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What is the Lightest Hard Shell Roof Tent?

What is the Lightest Hard Shell Roof Tent?

Wondering what the absolute lightest hard shell roof tent is?

The quick answer:

The lightest hard shell roof top tent that is currently on the market is the Superlite Roof Tent made by Go Fast Campers. At just 80 pounds, this tent is designed to be easily attached and detached by a single person on a car, truck, SUV, or van.  

Roof tents have been increasing in popularity in recent years. This is partly due to their ease of use, low cost, and the desire for many people to get outside and enjoy nature more. Continue reading to learn more about the Superlite Roof Tent, how to install it on your vehicle, and other lightweight options if the Superlite is not a good fit for you.

The GFC Superlite Hard Shell Roof Tent

The Superlite tent is an amazing piece of camping equipment that, once used, you will be hard-pressed to return to sleeping on the group while you are camping. At only 80 pounds, the Superlite tent is the lightest hard shell roof tent that is currently available on the market.

The tent was rigorously tested to learn which features could go and which features were necessary in order to create such a lightweight product. The lesson? Everything was stripped out of traditional roof top tents and only the bare necessities remain with the Superlite.


The Superlite roof top tent, when closed, stands only 6 inches tall. This means that overhead height will never be an issue. Because it is so thin, it can also be left on your vehicle if you do not want to constantly remove and reattach the tent.

Superlite was created with a traditional wedge design that a lot of roof top tents use. The Superlite gives 50 inches by 90 inches of sleeping room and another 44 inches of headspace when the tent is fully extended.

GFC Superlite


Just because the Superlite tent has been stripped down to make it ultra-lightweight does not mean that it lacks both essential and comfort features. The window on the Superlite zip completely down to reveal a mesh window that gives panoramic views to the outside.

A folding, flexible ladder can be included with the tent purchase for an extra fee, along with an additional extra-padded tent mattress to ensure maximum comfort. While one standard mattress is included with the tent, the extra padded one is another additional cost.

What Vehicle Can I Put the Superlite Tent On?

Because the Superlite Roof Top Tent weighs only 80 pounds, it is designed to go on any vehicle on the market today. Whether you have a compact car or extended SUV, every vehicle, providing it has a roof rack system can hold the Superlite Roof Tent.

If you have a vehicle that does not have a roof rack system, you can opt to purchase an aftermarket roof rack to support the tent. If you have a truck with an open bed, you can attach the Superlite tent to the bed rails instead of using a roof rack.

How Much Does the Superlite Tent Cost?

The Superlite tent is currently priced at $1,199.00 USD. This price includes the tent only and the included mattress pad. The ladder and extra mattress pads are both sold separately. The tent includes all of the required mounting hardware, except a roof rack, which you will need to buy separately as well.

The manufacturer of the Superlite tent, Go Fast Campers, does state that the Superlite is currently out of stock and on back order.

A note on roof top tents is that the Superlite is considered a pricey model of roof top tent. This is because of the lightweight and ease of use. You can find many other roof top tents in this price range that are both bigger and heftier. However, if you have a small or compact vehicle, those other large roof tents may not work for your vehicle. Always check the manufacturers’ recommendations before purchasing your roof tent.

How to Install the Superlite Roof Top Tent

The Superlite Roof Top Tent is one of the easiest roof tents to install and use on the market today. Once you have your roof rack or truck bed ready to receive the tent, you simply slide the tent on the roof of your vehicle, or the bed of your truck, and bolt it down.

While Go Fast Campers says that the tent can be installed by a single person, at 80 pounds you might need an additional helper to lift the tent onto the top of your vehicle. Especially if you have a taller car or truck.

Once you have the tent in place, there are pre-drilled holes in the base of the tent frame that should line up with a standard roof rack system. From there, all you need to do is to bolt the tent down in place. If you have an oddly sized roof rack, the manufacturer recommends purchasing their ‘cross-bar’ system in order to ensure a perfect fit.


Issues and Complaints?

The Superlite Roof Top Tent is a fairly new product on the market. However, there have been many documented complaints regarding the quality of materials used, their customer service, and their shipping practices that you should be aware of before purchasing the Superlite.

First, the quality of materials that Go Fast Campers use in the manufacturing process for the Superlite has been called into question. Many people have stated that their Superlite tents were made with low quality materials that do not hold up well in any type of inclement weather, including an occasional rainstorm.

Other customers have lodged complaints against the company regarding their shipping practices. Depending on where you live in the U.S., you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars more for shipping than traditional over-sized products. The company tacks on an extra charge if you live east of the Rocky Mountains, another charge for taking it out of the truck, and another charge for carrying it to your door.

The last common complaint that many people have with their Superlite is the quality of customer service that they receive from Go Fast Campers. Lackluster is the first word that comes to mind when describing their customer service department. Do not expect to have solutions immediately or even a straight answer regarding your product is what many complaints state.



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