Author: Meg Carney

how to winterize a 3 season tent

How To Winterize a 3 Season Tent

I get a lot of tent and camping-related questions from friends and family. Since I grew up in Minnesota, I’ve enjoyed the trials of winter camping since I was a child. Because of that, I get a lot of winter camping questions, like: Can you use a 3-season tent for […]

best hiking hat for sun

Best Hiking Hat for Sun? (7 Crowd Favorites)

After living in both the Utah and Arizona deserts, I’ve learned the importance of having proper sun protective gear. Of the most vital pieces of sun gear I own is a sun hat. When hiking, biking, running, or just hanging out, enjoying the sun rays, your face, head, neck, and […]

what is a flip flop thru hike

What is a Flip Flop Thru-Hike?

The term “flip flop” hiking is thrown around a lot in the thru-hiking community, especially on the Appalachian Trail. It can apply to any thru-hike that you do. And no, it does not mean that you hike the trail in your flip-flops, though, I’m sure someone has hiked the AT […]

best high altitude hikes in the us

The 10 Best High Altitude Hikes in the U.S.

High altitude hiking is a rewarding experience. You have a chance to get above the treeline and see extensive valley views. Plus, the good news is that even if you aren’t an expert mountaineer, you can still hike to the top of some amazing high altitude peaks.  The top 10 […]

what is considered high altitude for hiking

What is Considered High Altitude for Hiking?

Summiting your first peak is a rewarding experience, no matter how high the altitude may be. Still, once you’ve worked your way up to 14ers and beyond, things start to change a little bit. While you should always do your research when hiking on remote trails, adding elevation gain to […]

is hiking becoming more popular

Is Hiking Becoming More Popular?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely done it before, gone hiking. Now, if you have gone hiking before, you are not alone. Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity in the United States according to a survey conducted by Outside Magazine.  So, is hiking becoming more popular? Yes, hiking […]

what is the best vehicle for overlanding

What is the Best Vehicle for Overlanding?

Whether you are looking for a used or new vehicle for overland travel, you need a reliable and capable vehicle. When you’re seeking out remote areas and driving in backcountry landscapes, you’re going to want a vehicle that not only runs well but with the driving you’re doing, and it […]