They are usually best for 1 or 2 passengers, and rarely have room to sleep more than 4 people.

Some of the most popular Class B RVs include:

  • Airstream Interstate 24X (Length: 24.6 feet)
  • Coachmen Nova (Length: 20.8 feet)
  • Winnebago Travato (Length: 21 feet)
  • American Coach Patriot (Length: 24.2 feet)
  • Jayco Terrain (Length: 19.6 feet)

Class B RVs and camper vans vary in price quite a lot, and they typically sell for anywhere between $35,000 and $125,000.

How Big Are Converted Vans?

When it comes to a converted van, the size will always depend on the base vehicle that the RV is built on. There are a lot of great options out there to choose from for making your own converted vans, and many different companies specialize in conversions of particular models.

One of the biggest benefits of converting a van is that you can choose a vehicle that suits your needs. These RVs can basically go anywhere that a regular car can. They’re nippy and convenient, and you don’t need to find a giant site to park up in for the night.

Some of the most popular vans to convert into campers include:

  • Volkswagen Transporter (Length: 16 to 17.4 feet)
  • Ford Transit (Length 18.1 to 19.6 feet)
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Length: 19.4 to 24.2 feet)
  • Renault Trafic (Length: 16 to 18 feet)

Van conversion can be cheap, and some people have managed to get theirs done for as little as $10,000-$20,000. You do need to factor in the cost of the base vehicle, though, as well as the time and effort involved in getting it finished.

What Are Longer RVs Called?

The two longest classes of RV are the Class A and Class C motorhomes, with Class A typically being the largest of them all.

Class A Motorhome Length

Class A RVs are generally the biggest motorhomes that you’re going to find on the road. They are far from compact, ranging from around 29 to 45 feet in length. These are the big boys in the RV world, looking more like a bus than a camper van. They’re ideal for families or people that want a bit more luxury and a lot more interior space.

Class-A RVs are usually the longest –

It can be difficult to drive a Class A, though, as they are tricky to maneuver, and they take up a lot of room when you get to where you’re going. Class A Motorhomes are also usually the most expensive RVs that you can buy, going from about $125,000 to around $400,000 in price.

Class C Motorhome Length

A Class C motorhome is a middle point in size between a Class B and a Class A. They are usually somewhere between 19 and 36 feet in length, and they typically have a bit more height than a Class B as well. Class C RVs can be distinguished from Class B vehicles by the bunk area that sits above the driving cab. They often have more mod cons inside, and the living space is larger than you would get in a van.

They are, however, less convenient and slightly more limited in where they can be driven. You can expect to pay between $50,000 and $125,000 for a Class C RV.


Closing Thoughts

So, what do you call a short RV? Well, there is no specific name for short recreational vehicles, but there are terms for the kinds of RVs that are usually smaller in size. Class B motorhomes, camper vans, and converted vans are typically the shortest RVs on the market.

Class B motorhomes, converted vans, and campervans are usually between 16 and 25 feet long, depending on the model that you choose. Class C and Class A RVs are generally much longer vehicles, particularly Class A motorhomes which can be up to 45 feet long!


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