Author: Kate Fletcher

scout truck camper reviews

Scout Truck Camper Reviews? (Pros, Cons and Verdict)

Unless you’ve been hiding off-grid for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the van life trend taking over social media all around the world. I absolutely get it, who wouldn’t want to live a life where you can explore new places all around the world and take your home […]

k2 basecamp trek difficulty

K2 Base Camp Trek Report: Difficulty and Lessons Learned

When you tell people you’re about to head off to Pakistan the reaction is almost always the same… “Sorry, did you just say Pakistan!?” “yep” “why are you going there, isn’t that a super dangerous country!?” (accompanied by a mixture of confused, surprised and concerned looks). When I followed this […]

freeze dried camping food

Freeze Dried Camping Food: Our 10 Favorite Brands

When you think of camping or backpacking foods, you usually don’t think of gourmet meals. Personally, plain pasta and tuna usually comes to mind. However, this can be both bulky and heavy to pack in. Not an ideal combination when you want to save those extra kilos and that precious […]

croc weight ultralight camp shoes

Croc Weight? Ultralight Camp Shoes Guide

After hiking seemingly hundreds of miles, sweating through my socks and bandaging feet to prevent blisters, the first thing I want to do when reaching camp is take off those darn boots! Luckily, I always carry a pair of camp shoes with me on every overnight hike. One of the […]

Battery Powered Tent Heaters? (Camping In The Cold)

As temperatures drop towards winter, don’t let the cold keep you from camping and backpacking. There are so many ways to stay warm and extend your adventures no matter what the conditions. A question we have seen come up is: “What about battery powered tent heaters and do they work?” […]

How much do you get paid as a ski instructor?

How Much Do You Get Paid As a Ski Instructor?

Waking up in the morning, looking out the window to 8 inches of fresh powder, stepping into your boots, gliding to work and then getting paid to ski all day, everyday. Sounds like every snow bums dream. Right? Being a ski instructor may sound like the most glamorous job in […]

best beginner skiing in australia

Where Is The Best Skiing in Australia for Beginners?

Skiing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Australia, but alas, I can assure you, we do indeed have mountains and those mountains have snow! In fact, whilst it may not have the majestic appeal of the European Alps or North America’s Rocky […]