Author: Erick Musambi

best hiking pants for curvy figures

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Figures?

More often than not, most women find it hard to find clothes that fit their body type, including hiking pants for curvy figures. Baggy pants don’t quite cut it for hiking. Fortunately, from this list, you can find hiking pants that not only fit well, are comfy, and stretchy but […]

what is the most reliable campervan

What Is the Most Reliable Campervan?

A campervan is a big investment, but what is the most reliable campervan on the market today? After all, the last thing you want is to spend all that money only to have your vehicle break down a couple of years later.  The most reliable campervans are from trusted brands […]

is it cheaper to convert a campervan

Is It Cheaper to Convert a Campervan?

For many of us, being able to live in a campervan is the ultimate dream, but is it cheaper to convert a campervan? The freedom you get from being able to drive your home to the beach is hard to beat. Unfortunately, campervans can be very expensive if you buy […]

is it illegal to live in a camper van

Is It Illegal to Live in a Camper Van?

There are plenty of reasons to know whether it is illegal to live in a camper van, chief among them being the tax deductions that come with your camper being your residence. So, is it illegal to live in a camper van?  It is not illegal to live in a […]

how long will an 8 Mile hike take

How Long Will an 8 Mile Hike Take?

Estimating the amount of time you take to take an 8-mile hike helps you decide how much food and water you need to bring on the hiking trip. When planning a hike, it is crucial to overestimate the amount of time you think it will take for you to finish […]

Are Steel Toed Boots Good for Hiking?

A good pair of boots can become an expensive splurge, so it is easy to see why some people might want to wear their work boots for hiking trips. After all, if your steel-toed boots can protect your feet at work, then it should work fine in the mountains. Boots […]

how long does a 10 mile hike take

How Long Does a 10 Mile Hike Take?

A 10-mile hike, especially for those not used to long-distance hiking, is not a simple feat. It depends a lot on your fitness level and experience as hiking this distance will take many hours and require you to carry a backpack during the hike.  A 10-mile hike can take between […]

how long does it take to hike 7 miles

How Long Does it Take to Hike 7 Miles?

Knowing the amount of time it takes you to hike 7 miles is essential for a hiking trip. Estimating the amount of time helps you figure out how much water and food you should pack and is also critical for planning an appropriate start time for your journey. Hiking 7 […]

is a campervan a good investment

Is a Campervan a Good Investment?

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t like the sound of taking their home wherever they want. To some people, the freedom you get from owning a camper van is worth any amount of money. But are campervans a good investment?  A campervan is a good investment provided you […]

is hiking 10 miles hard

Is Hiking 10 Miles Hard?

It’s no secret that hiking is hard on the body, but what about hiking 10 miles? Only you will truly know if a 10-mile hike is going to be hard to accomplish. However, there are ways to determine the difficulty level. Hiking 10 miles is hard if you’re a beginner […]