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The 10 Best Pop-Up Campers Under 2,000 Pounds

The 10 Best Pop-Up Campers Under 2,000 Pounds

Lightweight (under 2000 pounds) pop-up campers are excellent options for camping comfortably without having to invest in an expensive RV or a truck to pull a heavy hard-side camper. Many pop-up campers can be towed by small SUVs or even sedans. They are easier to set up than a ground tent and they often have lots of amenities, such as comfy sleeping spaces, a dinette and kitchenette, and storage space.

Some even have bathrooms! 

Pop-up campers also affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle less than a large hard-side camper or trailer would, and they are easier to drive with since you can often still use your rear-view mirror to see over the camper.

Here’s our top 10 best pop-up campers under 2,000 pounds:

1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket

Weight: 1,800 pounds

The Cricket can sleep two adults and two children, and it has a hybrid design that is part hard-side camper, part van-style pop-top. The unique design comes with a two-burner stove, a sink, a cooler, a portable toilet, a full-size bed, drawer storage space, a cafe table, and optional kids’ berths.

It even has an air conditioner so you can stay comfortable all summer long, and a rear hatch for views and ventilation. The Cricket has a 15-gallon fresh water tank and 16-gallon gray water tank, a water heater system, and a city water inlet.

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2. Black Series Sergeant

Weight: 1,777 pounds

If you are a serious overlander or off-roader, this might be the perfect lightweight pop-up camper for you. The trailer itself is tiny, but it folds out into a mansion of a tent! It’s even got a massive covered porch area where you can hang out in the shade.

The trailer has beefy off-road suspension, a polyblock hitch that can handle even the most rugged trails, all-terrain tires, and even solar panels to keep you powered up in the backcountry.

When unfolded, the tent has a sleeping space on top of the trailer, a kitchen area, an annex space, and a living room. For additional fees, you can add a second annex and even a third kids’ annex.

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3. Forest River Flagstaff 206LTD

Weight: 1,608 pounds

This is a more traditional pop-up camper design, with two fold-out bed areas and a central zone that contains a kitchenette and a dinette. It also has a 9-foot awning outside for a shady place to sit. There are no bathroom facilities, so this type of pop-up camper is best suited for use at organized campgrounds or for those with no qualms about going outside.

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4. Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD

Weight: 1,465 pounds

This pop-up camper is quite similar to the previous one, with the same amenities but in a slightly different arrangement. The trailer is also smaller and lighter – it would be a tight squeeze for four people in this one. But, you can carry the cooking range outside for a BBQ!

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5. Aliner Scout Lite

Weight: 1,180 pounds

This unique A-frame pop-up camper can sleep three if you don’t mind getting cozy, with a single bunk and dinette that converts into a 40×76-inch bed. This oddly dimensioned bed might honestly be more comfortable for one person or two kids.

The camper also includes a stand-alone storage area as well as storage under the dinette seats and the kitchen counter, plus a sink. This camper is little more than a tent in terms of space and amenities, but it would be a great weekend rig or for a solo camper.

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6. Aliner Scout

Weight: 1,395 pounds

This pop-up camper is quite similar to the lite version, but with a little more interior space. It has a sofa bed instead of a single bunk, and a slightly larger dinette/bed. This model comes with a 2.7 cubic foot refrigerator as well.

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7. Aliner Ranger 12

Weight: 1,450 pounds

This Aliner pop-up camper has a few more amenities. It still has the sofa bed and larger dinette/bed from the Scout, but it also comes with a sink, a stove, an outdoor shower, and a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator. The Ranger 12 has an amber porch light and a solar port as well.

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8. Aliner LXE

Weight: 1,795 pounds

This pop-up camper was designed to be more of a home on wheels, with an indoor shower and cassette toilet, a sink, stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

It has a sofa bed that pulls out to be 80×76 inches, two storage seats on either side of a table, and a hard-side dormer that makes the shower space large enough to stand in. This unique design has everything you need in an exceptionally small package.

More info:

9. Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Weight: 1,080 pounds

This lightweight pop-up camper is mostly taken up by a 54×74-inch bed, but it also has a tiny counter space, a sink, a furnace, a small fridge, and a bench seat.

The pop-top gives you room to stand at the foot of the bed and get dressed, prepare food, etc. You can hook up a camp stove outside to an external propane source for cooking.

More info:

10. Coachmen Viking 1706XLS


Weight: 1,642 pounds

This pop-up camper has the typical two fold-out beds, as well as a dinette and kitchenette. For an extremely small trailer, this camper has a ton of interior space and feels quite large due to the high ceilings throughout.

However, as with all canvas-sided campers, insulation will be minimal so it’s best suited for warm weather camping. Thick blinds keep the sunlight out and help keep the interior space cool and comfortable. This camper has no bathroom facilities. 

More info:

How To Choose a Lightweight Pop-Up Camper

Choosing the camper that’s best for you depends on a few factors. Start by asking yourself these questions:

What’s Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity?

Check your vehicle owner’s manual to determine how much weight it can safely tow before you invest in a pop-up camper. Remember that the weights shown in this article are empty weights, which means that when you pack up your camper with food, water, propane, gear, and supplies, it will likely weigh a couple hundred pounds more.

Naturally, your vehicle will need to have a tow hitch installed or you will have to factor one into your budget if you have to add one.

Also, keep in mind that just because your vehicle is rated to tow up to 2,000 pounds, that doesn’t mean you should load it up with 1,999 pounds. Your vehicle will be easier to drive and have better braking and acceleration if you stay a bit under the max towing recommendation.

How Many People Will Be Sleeping in the Camper?

Obviously, choose a camper that can sleep your whole crew, unless you plan to bring along tents for extra guests. Some pop-up campers can sleep up to four people, but it might be a cozy fit. However, most pop-up campers have enough cargo room that you can store tents, air mattresses, and bedding for your whole party.

Do You Need a Bathroom?

This is a very divisive question among campers and RVers. I have a fully enclosed Nature’s Head composting toilet in my 22-foot bus conversion, and I can’t imagine not having a bathroom.

But, some people are just fine digging holes in the wilderness. Keep your planned destinations in mind – if you’ll be boondocking in popular areas or where there’s little to no vegetation to use as cover, an indoor toilet will make things much easier.

If you will be heading to organized campgrounds, you can probably forgo a bathroom in your camper. Consider the space:convenience ratio of having a toilet, shower, and water tanks onboard vs. having to go outside in the night to use the bathroom.

Do You Need Off-Road Capability?

If you’re planning to go overlanding or off-roading while towing your pop-up camper behind a Jeep, you’ll need to ensure that the trailer can handle the terrain. There are some trailers that are purpose-built for offroading, but your average pop-up is not designed for such rough use.

Do You Need Heat?

Some pop-up campers come with heaters, but keep in mind that they require a lot of fuel/energy to run. Most pop-up campers have canvas sides, so the insulation power isn’t great. For warm weather camping, you’ll likely be fine with warm PJs and cozy bedding, but if you plan to camp in the winter, a heater might be necessary.


What’s the lightest pop-up camper on the market?

The lightest pop-up camper available today is the Sylvan Sport Go, which weighs just 840 pounds empty.

Do pop-up campers have full bathrooms?

Some have toilets, although they are generally just portapotties that stow away rather than full bathrooms. Some have outdoor shower options, although full bathrooms inside lightweight pop-up campers are rare.

How much weight can a pop-camper bed hold?

For pop-up campers that have fold-out beds, the beds can usually support up to around 1,000 pounds. So, don’t pile the entire family onto one bed and you should be fine.

Closing Thoughts

The campers on this list are all so unique that it’s hard to choose a top pick. For off-roading, the Black Series Sergeant definitely wins first prize. But in terms of amenities and overall comfort, the TAXA Outdoors Cricket might take the cake. The more traditional fold-out options also have their place though, and would be ideal options for use in an organized campground.


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