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Top 7 Best Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

Top 7 Best Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

Van life is pretty awesome, especially when you have a vehicle as great as a Sprinter. But, tackling an entire van conversion on your own or hiring someone do to a custom conversion for you isn’t always a possibility.

In these situations, van conversion kits are a fantastic choice. With the right kit, you can go from a standard Sprinter to a full-fledged adventure mobile in no-time flat.

However, finding the perfect Sprinter van conversion kit isn’t easy because there are so many great options to choose from. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the 7 best van conversion kits for Sprinters available today, plus a guide to help you figure out which one is the right option for your needs.

Top 7 best Sprinter van conversion kits:

1. Adventure Wagon

person sitting in the back of a converted van

Image via Adventure Wagon

  • Starting Price: $11,500
  • Location: Portland, Oregon

Adventure Wagon’s goal is to help anyone live van life as quickly as possible. With their conversion kit, you can turn your Sprinter into the ultimate home on the road in just a few days.

Their Base Conversion Kit is designed to be fully modular, so you can comfortably live in your van on the weekends and use it for regular day-to-day errands while at home. This kit comes with a complete wiring harness for powering your van cabin, wall and ceiling panels, and molded trim. 

Then, you can choose from a variety of different options and upgrades, including full-sized beds, twin beds, and gear storage systems. Once the conversion kit is ordered, you can either have it sent to your home to install on your own, or you can find an installer near you to complete the conversion for you.

One of the main benefits of an Adventure Wagon conversion kit is its affordability. Although this kit doesn’t include a kitchen or a toilet, it is budget-friendly and relatively easy to install. Plus, it offers a lot of gear storage space, making it ideal for shorter, gear-intensive biking, climbing, or paddling trips where functionality is ket.

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2. Titan Vans

interior look at table in a converted van

Image via Titan Vans

  • Starting Price: $34,995
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado

For people looking to live the full-time van life or get out for a long road trip as soon as possible, Titan Vans’ base package conversion kit is a solid choice. Complete with everything you need for life on the road, this package makes it easy to change your van set-up to suit your needs.

It features a modular design with all “plug and play” components. That means that you can remove or install any of your van’s furniture without the need for fancy tools.

The base package comes with a full electrical system and a 300W solar panel for off-grid living. It also includes a diesel furnace and a rooftop fan to allow for year-round adventures. Additionally, it includes driver and passenger swivel seats, a bed, and an outdoor shower system for maximum livability.

If you’re looking to live in your van full-time, Titan Vans’ upgrade packages are a must. For example, their galley package provides a self-contained kitchenette while their Over Galley Cabinet package is perfect for added gear storage on the road. Other upgrade options include a cassette toilet, a table, and a hot water heater for added comfort during long trips.

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3. Wandervans

interior look of layout of converted van

Image via Wandervans

  • Starting Price: $4,000
  • Location: Boise, Idaho

Budget-friendly to the core, Wandervans’ conversion kits are ideal for aspiring van lifers that want to get on the road as fast as possible. The company offers a few two basic conversion options, each of which are designed to be fully installed in just 8 hours.

With Wandervans, you can choose between a “single tier” and a “double tier” set up. The single tier kit comes with a single full-sized bed that’s propped up on a platform to provide ample gear storage underneath.

Alternatively, if you think you’ll be traveling with your family or a small group, Wandervans’ double tier option includes two platform beds. That way, you can comfortably sleep up to 4 people without sacrificing your gear storage space.

For added functionality in your adventure vehicle, you can also choose from any of Wandervans’ extra features. These include a sink, fridge, space heater, external boat rack, and a shower system, which are perfect for making your van more comfortable during long trips on the road.

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4. Zenvanz

van driving on dirt road at sunset

Image via Zenvanz

  • Starting Price: $18,000
  • Location: Pacific Northwest

Zenvanz’s DIY conversion kits mix functionality and style into one great package. All of the company’s Sprinter van kits include a durable aluminum exoskeleton and shaped bamboo panels to provide your vehicle with a homey feel.

Their standard kit even includes a removable kitchen/galley system, which boasts solid bamboo cabinetry, a durable countertop, and multiple drawers. You can further choose to upgrade the kitchen with LED lighting, a cooktop, a fridge, and a sink.

Additionally, Zenvanz’s kits come with a unique bed system, which provides excellent gear storage space. There are also multiple cabinets and a fold-out gear drying rack to maximize livability. 

In terms of value for the money, Zenvanz’s kits are among the best in the business. While they aren’t the most affordable option, the company’s conversion kits allow you to convert a shell fo a van into a home on wheels with all the basic amenities in just a few days.

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5. Happier Camper

interior of converted van

Image via Happier Camper

  • Starting Price: Call for quote
  • Location: Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking for a good combination of flexibility and livability in your van conversion kit, the Happier Camper Adaptiv (also pictured at top of the article) might be a good choice. This modular system allows you to change the interior set up of your van in just a few minutes.

Happier Camper’s base package comes as a 7 piece kit with a fully customizable floor plan. The floor of the Adaptiv kit has multiple groves, which allow you to easily slide in and lock the various modular components in place.

When you opt for the standard modular system, you get a spacious bunk bed/couch combo or a bed/bench combo to maximize your lounging space. You also get a kitchenette, a nesting tabletop, and a cooler cube with a countertop for prepping some gourmet meals on the road.

All of Happier Camper’s modules come in space-saving cube shapes. So, you can mix and match various gear storage units to get the layout you need for life on the road.

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6. Van Works

interior of van conversion

Image via Van Works

  • Starting Price: Call for quote
  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Van Works’ Sprinter conversion kit is designed to turn your van into an adventure rig in as little as one week. If you don’t have a van yet, they also have a stock of brand new models so they can get you on the road as fast as possible.

With Van Works’ Base Camp conversion kit, you get a full set of wood-paneled interiors that are insulated for year-round use. The entire van is also outfitted with an LED lighting system that’s powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Battery System which can easily be connected to solar panels.

Inside, you get a spacious and removable platform bed with 36″ of clearance for storage underneath. The kit also comes with a kitchenette, a stainless steel sink, a bamboo countertop, and a freshwater/greywater system.

To customize your van even further, you can choose from various upgrades. These include a domestic fridge, an upgraded solar generator, gas heaters, awnings, swivel seats, sofas, and various storage units so you can turn your van into a home.

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7. Trail Kitchens

camper van kitchen set up

Image via Trail Kitchens

  • Starting Price: $2,665
  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

If you already have a decent van set-up but don’t quite have a great place to cook up some scrumptious meals, a modular kitchen conversion kit from Trail Kitchens might be a solid bet.

Unlike most conversion companies, which offer full interior outfitting kits, Trail Kitchens focuses just on the culinary experience. With their conversion kit, you can choose the perfect kitchen unit to fit your Sprinter Van.

The company offers a number of different “core products,” including an indoor/outdoor cooking system, sinks, hot water systems, and fridges.

Since Trail Kitchens’ kits don’t include beds or other storage areas, they’re best for vanlifers that already have a livable adventure rig but want to upgrade their interior layout. This makes them one of the most affordable options for people that want to renovate their van rather than fully overhaul it.

More info at:

How To Choose The Right Van Conversion Kit For You

Choosing the right van conversion kit isn’t easy and it’s critical that you know what to look for as you’re shopping for the right kit for your needs. So, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind while researching your options:

How Many People Will Be Living In Your Van?

The number of people that will live in your van directly impacts the conversion kit that you’ll want. While solo vanlifers can often get by with fewer organizational amenities, like storage units, cabinets, and drawers, when you have two or more people living in one enclosed space, keeping things tidy is essential.

With multiple people in one van, having various seating options and a bed that’s comfortable enough for two is also a must. For couples, conversion kits from companies like Van Works or Zenvanz are ideal because they come fully outfitted with everything you need to go from an empty van shell to a tiny home on wheels.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Storage space is always difficult in a small area, such as a van. Although some vanlifers try to keep their belongings to a minimum, climbers, paddlers, bikers, and others who enjoy gear-intensive pursuits often struggle to fit all their belongings inside their vehicles.

In these situations, having large amounts of storage, particularly under a platform bed, like what you’d find with Adventure Wagon or Wandervans, is ideal. Cabinets, drawers, and other storage units are also helpful.

Do you Have Large Items Like Mountain Bikes Or Surfboards That You Need To Haul?

Although many van conversion kits focus primarily on the inside of your vehicle, for folks who need to haul mountain bikes, surfboards, kayaks, or other large pieces of gear, exterior transport racks are essential.

That being said, many companies don’t offer roof racks or other large gear transportation system as part of their standard conversion kits. If you need these features in your van, you’ll want to talk with potential conversion kit manufacturers about the different optional add-ons that they offer.

Do You Need A Bathroom In Your Van Conversion?

If you plan on living in your van full-time, a bathroom makes a substantial difference. Many kits, such as those from Wandervans and Titan Vans, offer shower and cassette toilets, which can make long-term life on the road much more convenient.

Do You Need Somewhere To Sit And Work?

For many, a van is a place to sleep and relax after daytime adventures in the mountains. However, many full-time vanlifers also work remotely, so having a place where you can sit down and type away on your laptop is a must.

While you could just sit on your bed, it’s not the most productive of workspaces. In these situations, built-in tables, including those from Happier Camper or sofas and swivel seats from companies like Van Works are very helpful.

Do You Want To Have Windows Or A Stealth Set-Up?

Windows are great for providing natural light and a homier feel in your van, though they detract substantially from your ability to camp stealthily in urban areas.

Many conversion kits come with full interior wood paneling, which is ideal for people that want a stealth set-up.

However, for people that want more natural lighting, finding a conversion kit that allows you to keep your van’s windows is helpful. In fact, some companies, like Van Works, also provide window tinting supplies for your cabin windows. That way, you can still get a lot fo natural light while also making it hard for someone passing by to peer inside.

Do You Want To Cook Inside Or Outside Your Van?

When you buy a van conversion kit, you’ll need to decide whether you want an interior galley, or if an outdoor kitchen will suffice. Keep in mind, though that many of the more affordable kit options don’t include an interior kitchen.

Alternatively, if you opt for a van conversion that doesn’t include a kitchen, a modular cooking station, like those from Trail Kitchens can be a good option. Depending on the layout of your van, many of these modular kitchens can be a good compromise between budget and functionality.

Where Are You And Your Van Located?

Although vans are, by definition, mobile, your current location affects the van conversion kits that are available to you. Even though many companies will happily ship their conversion kits to your home, this can sometimes add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your overall conversion expenses.

So, it can be helpful to work with a company that’s relatively close by. That way, you can save money on shipping costs and get help or guidance when it comes to installing your new conversion kit.

Final Thoughts…

With so many different van conversion kits out there today, you’ll certainly find the right option for your needs. If I had to choose one of these van conversion options to outfit my Sprinter, I’d go with Van Works’ kit.

In particular, I like how Van Works’ conversion kits can turn a van shell into a fully livable space in a short period of time. Their kits provide everything you need, from a place to sleep, eat, and relax, making them perfect for full-time living. 


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