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Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Airstream? (Top 11 Reasons)

Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Airstream? (Top 11 Reasons)

Since their introduction in 1931, Airstream travel trailers have become quite a familiar sight on American and international highways. Airstream is one of the most well-known travel trailer brands with a long history. They have a sizable and devoted customer base.

Wally Byam, a young and enthusiastic camper, came up with the Airstream concept. Wally was passionate about making camping as comfortable as possible so that everyone could enjoy the wonderful outdoors. He ultimately released a DIY brochure that was so well received that his campers decided to expand production.

Though it’s a lot of pleasure to own one, it can be fairly expensive. As an RV enthusiast, you must evaluate whether or not the trailer is worth the money.

11 reasons you should not buy an Airstream:

1. Cost

Depending on the quality, size, and seller, an Airstream can cost anywhere from $39,000 to $161,900.

This is a price that the ordinary RV enthusiast cannot afford. It’s not a good idea to settle for an Airstream trailer when there are cheaper, stylish, and feature-packed RVs on the market.

2. Cooling

Summers in the South can be quite hot and humid. The sun scorches the aluminum skin of the campers to a scorching temperature. Unfortunately, this extends to the interior. On the warmest days of the year, the 13,500 BTU domestic air conditioner works overtime to keep the camper cool. It makes a great difference, though, if you can find a position with even partial protection from the sun’s direct beams.

3. Refrigerator Size

A small refrigerator is good for short-term camping, but it won’t assist if you’re traveling with family or friends. Large perishable food products are likewise inconvenient in the small compartments. For this purpose, you’ll need a regular-sized refrigerator, another expense for you to pay!

4. Small Sink and Counter Space

The tiny sink and little counter space make this a difficult task. However, the Airstreams’ ability to be customized is a huge plus.

5. Narrow Width

Airstream trailers are pricey, but they are also narrow, lack slide-outs for additional accommodation, and have little external storage. They have a restricted sleeping capacity as well. Despite their high-quality construction, they are more expensive to maintain, store, and repair than the conventional travel trailer.

6. Limited Sleeping Capacity

The sleeping capacity of Airstreams is restricted. The majority of their versions can only accommodate up to 6 passengers. It isn’t a small number, but at what you’ll pay for this RV, it’s a bargain. Higher sleeping capacity trailers are available for a significantly lesser price.

7. Prone to Denting

The aluminum exterior on Airstream trailers is extremely prone to denting. They have rounded edges that can readily dent if they collide with stationary things like trees. The exteriors have a gleaming smoothness to them, which is less desirable when the RV is dented.

Since the trailer is comprised of metal, corrosion is a possibility. Magnesium is utilized to treat roadways, so if it gets into contact with the gleaming Airstream, there’s a danger it’ll corrode.

8. Requires A Lot of Care and Maintenance

Purchasing an Airstream trailer carries with it a certain amount of responsibility. You must take good care of and look after your RV. Regular waxing and cleaning should be done to keep it from deteriorating.

To prevent leaks, you’ll also need to caulk some seams. Due to the hull’s design, the technique is relatively limited. You should make sure your vehicle or SUV is ready to tow. Drill a fifth-wheel adaptor into the vehicle’s bed if you’re driving a pickup truck. Some pickup trucks come equipped with a fifth-wheel adaptor.

9. Challenging to Find Replacement Parts for Vintage Models

While it may be a good idea to buy a retro Airstream trailer, finding its replacement parts is quite challenging. The process is also time-consuming and tiresome since there aren’t many replacement parts in auto shops. You have to put in a great deal of time and work to find the correct replacement part for a specific Airstream model.

10. Difficult to Access while on the Road

Airstream trailers, unlike RVs, are not accessible while driving. To get to the trailer, you’ll have to get out of your truck or car and park across the street.

11. Off-road Trails

Most campgrounds are located off-road, necessitating the usage of an off-road-capable motorhome or travel trailer.

Despite their light weight and tiny size, these trailers are not appropriate for off-roading. Off-road, slide-in campers or small teardrop trailers perform better than Airstream trailers.

Why Do People Buy An Airstream?

Airstream RVs or trailers have a sleek appearance and feel like a silver bullet. When hauling a trailer behind a truck or car, this form helps reduce drag. The trailer’s exceptional endurance comes from a double aluminum shell wrapped around a robust steel frame.

Airstream trailers are well-known for their long-lasting subfloors. They also have a higher resale value than their counterparts. Their depreciation is lower than most other brands, owing to their high-quality construction, which allows them to survive a long time.

With the Airstream camper’s simple design and construction, there isn’t much that can go wrong. For the ordinary do-it-yourselfer, making repairs, alterations, and additions are quite simple.

Living in a tiny area has the extra benefit of forcing you to reorganize and simplify your life. Cleaning takes less time with creative storage and a smaller space.

Socializing with Fellow Campers

It’s not uncommon for Airstream aficionados to organize groups and events that are exclusively open to owners of the trailer.

Each year, a number of Airstream-only events and rallies are held to bring Airstream enthusiasts together. There are also special campgrounds for these folks all around the country. These trailers are unpopular for these gatherings and rallies because of their cult-like attraction.

The majority of members have a purist mentality and are extremely judgmental of anyone who does not own the trailer. This aspect may make it unappealing to anyone considering purchasing an RV.

Should You Go for An Airstream Trailer?

Sure Airstream provides a good build quality together with that iconic American look, but tougher competition and more options in the trailer market have left the consumers looking for the best value for their money.


Due to the aforementioned drawbacks, Airstream trailers do not provide a good value for money to RV lovers. They are measured against a variety of different travel trailers (Scamp, casita, Avion, Escape, and Oliver), which, some might argue, provide a great value for money!


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