Author: Nadine Nadow

What Is The Best Running Podcast? (16 Top-Rated Shows)

To be a committed runner takes a lot of motivation, inspiration, self-love, and endurance. The best way to get motivated, inspired, and properly informed is by finding the advice that speaks to you the most. Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay up beat, updated, and to keep […]

which national parks are best in winter

Which National Parks are Best in Winter?

Millions of tourists visit our country’s national parks from all over the nation and the world. Most people venture out during the spring and summer months. Not nearly as many people visit these parks during the winter, but there are many reasons to make the time to. The winter adds […]

best hiking trails in Europe

15 Best Hiking Trails In Europe | Single & Multi-Day Trips

Traveling to Europe is a fulfilling experience, especially if you take advantage of the gifts each place has to offer including the great food, lively music, cultural conversations, and expeditions through the stunning landscapes. Many of the most iconic and dramatic hikes in Europe are multi-day or thru-hiking backpacking trips. […]

Tank Top With Built-In Bra

Tank Tops With a Built-In Bra (Our Top 7 Picks)

Tank tops with built-in support bras (also known as a built-in shelf bras) are great for those days when you want to achieve maximum support with minimal effort, or when layering up feels too constraining. Supported tank tops are built with varying levels of support and different fabric material for […]

best ultra running books

Ultra-Running Books: 20 Must Reads

When not on the trail yourself, what better way to spend your R&R time than reading about other great athletes on the trail! In no particular order, the following list is broken into two sections: inspiring ultra-running stories and guide books about ultra-running. There is something on this list for […]

best bear spray

Best Bear Spray: Top 5 Proven and Effective

There is nothing like a negative bear confrontation that can quickly turn any positive outdoor experience into a sour one. Personal safety is always number one, especially in the wilderness. It is exciting to see a bear in the wilderness, but it can be terrifying to have an encounter with […]

Cheap Ski Resorts in Colorado

Cheap Ski Resorts in Colorado: Our Top 10 Picks

If you are on a budget and looking for a cheap ski resort in Colorado, then look no further. Colorado offers an amazing assortment of ski and snowboard resorts at an affordable price. Whether you like the small mountain feel with endless runs and big views, or the hustle and […]

good camping knife

What Makes a Good Camping Knife?

Having a good blade on hand is an essential part of camping. You’ll need a quality knife for everything from making s’more sticks to cutting rope and making repairs to miscellaneous items around camp. So, what makes a good camping knife? A good camping knife will have quality blade material […]

hiking boots in snow

Can I Wear Hiking Boots in Snow?

Your feet are number one when hiking. They carry all the weight, so you’ll want to make sure they are comfortable for your next outing in the snow. So, can I wear hiking boots in snow? You can wear your hiking boots in snow. But, if you’re planning to hike […]