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What Is The Best Running Podcast? (16 Top-Rated Shows)

What Is The Best Running Podcast? (16 Top-Rated Shows)

To be a committed runner takes a lot of motivation, inspiration, self-love, and endurance. The best way to get motivated, inspired, and properly informed is by finding the advice that speaks to you the most. Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay up beat, updated, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other, day after day.

Being a runner means withstanding a roller coaster of pain and joy. Why do we keep coming back to it? What makes us enjoy it so much? How do we stay healthy? How do we get the most out of our running experiences? And how do others succeed at the goals I am also anxious to achieve?

Find time to listen to your favorite podcast hosts and their influential guests during your morning commute, morning workout, or during your long weekend run.

Here’s 16 of the best running podcasts, sure to put some pep in your stride:

1. Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast

The Mountain Land Running Medicine Podcast is for those interested in running medicine. It is hosted by Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD and co-hosted by Mark D. Anderson, PT, MPT, OCS. Bryan is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of the Runners Clinic through the university’s Sports Medicine Center.

Bryan focuses on running-related injuries. Mark focuses on manual therapy and orthopedic care. They are both widely accepted experts in running mechanics and injury management. This podcast gives interested runners a comprehensive dive into a specific running medicine topics while learning about their real world experiences and research.

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2. Trail Runner Nation Podcast

Trail Runner Nation is a podcast about the knowledge and advice runners of all levels – beginners to professionals – and all types of running (not just trail runners) will appreciate.

They offer tips and discussions about race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus, and more. Learn about performance, rules of the trail, and the mental game needed for performing at your best. Road runners beware, you may end up with the trail run bug after listening to these episodes.

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3. The Strength Running Podcast

The Strength Running Podcast offers running and coaching advice for all runners. Coach Jason Fitzgerald hosts guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan to talk about tips on how to have fun while getting faster, stay healthier, and prevent injuries. Fitzgerald shares advice on how to get stronger and to race injury free working off of his own experience.

They bring you conversations about running that inform your thinking about how to train, how to think about running, and how to continue to improve and push yourself in healthy ways.

Fitzgerald physically reformed his body to withstand the long-distance running pain and suffering he experienced. He now shares this knowledge with his listeners and talks about the strength training that worked for him. His episodes explore the expansive benefit of runners investing time and focus into improving their mental and physical fitness to avoid injury.

A recommended podcast from Runner’s World and Competitor Magazine.

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4. was created in 2011 for passionate mountain, ultra, and trail runners. This podcast caters to beginner runners or those runners who have seen many moons. Join host Eric Schranz and co-host Sarah Lavender Smith any time, any day!

The hosts provide sport specific information and features elite runners, veterans, wacky characters, and a variety of qualified experts. They discuss all the topics that lead to successful adventures and races out on the trails, beer, hear reviews, and light bantering. URP is about an hour long, but packed full!

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5. Talk Ultra Podcast

 Talk Ultra is a podcast bringing its’ listeners news, reviews, and interviews from around the ultra-running community. Ian Corless, a British photographer and writer, hosts ultra-marathon interviews, insights, and advice. Corless reports on worldwide endurance seasons with commentary and discussions about events and with race participants.

Talk Ultra is for runners and running enthusiasts. Every two weeks he releases a new episode covering the world of ultra-running. Listeners deem this podcast motivating and inspiring.

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6. Run to the Top Podcast, The Ultimate Guide to Running

If you are looking for a motivating and inspiring podcast, Run to the Top Podcast, The Ultimate Guide to Running is it. Helping runners of all levels and abilities find speed and a healthy running style. Sinead Haughey interviews running stars, exercise scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and other runners in our community who have inspiring stories to share.

Learn actionable lessons from the world’s best runners, researchers, and coaches. The mission is to introduce doers and thinkers to listeners who are interested in absorbing training concepts, powerful in depth knowledge and stories, and give you variety from numbers of smart, energetic, and talented people willing and open to sharing their expertise and experiences.

As a bonus, you can post questions on Facebook and Twitter for a more personal and interactive podcast experience.

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7. Running Commentary Podcast

Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering, two very entertaining middle-aged comedians, talk about running, while running. They complement their show with life and comedy. Need they say more?

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8. Another Mother Runner Podcast

Another Mother Runner is a one stop resource for all female runners, but specifically, for mothers who seek to have it all – running, family, jobs, and sanity. Dimity McDowell and Sara Bowen Shea, founders, create a space for like-minded women with high goals and challenges. The best part, they even talk on the uphill – your best running friends who are always ready to run and entertain.

Mothers talk about the personal stuff from training, nutrition, motivation, mental toughness to TMI issues and how to reach their big race goals. Be inspired by this witty, funny, and conversational podcast.

With episodes devoted to how to run after breast reduction or augmentation, who are the best running friends, running with depression and anxiety, weight loss, mindfulness, time management, and nutrition. Post your burning questions on their AMR Answers website page and they will answer your questions on their Another Mother Runner Podcast feed biweekly.

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9. RunRunLive 4.0 – Running Podcast

Celebrating the power of endurance sports, RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast host, Chris Russell, uses an interview-based format to entertain and inform listeners about endurance athletes.

Listeners have been hooked for years on the wisdom, advise, and the fantastic attitude of Chris, who provides great running information, shares his personal ups and downs (from training, racing, and health issues), hosts interesting guests, and provides life-coaching content about work, career, and balances.

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10. Running Stupid

Running Stupid recognizes the unsung heroes of the race – those at the back of the pack. Runners who know true endurance talk about their experiences in clever and entertaining ways. Your host, Ken Michal, is hilarious and unique, an authentic ambassador to ultrarunning.

A heavy smoker for 20 years (2.5 packs a day) to ultra-runner who dose not take for granted his loyal podcast community, the ‘Stupidheads.’ Disclaimer: these podcasts are meander, Ken goes off course, and requires your patience, but the experience will turn out great rewards with infectious laughter. “I think a positive attitude and a smile are the most effective tricks an ultrarunner can have in their arsenal!”

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11. The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast Network

 The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast reminds us all that no matter who we are and where we are coming from or headed towards running is for us. Host Martinus Evans is an RRCA run coach, author and award-winning speaker. Evans is on a journey for a better health and better self.

He is passionate about helping others be the best they can. Evans covers weight loss, running, CrossFit, healthy lifestyle changes, recipes, meal plans, positive thinking, overcoming barriers, self-love, forgiveness, chasing values, achieving goals, and more. This is the show for non-athletes looking for the push and the hold into becoming the best athletic self they can be.

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12. Running is “BS”

Running is “BS” is for runners who love to hate running. Talking about what everyone thinks but can’t say out loud about what they hate about running. Hear about bodily fluids and functions, nipples, and similar down-right silliness, like the BS about the weather, working out tripping while running, getting lost, marathons, geese, the year 2018, and sports bras.

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13. Training for Ultra

Training for Ultra is a weekly podcast to help get listeners out the door and hitting the road or trail. The host, Rob Steger, shares interviews with elite runners to mid and back of the pack athletes all amazing and inspiring individuals out there to achieve their individual goals.

Rob started running in 2015 after his father experienced a major health scare. After losing weight, Rob set the goal of running an ultramarathon. His journey from day one – being unable to run a single mile – until now – finishing more than 18 ultramarathons shows how inspiring his personal story is.

Rob is a self-proclaimed “middle of the pack crusher” and loves the running community. Training for Ultra encourages you to set your sights on a goal that motivates you to the core.

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14. Marathon Talk Podcast

Marathon Talk Podcast is the United Kingdom’s number one running podcast. Marathon Talk hosts Martin Yelling and Tom Williams have raised to the top of the running podcast charts. They release a free weekly show, which receives 5 million downloads from listeners across the world for a reason.

Martin runs for physical and mental health benefits of running. Martin is a former international runner and an elite athlete. He has a PhD in physical activity promotion and is an experienced endurance coach, writer, and presenter. Tom experienced his first endurance sport in his late twenties and since then has completed over 20 marathons, an Iron-distance triathlon, and the Comrades Ultra.

What better pair than these two for opposites attract in the marathon running community.

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15. Running Rogue Podcast

Running Rogue Podcast, from Austin, Texas, discusses everything from training principles to the ethics of doping to dominating the mental strategy. Gain experience through listening to Running Rogue founders Carolyn Mangold, Ruth England, and Steve Sisson and coach Chris McClung.

Rogue Running is an organization that was created to train amateur and professional runners. They had a vision to create training programs for runners that want to go beyond the “show and go” models. Running Rogue takes the advanced training methods of the best professional athletes and apply those same principles to the everyday runner.

Even while everyone’s’ running pace is different, the principles could still be applied to help each runner meet their maximum potential.

The podcast, an offshoot of the organization, is an educational and informative source about all topics connected to running. The podcast covers topics about mental training, marathon pace setting, race planning, and reports on doping scandals. Rogue Running is the weekly dose of technical running insights.

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16. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is an informal podcast chatting about and with runners around the United States. Lindsey, the host, is a running coach for individuals working to improve their 5K running skills to those who are working on their ultra-distances. Lindsey herself started running as a way to stay in shape during college, and since has run 14 marathons and a triathlon – a half ironman in fact.

In the podcast, Lindsey talks with motivating and inspiring guests about – well, running! Listeners appreciate Lindsey she is a motivational speaker, engaging conversationalist with guests, and she chats about her training philosophies, racing tactics, and healthy lifestyle tips.

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