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What is The Average Weight of a 24 Foot Travel Trailer?

What is The Average Weight of a 24 Foot Travel Trailer?

If you are looking for a 24 foot travel trailer, you may be asking yourself a few questions. For example: what is the average weight of a 24 foot travel trailer? We’ll answer this question shortly.

At the same time, there’s a reason why you are probably asking about average weight. It comes down to the towing ability of the trailer itself. Not to mention, is it possible for your vehicle to handle towing a trailer that may weigh what seems like a lot.

To know if your vehicle can handle the average weight of a 24 foot travel trailer, you want to make sure that it does use a VIN number lookup online. You’ll find out about your vehicle’s weight and whether it is strong enough to tow a travel trailer of a certain size and weight.

To learn more about the average weight of a 24 foot travel trailer, keep reading. Let’s get started.

What is the Average Weight of a 24 Foot Travel Trailer?

The quick answer: The average weight of a 24 foot travel trailer is 4400 pounds. This is based on the unladen vehicle weight.

Not all trailers will be around this weight. Some of them will be lighter and others will be heavier. It’s up to you to decide which weight will be best to make the towing easier.

Keep in mind your vehicle may not be able to handle some of these travel trailers because of their heavier weight.

Yes, a pound of weight can make a difference between whether or not you can tow it safely or not. Yes, 24-foot travel (like the Jayco Jay Flight 24RBS) trailers are among the best choices for a few good reasons. One of them is that they are compact in size.

You don’t want anything too big or long. Especially when you’re on the road and want to be respectful of the traffic behind you.

How Much Towing Capacity Do I Need for a Camper?

This is a question you’re probably asking yourself right now. How much towing capacity do you need for a 24-foot travel trailer? Now that you know the average weight, this will allow us to easily answer the question.

What you need to remember is this rule of thumb: know your trailer’s GVWR. It has to be no more than 75 percent of your vehicle’s towing capacity. Since the average weight of a 24-foot travel trailer is about 4400 pounds, the towing vehicle should be around 6,000 pounds.

For example, if you have a vehicle that meets this requirement like Nissan Titan XD Single Cab or the Chevy Suburban 3500HD, are the perfect vehicles for towing a 24-foot travel trailer of its average weight.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and have a 24-foot travel trailer that you want to use, it’s important to find a vehicle that is approximately 6000 pounds. There are plenty of large SUVs and trucks that you can choose from.

If you feel overwhelmed by so many choices, most the Ford F-150 trucks have the ability to tow up to 13,200 pounds depending on the tow package it uses. This means it can pull trailers that are 6,000 pounds or less.

So, you can safely tow a 24-foot travel trailer that weighs 4400 or thereabouts. Talk to your local dealers and ask questions about the towing capacities of the trucks you may be interested in.

If you already have a vehicle that has enough of a towing capacity, then no need to do this.

Aside from the overall vehicle weight, the towing capacity is something you don’t want to forget. The better the towing capacity, the easier it will be to tow a travel trailer that will be great for camping and long-distance road trips.

Towing Your Travel Trailer: What You Must Know

So now that you have a good idea of what vehicle is useful for towing a 24-foot travel trailer, we’re going to take a look at some terminology that you’ll want to know about.

Especially if you want to get a good understanding of the lingo surrounding travel trailers and towing them.

So, let’s give you a crash course on the terminology so you know what is what:

Unladen Vehicle Weight

Best known as UVW. This is the curb weight of a vehicle or trailer when there are no occupants. This is the ‘as is’ weight. No water is filled in the tanks, nor are there any additional items stored inside.

Depending on how much is in the trailer itself, the weight could be different from the UVW. Plus, it can affect the towing ability of your vehicle. But, is there really any sense to carry at least a thousand pounds more of items in your trailer?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This is best known as the GVWR. This is the maximum amount of weight that a vehicle can carry safely when it’s in operation. This weight will also apply to travel trailers.

Make sure that the weight does not exceed this at all. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with issues that might damage your vehicle, the travel trailer, or both.

Tow Capacity

This is the amount of weight your vehicle can pull safely. This is a number that you should pay attention to because it can determine which travel trailers you can and can’t pull.

If the travel trailer does not exceed your vehicle’s tow capacity, you should be good to go.


Final Thoughts

We hope this guide was helpful. Especially when it comes to whether or not your vehicle has the ability to tow a 24-foot travel trailer. As you find a travel trailer that fits your needs and preferences, find out if the trailer does not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and intend to purchase a 24-foot travel trailer, find one with an even greater towing capacity so you can make it easier to haul the trailer from one place to the next.


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