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The 7 Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers

The 7 Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers

As you begin your journey into the marketplace, you’ll come across a huge variety of fiberglass travel trailers each with their own set of advantages and unique features. In our experience, It can be a bit overwhelming the best option – that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best fiberglass travel trailers on the market.

Each one has been selected for comfort, style, practicality and convenience and hopefully it helps you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and travel goals. So, let’s begin the rundown of the 7 best fiberglass travel trailers available right now.

The 7 best fiberglass travel trailers:

1. Scamp Trailers

When we think of fiberglass trailers, one of the first names that comes to mind is Scamp. They’re market leaders in creating practical compact trailers. The Scamp Trailers range from 13’ right up to 19’ with a choice between standard and deluxe, the latter including a choice of fabric colors and hardwood finishing.

Each size comes with a queen size bed, a complete bathroom, refrigerator and a two-ring propane stove making them ideal for life on the road. Each size of Scamp Trailer has a variety of layouts to choose from with its own unique storage solutions – you’ll be surprised at just how much you fit in!

Scamp are excellent at designing lightweight, well-insulated trailers that are practically hauled by standard SUVs and they’re perfect for getting out and about with ease. They’re also fairly economical and affordable.

2. Airstream Nest

The Nest from Airstream is among the most stylish fiberglass travel trailers we’ve seen. Airstream has taken the classic travel trailer design of the 60’s and 70’s and given it a serious reboot for extra durability with a sleek finish.

It’s not just the exterior that looks great – inside you’ll find a super comfortable space that’s well-designed and utilizes a small amount of space perfectly to create a smart living space. Each Airstream Nest contains a bed that comfortably sleeps two, a full kitchen and wet bathroom.

The Nest has a few added luxuries such as LED lighting controlled by its own smart app, blackout curtains for a good night’s rest and plenty of USB and 110V charging ports for all of your devices making an ideal choice of travel trailer for digital nomads or anyone who moves around with their work.

3. Oliver Travel Trailers

One of the main advantages of choosing fiberglass over wood or aluminum when buying a travel trailer is longevity and that’s exactly what you’re getting with Oliver Travel Trailers. The key behind their success is the strength and durability of the products that they produce.

Each of their trailers is manufactured with a double-hulled fiberglass shell that’s guaranteed to hold its own against the elements in all seasons and stand the test of time making it a wise investment.

The Legacy model from Oliver combines quality and luxury like no other trailer. The interior is practical and stylish with well-utilized spaces and storage options as well as comfortable areas to relax.

There’s also a side-awning that creates an opportunity for easy outdoor dining. Overall, Oliver Travel Trailers are a superb choice and come with a long list of cool features as part of the standard package.

4. Casita Travel Trailers

If you’re in the market for a fiberglass travel trailer to suit your family, look no further than Casita. Their designs tend to be family and pet oriented and a lot of thought has gone into finding sleeping and storage solutions for families and larger groups with a smaller space and they do it well!

Within the Casita range of fiberglass travel trailers, you’ll be able to find a wide range of floor plans with different layouts and amenities to suit your needs. They include front side bunk beds as standard so you won’t need to worry about moving furniture around to accommodate the kids or friends leaving you free to get out and explore.

You’ll also find a range of additional features that can be added on to your package to create your own bespoke family friendly fiberglass trailer that can go anywhere at any time of year.

5. Armadillo Trailers

Armadillo are a Canadian company that specializes in combining the iconic look of the travel trailer with hi-tec solutions and, as their name suggests, their trailers are made to be strong and stand up against all weathers.

The company has two models, the Armadillo which measures 13’ and the Backpack which is 6” longer. Their lengths and weights mean that both models are easily towed by a mid-size SUV and can be practically parked up and stored away when not in use. Whilst neither are incredibly large, they really do manage to pack a lot in without compromising on comfort or style.

The interior has a well-sized dinette that will comfortably seat a small family and there’s a great list of additional features and mod cons to sink your teeth into including a furnace, a/c, stereo, TV and even a wireless device charger.

6. NuCamp Sol

The NuCamp Sol fiberglass travel trailers have to be one of the best-looking trailers on the market. It’s super sleek tilt-forward design ingeniously utilizes the space above the trailer’s A-frame adding extra capacity without adding to the length or massively impacting the trailer’s weight. So, not only is it practical but it also provides a modern and elegant twist on the classic trailer design.

The trailer is manufactured with a fiberglass polypropylene composite on a welded aluminum frame that defends against rust, dust and water making it a highly durable choice for all weathers. There’s also a 7’ awning for those hotter summer days when you want to enjoy life outdoors.

The interior is luxurious with excellent sleeping options, a comfortable dinette and plenty of features, standard and additional to keep you and the kids happy and entertained during your road trip.

7. Bigfoot RV

Our final recommendation for quality fiberglass travel trailers is Bigfoot RV whose trailers really provide you everything that you need to feel fully at home on the road including high quality mattresses and even porcelain toilets.

If you choose to go with a Bigfoot trailer, you’ll be treated to high density insulation and thermal window panes that are highly economical when it comes to keeping heat inside on colder days and nights.

What makes Bigfoot RV trailers great is how customizable they are. On top of all the excellent features included in the standard package you can add an LCD TV, exterior showers, BBQ hookups and solar panels as a renewable energy source.

Pros of Buying A Fiberglass Travel Trailer

In recent years, the popularity of fiberglass travel trailers is on the rise and it’s easy to see why – they’re lightweight, durable, highly practical and super stylish. Most modern fiberglass travel trailers, or “egg trailers” as they are often referred to, are styled on the classic travel trailers of the 1960’s and 1970’s so they are compact and curvy with a timeless feel.

Lightweight and Compact

Fiberglass travel trailers are ideal for impromptu getaways and planned weekends away and they make hitting the open road easy. They’re compact size means they’re easy to maneuver and, because they weigh so little, they’re easily towed by a standard SUV with minimal fuss.

There’s plenty of reasons for wanting to buy a travel trailer, but with so many types of trailer on the market, you’ll need to shop around and see what works for you. Choosing a fiberglass travel trailer has a number of advantages when compared to their wooden and aluminum counterparts.

Fiberglass is a highly durable composite material composed of glass fibers and epoxy or polyester resin and can be easily molded and shaped into a variety of forms. It weighs very little and is incredibly water resistant making it the ideal material for making boats, surfboards and of course, travel trailers.

Low Maintenance

In terms of upkeep, fiberglass travel trailers are easy to maintain, clean and even repair. Small scale damages can be fixed by hand with a simple fiberglass repair kit by practically anyone. Fiberglass will also retain a modern and stylish look for a longer period of time so you won’t have to worry about your travel trailer aging or depreciating too much with time.

If you’re planning on journeying out into the country in colder, wetter climes, fiberglass could be the perfect choice for you thanks to its ability to stand up against the elements. Fiberglass travel trailers are also perfect for warmer weather and summer getaways as they’re sleek, light and airy.

One common conceptual feature of fiberglass travel trailers is their size. Generally, fiberglass trailers tend to measure in on the smaller side in length and therefore tend to have fewer sleeping spaces than larger aluminum or wooden framed trailers.

Perfect for a Couple or Solo Traveler

If you’re planning on vacationing with a larger family or group, you might want to consider looking for something more spacious, like a bunkhouse travel trailer. If you’re traveling alone, as a couple or even with a smaller family or pets, a smaller trailer isn’t necessarily a hindrance. You’ll still find enough comfort, storage and mod-cons for an awesome getaway.


How long do fiberglass campers last?

This is a great question, but a tough one to answer because just as each trailer is different, each owner is different too. If you buy a fiberglass camper with a view of looking after it, storing it sensibly when it’s not in use and maintaining it correctly it’s going to last a lifetime. However, if it’s not looked after properly, your trailer isn’t going to last as long.

Fiberglass is a durable, resistant material and small fixes are easily done at home. Larger damages will need to be dealt with by a professional but providing you maintain everything in the correct manner, you can expect an average lifespan of 25 years.

Do fiberglass campers leak?

One great feature of fiberglass campers is that they’re molded meaning they don’t have too many joins or seams. They’re pretty much one single form molded around a frame meaning that they’re really resistant to the weather. Wherever there’s a join, there’s a potential for a leak and this should be taken into consideration when looking at fiberglass trailers.

Are fiberglass RVs better than aluminum?

On the whole, fiberglass is a much better material for campers. It’s lighter, more durable, easy to fix, easier to clean and maintain and can be molded into more aerodynamic shapes making it more efficient for towing. Inevitably, this means that fiberglass travel trailers aren’t cheap and generally cost more than their aluminum and wood based counterparts.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing your fiberglass travel trailer isn’t an easy process and your final decision is really going to come down to your personal circumstances. These will include your family size, the type of travel you want to do and types of destinations you want to visit in your trailer.

Then there’s all of the features and extras that you might want to put on top of your package. If you’re the kind of person who can live very simply and wants to get out and be among nature, you won’t need so many mod cons, whereas if you enjoy your home comforts you’ll definitely want to choose a trailer that includes a lot of features as standard with additional extras to pick and choose from.

Our choice for the best fiberglass travel trailer goes to the Oliver Legacy, simply because it ticks all of the boxes for considerations when buying. It’s lightweight, strong and is going to last a lifetime. On top of this, you can customize the trailer to your desired specifications and really make the most of your time on the road.


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