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What is The Lightest Travel Trailer With a Slide Out?

What is The Lightest Travel Trailer With a Slide Out?

If you are looking for the lightest travel trailer with a slide out, keep reading. We’ll unveil our selection and go into further detail about the trailer. You want a travel trailer that is not only nice and light but enough to make it easier to tow with just a regular vehicle.

The quick answer: The Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is the lightest travel trailer with a slide out on the market today. At just 14 feet long and weighing only 2,600 pounds, you won’t find a lighter option.

A slide out is nice to have if you want to create a little bit of extra space. The slide out will allow the windows to stick out a bit further while creating a place to sit or even sleep. This is perfect if you are just bringing a few people along for a camping trip or a road trip to somewhere away from home.

You can get the best of both worlds with a travel trailer. Especially if you want something that will take you from point A to point B. If you are looking for a travel trailer that will give you a bit more space while making it easier to tow, then keep reading.

Now, let’s unveil our choice so you know whether or not it may be a good trailer to purchase for yourself.

The Lightest Trailer With a Slide Out

After looking through lists of many travel trailers, we were looking for the lightest weight of the bunch. We have discovered that the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is the lightest travel trailer with a slide out that we could find.

The trailer has a dry weight of around 2600 pounds. At just nearly 20 feet, you get plenty of space that you’ll enjoy while you are on a camping trip.

This is also pretty easy to tow with just a regular vehicle. It has a hitch weight of 250 pounds and a GVWR of 3,700 pounds. If this is a perfect fit for your vehicle, it may very well be the best option for a travel trailer.

This has a payload capacity of 1,100 pounds. You get plenty of the amenities inside and you can enjoy it all by yourself and two additional people. Yes, the capacity for this trailer is approximately three people.

So now that you know some of the details, let’s go over what you can get out of the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer.

What Does the Lance 1475 Have?

Water Tanks

This has three water tanks each at 26 gallons a piece. You have the fresh water tank plus your gray and black water tanks. So you’ll have plenty of tanks for your water supply so you will be able to use the bathroom at your own convenience.

The bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower. So you get a complete setup that you’ll enjoy in the privacy of your own travel trailer. No need to deal with any outdoor showers or external hookups.

The water tanks are easy to fill and maintain. You’ll have no trouble getting the job done when you need to.

Slide Out Section

Of course, you have the slide out section. This will increase the weight of the trailer a little bit. Once the slide out is fully deployed, you have more seating space.

This will be perfect for when you have guests that want to visit you. Also, who wouldn’t want extra space to relax?

If you are looking for a slide out that gives you a modest amount of room, then chances are you’ll love the Lance 1475 travel trailer. The slide out is power-retractable and will require a bit of regular maintenance compared to regular travel trailers.

All you need is to lubricate the moving parts (including the gaskets and seals). The reason you have to do these is simple. You don’t want leaks to happen and cause water damage.

This is something you want to prevent even if you are storing the travel trailer in the winter months. Make sure everything is well taken care of and no water gains access into your trailer before storing it away.


Compact Size

The Lance 1475 is about 20 feet in length. If you are looking for something that won’t be too long or short, but just right, this is the trailer for you. The compact makes it perfect for those who want nothing too small or too big.

The good news is the compact size is excellent simply because you won’t have a hard time towing it when you are on the road. You can just tow it with a simple car, truck, or SUV and you’ll do just fine.

As long as the weight limit of your vehicle allows it, that is.

The Interior

Of course, you might be a sucker for a good looking interior. That’s exactly what the Lance 1475 has. It has a stainless steel sink, stove, countertop, and a television in the living area.

You also have your sitting areas and a large bed. If you are looking for a comfortable living space that looks good and feels good, you’d be insane not to say yes to the Lance 1475.

You’ll have pretty much everything you need without having to look for a larger trailer. Better yet, why would you want to pay more? You’ve got it all even for the price that it’s going for.

Just adjust the slide out, relax and enjoy. Rain or shine, this is the travel trailer you want to call home no matter where your travels take you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found this guide on the lightest trailer with a slide out helpful. We have found that the Lance 1475 is our best choice. However, we may not know of any others that may be lighter than that.

Some of the other travel trailers may be heavier in weight and even smaller in size. If the Lance 1475 sticks out to you as a good trailer option, be sure to take a closer look. It might just be the next travel trailer you use for your camping or road trip.


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