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Best Ram Promaster Conversion Companies? (10 Vanlifer Favorites)

Best Ram Promaster Conversion Companies? (10 Vanlifer Favorites)

A camper van conversion is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the great outdoors full-time. However, not all vans are up for the challenge, so it’s important that you get a reliable, functional vehicle that can help you make the most of your life on the road.

When it comes to conversion-worthy vans, one model stands out above the rest: the Ram Promaster. Although it’s a recent addition to Ram’s van line up in North America, the Promaster has been a fan-favorite overseas for decades under the Fiat Ducato brand name. In fact, the van is well-known for its livability and comfort as well as its reliability on rugged roads.

That being said, finding a company that can convert your Promaster into a full-fledged adventure mobile isn’t easy, since there are so many great options to choose from. So, to get you started, here are our top 10 picks for Ram Promaster conversion companies for you to check out.

The 10 best Ram Promaster conversion companies: 

1. Sportsmobile

brown ram promaster with fall foliage in background

Image via Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile prides itself on offering up a wide range of different conversion options for future vanlifers, and their Promaster conversion packages are no exception.

With all of Sportsmobile’s standard plans, you get full interior LED lighting as well as a propane heating system. Each van comes with a refrigerator, sink, cooktop, and water pump system for cooking up gourmet meals on the road, in addition to a cozy sleeping area.

One of the coolest parts about converting a van with Sportsmobile is that you can choose from a wide range of different add-on options to fully customize your rig. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and design your completely customized van.

For example, Sportsmobile allows you to add a bath compartment with a sink and toilet, as well as dinette seating, extra cabinetry, a slide-out pantry, and swivel cab seats for added lounging space. 

The price? Conversions with Sportsmobile start around $35,000. The company can also help you purchase a new vehicle at a discount from one of their partner Dodge dealerships.

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2. Vanworks

view of the kitchen in a vanworks van

Image via Vanworks

The Fort Collins-based Vanworks offers a standard conversion package called the “Base Camp” for Ram Promaster Vans.

With the Base Camp, you get a wide range of features including LED lighting, a Goal Zero Yeti 500x power system, insulation, a freshwater and greywater system, and a 36″ aluminum kitchen galley with a bamboo countertop.

You also have the ability to choose from a list of awesome upgrades, including a gas or diesel heating system, an upgraded power system, a refrigerator, and a sofa bench,. For folks who like to travel with a lot of bulky gear, Vanworks can also install a lofted bed that provides plenty of space for bikes and climbing equipment.

The company has a stock of brand new vans, plus a stock of pre-converted Promasters on hand if you’re looking to get your new rig as quickly as possible. They also offer super short lead times of as little as 3 weeks for built-to-order models on your currently-owned van.

With Vanworks, prices vary quite a bit based on your selected conversion options. However, you can expect to pay between $10,000 and $39,000 for a full conversion, plus the sticker price of a new Promaster if you don’t already own one.

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3. Cascade Custom Vans

white converted promaster withe side door open in the woods

Image via Cascade Custom Vans

If you’re looking for a van with a cozy, yet luxurious vibe, then Cascade Custom Vans just might be what you need.

Cascade Custom Vans offers a stock conversion package that includes solar panels, electrical wiring, a domestic fridge, induction cooktop, freshwater plumbing, a cassette toilet, an outdoor shower, and much more. Each van also comes with European-style cabinetry throughout and can be upgraded to include awnings, swivel seats, and a tabletop for casual dining.

However, each of the company’s floor plans can be completely customized to meet your needs and the specific layout of your vehicle. Additionally, they offer a range of pre-converted vans for sale, each of which is one of a kind.

For a Cascade Custom Vans conversion, you can expect to pay between $55,000 and $85,000. Their prices are a bit higher than average, but, the company only uses top of the line materials, premium finishes, and high-end appliances in their builds to give you a home away from home while on the road.

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4. Wayfarer Vans

Ram promaster interior van conversion

Image via Wayfarer Vans

Wayfarer Vans creates a set of plug-and-play conversion kits for Ram Promasters of various shapes and sizes.

Each conversion kit comes with a set of standard features, such as a kitchen galley, bed platform, storage, and shelving units. You can also choose a variety of accessories, including a fridge, added storage, an air vent, or a hideaway table to best suit your needs.

These conversion kits are designed to take your Ram Promaster cargo van and turn it into an adventure van in just a few hours. Lead time on these conversion kits varies, but is normally around 4 to 6 months. Once your kit is ready, the company will install it free of charge in about 3 to 4 hours.

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A Ram Promaster conversion kit from Wayfarer Vans ranges from $5,196 to $11,394 based on the specs of your vehicle. The company can also connect you with a local dealership if you need your own van to get started.

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5. Contravans


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Whether you want a turnkey conversion kit or a fully customized build for your Ram Promaster, Contravans is there to help. 

Each Contravans conversion normally comes with a comfy plush memory foam matters, full wood wall paneling, a pre-rigged electrical system, and plenty of storage options. From there, you can choose from a long list of different accessories, including awnings, refrigerators, solar panels, sunroofs, and adjustable tables. 

If you’re looking for a quick conversion of your current Promaster, Contravans has turnkey kits available starting at $6,998. From there, prices for turnkey conversions increase to about $11,000 if you’d like more lounging space and storage options. These turnkey kits can be completed in as little as 1 week, which makes them perfect for getting on the road as soon as possible.

Alternatively, Contravanas offers custom conversions, which run the gamut when it comes to price as it all depends on the features you choose. To do a custom conversion, you’ll want to reach out for a quote and timeline estimate before putting down a 50% deposit to start your build.

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6. Creative Mobile Interiors

grey promaster in parking lot

Image via Creative Mobile Interiors

Creative Mobile Interiors is a full-service van and vehicle conversion company based out of Grove City, Ohio. They can convert a wide range of different vehicles from coach buses to Ram Promasters in order to suit your unique needs.

The company doesn’t have a stock conversion package, per se, but they have the ability to add electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances to any vehicle.

Past vehicles that they’ve converted have included LED lighting, retractable awnings, ventilation systems, plenty of storage space, galley kitchens, beds, and custom-built cabinetry. They also have the ability to install back seats in vans, which can be a big asset for adventurous families.

All of Creative Mobile Interiors van conversions are fully customized, so your first step is to reach out, discuss your ideas with the company, and get a quote. Most conversions take between 2 to 4 months, but, in the end, you’ll have a one of kind vehicle that’s perfect for your upcoming adventures.

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7. Van Specialities

interior layout of converted ram promaster

Image via Van Specialities

For a fully customized adventure rig, Van Specialties near Portland, Oregon is a sure bet.

This custom-only conversion company can take any vanlife idea for a Ram Promaster and bring it to life. Van Specialities only produces one of a kind rigs, so you won’t find any pre-set packages around here.

Their van customization process starts with a full design discussion. You can choose from a wide range of different van options, including heating, cooling, storage, kitchen appliances, speaker systems, and beds.

Once your designer has an idea of what you’re looking for, they’ll draw up a complete set of blueprints for you to approve before the conversion process gets underway. Van Specialties will transform your vehicle in a few months and have it ready for pick up at their design shop.

Since all of the company’s vans are custom-built, you’ll want to discuss your specific ideas with a designer to get an idea of your conversion cost. To help you out, Van Specialties also has a quote generator that you can check out to get a rough estimate for your potential build.

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8. Titan Vans

view of kitchen in a titanvans promaster

Image via Titan Vans

Titan Vans offers a wide range of conversion options for prospective van lifers. This Boulder, Colorado-based company provides full custom conversion builds, pre-made designs, as well as DIY kits for you to choose what works best for your needs.

The company’s “Titan Classic” build starts at about $35,000 and includes solar paneling, full electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, a sliding platform bed, and plenty of storage space. You can then further customize this base package with a variety of different finishes or you can upgrade to have a full galley, extra cabinetry, and the like.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of their pre-made layouts, some of which are designed for folks that need ski, bike, or surfboard storage built right in. If you’re feeling like you need a project, Titan Vans also offers a set of DIY kits that you can install in your Promaster from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, Titan Vans provides full-customization services if you want to have control over every aspect of your vehicle. Lead time and cost vary quite a bit with a custom van, but the average custom build price is around $75,000, not including the van.

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9. Tommy Camper Vans

grey promaster in parking lot at sunset

Image via Tommy Camper Vans

If you have a Ram Promaster ready to go and you’re looking to build it out into a van lifer’s dream, you’ll want to check out Tommy Camper Vans. They offer 2 basic layouts on their Ram Promaster Conversions, each of which turns your van into a cozy home on the road.

With both layouts, you get full electric wiring, solar panels, pine wood interiors, a freshwater tank and pump, a small kitchenette, overhead storage, and a 5″ memory foam custom mattress. Folks who choose the Bennet Layout get a kitchenette with a stove while the Maddox Layout comes with a spacious shower.

Both options start at $19,500, if you already have a van or about $53,000 for the van and the conversion. Lead time on Tommy Camper Vans conversions is generally between 52 and 60 business days and delivery of the vehicle is included within the United States.

Plus, Tommy Camper Vans is one of the few conversion companies that offers in-house financing, which is ideal if you don’t quite have all the cash on hand necessary to build out your van.

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10. Dave and Matt Vans

inside of a converted van

Image via Dave and Matt Vans

Slick and simple, Dave and Matt Vans is a full-service conversion company that specializes in transforming Ram Promasters.

The company has a base build that they work with for all of their conversions, which includes full insulation, wood paneling, swivel seats, a queen mattress, a custom kitchenette, a freshwater system, and electrical wiring with a solar panel pre-installed. From there, you can choose from a list of add-ons, which include extra seats, more storage, and even a collapsible shower system.

For a van and custom build from Dave and Matt, you can expect to pay between $49,500 and $74,500. However, if you opt for a pre-owned vehicle, you can bring your total cost down to around $35,000 or even lower if you already own a Promaster.

Additionally, if you don’t happen to live near the Dave and Matt workshop, the company is happy to arrange shipping and transport for you to anywhere in the US for an additional charge.

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