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Who Makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer?

Who Makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer?

The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is a premium leisure vehicle that many families make their top choice for cross-country travel. If you’re interested in this caravan, one question you may have is “who makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer?“.

The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is made by Elddis. This RV manufacturing company specializes in making premium caravans and travel trailers for traveling and family getaways. 

Do you want to know more about the manufacturing company that makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer? You’ve come to the right page. We’re going to cover everything you want to know about Elddis and The Buccaneer Travel Trailer. Keep reading to learn more.

Buccaneer Travel Trailers

Elddis makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer. If you’re not familiar with Elddis, it’s one brand you will want to learn about, especially if you’re in the market for a quality caravan or leisure vehicle.

Who is Elddis?

Elddis is one of the leading caravan and leisure vehicle manufacturers in England. This company was founded in 1965 and has since become the parent company to two other popular leisure vehicle brands, Buccaneer and Compass.

When the company was first founded, it was independently owned by a father-son team, Siddle and Raymond Cook. The name of the company was even Siddle’s name spelled backward, Elddis. As the caravan brand grew in popularity, the business team began receiving a lot of offers. Eventually, in 1973, they sold the Elddis brand to Ace Belmont International.

Throughout the decade, Elddis has been acquired by several big names in the industry. Currently, it is owned by Erwin Hymer Group, which acquired the brand in 2017.

What is the Explorer Group?

The Explorer Group is a collection of brands owned by Erwin Hymer Group that specialize in motorhomes, caravans, and other types of leisure vehicles. Buyers across the UK generally prefer to choose a brand from the Explorer Group when choosing a leisure vehicle. This is because of the brands under this group manufacture fully structured leisure vehicles.

The brands that are part of the Explorer Group make the most innovative caravans and motorhomes in the UK. Elddis, a key part of the Explorer Group, was the first brand in the UK to release an 8-foot caravan. There have been many features and additional options that make brands from the Explorer Group more appealing to customers.

Buccaneer Travel Trailer Specs

The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is a premium leisure vehicle. A lot of people have this caravan on their dream leisure vehicle list because it’s one of the best under the Elddis name. It’s a very spacious design that has a four-berth layout. This makes it easier to travel with a group without feeling crowded.

There are many specifications of this travel trailer that make it a top choice for people who enjoy traveling by road. It is fully designed to make you feel like you’re at home even though you’re away from home. Some of the features that make the Buccaneer Travel Trailer one of England’s favorite leisure vehicles include:

  • 1 double rear bed & 2 single beds
  • Fully equipped kitchen, including a microwave
  • 6’5″ of headroom
  • On-board water tank- 40 L
  • Pet-friendly upholstery
  • Low level LED lighting
  • 8-foot bathroom with a water-saving shower & a clothes dryer in the shower cubicle


Is the Buccaneer Travel Trailer Worth It?

If you enjoy traveling on the road and go on several road trips each year, then you can benefit from a luxury travel trailer. Most customers who have reviewed the Buccaneer Travel Trailer believe that this caravan is well worth the investment. Buccaneer makes 5 different 8-foot travel trailer layouts to choose from. This allows customers to get the exact features they want.

buccaneer travel trailer worth it

  • Buccaneer Aruba
  • Buccaneer Commodore
  • Buccaneer Cruiser
  • Buccaneer Barracuda
  • Buccaneer Bermuda

No matter which layout of the Buccaneer Travel Trailer customers chooses, they will get to experience a luxury leisure vehicle. This travel trailer is designed to make sure people stay comfortable anywhere they choose to go.

While the Buccaneer Travel Trailer’s comfort has been recognized on many levels, we can’t ignore the craftsmanship behind these caravans. This company has over 50 years of experience, leading to some of the best designs on the market. Each travel trailer is built strong for a reliable vehicle, anywhere you go.

Buccaneer Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

Before we let you go, we want to cover some of the pros and cons of this premium travel vehicle.


  • Spacious caravan with room for families or groups of friends
  • Versatile layout to get the best for your travel needs
  • Stylish lounge area that’s also very comfortable
  • The bathroom is located in the corner to provide more space
  • A fixed double bed so you don’t have to struggle to make one while you’re traveling.


  • Expensive travel trailer
  • Larger size caravans – meaning that you will be operating a heavier vehicle


Closing Thoughts

Who makes the Buccaneer Travel Trailer? The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is made by Elddis, a popular caravan and motorhome brand in the UK. These brands are parts of the Explorer Group, owned by Erwin Hymer Group. This is part of a collect of some of the most innovative leisure vehicle brands in the UK.

The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is a popular caravan in the UK because it offers a lot more space than other leisure vehicles on the market. It’s an excellent choice for families and people that want to travel in groups. There are 5 different layouts to choose from, and each one is a spacious 8-foot model.

Traveling on the road should be an enjoyable experience. That is why the Buccaneer Travel Trailer is designed to be comfortable for everyone on board. These innovative designs have up-to-date technology to make sure travelers have everything they need while on board. Just like Elddis leisure vehicles, The Buccaneer Travel Trailer is guaranteed to be a premium-built vehicle.


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