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Best Toy Hauler 5th Wheel? (10 Crowd Favorites)

Best Toy Hauler 5th Wheel? (10 Crowd Favorites)

Finding the best toy hauler 5th wheel for your motorized toys can be quite the challenge. You want a camper that is big enough to sleep your entire family and also fit your favorite motorized toys.

The options are nearly endless when it comes to the size of the toy hauler garage, overall length of 5th wheel and just how luxurious you want the design to be. Below we highlight 10 of the best fifth wheels on the market today that also have generous toy hauler garages…

10 best toy hauler 5th wheels:

1. DRV Suites Full House JX450

Base Price: $220,302
Length: 46′
Width: 8′ 5″
Weight: 20,310 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 5-6
Cargo Capacity: 3,626
Garage Size: 10’
Garage Sleep Quarters: Electric queen bed, split bench seat/bed option

One of the main selling points for the DRV Suites Full House is that it is built on a custom-engineered 15” triple box tube frame. DRV Suites says it is the largest, most rigid fifth wheel frame in the industry. They also feature pin-less jacks. The Full House is the longest of the fifth wheels on this list.

With this particular model, you pay for the technology. These fifth wheels offer a 270-degree observation security system, and a Voice Assistant that will control features like security cameras, temperature settings, audio-visual controls, and the RV-C interface.

2. Jayco Seismic

Base Price: $110,768
Length: 45′ 7″
Width: 8′ 6″
Weight: 20,695 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 8-9
Cargo Capacity: 4,700 lbs.
Garage Size: 12’ 6”
Garage Sleep Quarters: Queen bed with rear convertible sofas,

The Jayco Seismic offers many key features at a lower cost. This spacious trailer offers a lot of living space with additional features like a fireplace and optional part deck on the ramp. The Easy Lift ramp door has a 2,500 lb. capacity and 93-3/8 in. wide opening with anti-slip, non-skid flooring for easy loading.

The Jayco Seismic has the largest cargo capacity of the other models in this article with the ability to haul an additional 4,700 lbs. This 4-season fifth wheel offers year-round camping options. Models are made to withstand temperatures as high as 100 degrees or as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Their Magnum Truss™ Roof can withstand the weight of a heavy snowfall or a person standing on it to clean it off.

3. Heartland Cyclone 4007

Base Price: $162,294
Length: 44′-8″
Weight: 20,000 lbs.
Width: 8′-5″
Sleep Capacity: 7-8
Cargo Capacity: 3,332 lbs.
Garage Size: 13’
Garage Sleep Quarters: Power Queen beds with convertible sofa, half bath, loft

The Cyclone 4007 claims many of its features are new and exclusive compared to other industry models. It comes with a patent pending Stor-Mor three-sided access to basement with 30% more capacity, an industry first Grill and Go 25” Residential Pull out 3 burner, a self-locking compression latch for the garage door, and the industry’s largest freshwater tank with a capacity of 150 gallons.

The king bed is on a bed tilt system allowing you to raise the head of the bed for comfortable lounging. There is also a workspace built into the master suite, perfect for the nomadic worker.The weather resistant ramp door can handle up to 3,000 lbs and is 8’wide. The living quarters in the garage half a half bath, power queen beds and built-in overhead cabinets with entertainment center,

4. KZ Venom 3911TK

Base Price: $173,000
Length: 42′ 9″
Weight: 13,470 LBS
Width: 101″
Sleep Capacity: 10
Cargo Capacity: 4,460 lbs.
Garage Size: 15’
Garage Sleep Quarters: single loft bed, optional double power bed

The KZ Venom is said to be one of the lightest wide-body luxury 5th wheel campers in the industry that is also a toy hauler. It’s the lightest model on this top 10 list. This fifth wheeler has an all-weather insulation package making it an all-season camper. The garage has a few nice features including an HD Flat Panel garage TV and a Zero Gravity ramp door with an easy-lift assist.

Buyers should seriously consider the optional Boondocker Solar System. This package comes with eight 220W solar panels. They produce enough energy to run the A/C for 10 hours meaning you can keep the A/C on all night. The generator can recharge depleted batteries in 8 hours.

5. Dutchmen Voltage 3635

Base Price: $158,772.00
Length: 39′ 4″
Weight: 13,579 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 5-7
Cargo Capacity: 3,221 lbs.
Garage Size: 13’
Garage Sleep Quarters: twin loft bed, power bunk with two sofas/beds

The nice thing about the Dutchmen Voltage is that there are more than 300 Dutchmen dealers meaning it’s easy to find parts and service no matter where you travel. If you would like to extend your camping seasons, consider the All-Weather Thermal Package which includes fully insulated side walls, double insulated floors and roof, and 12V heated tank pads.

This model also comes with advanced technology, the Solo One Control which allows you control many of the RV’s important functions through an app on your phone. You can control systems such as the awnings, slide-outs, and lighting as well as monitor battery voltage and tank levels. The garage has a large rear ramp door, insulated garage floor and washer/dryer prep set up.

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6. Keystone Fuzion 373

Base Price: $149,319
Length: 39’
Weight: 14,302 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: 2,698 lbs.
Garage Size: 11’
Garage Sleep Quarters: Loft bunk with mat, dual sofa’s with top queen

The Keystone Fuzion is all about the toys. The garage is 11’ but you can extend the garage length by using some of the outside storage area. It also has 38 frame-welded toe-downs to fully secure the widest range of vehicles. It’s also a space to hang out. Some models come with a half bath while all have a sliding rear patio door.

Using your garage for extra sleeping space? There is an HD TV w/ pull-down bracket in addition to double electric beds with dual sofas. Buyers have the option to add a patent pending convertible garage bar. When not hanging out in the garage, campers will enjoy the spacious interior that features swing out stools for the main table, and a kitchen island for easy food prep.

7. Heartland Road Warrior 351

Base Price: $145,431
Length: 40′ 10″
Width: 8′-5″
Weight: 13,450 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 7-8
Cargo Capacity: 3,094 lbs.
Garage Size: 11’
Garage Sleep Quarters: Optional electric queen bed/split sofa, overhead loft area

The Heartland Road Warrior offers the Level Up Hydraulic System, which automatically levels your RV with the push of a button. The MORryde pin box is made with a rubber spring to provide flexibility and absorb the transfer of energy from your RV to your truck. The Road Warrior also comes with a 100-Watt solar panel with inverter prep.

The interior of the Road Warrior is all about building a sense of comfort. With a built-in fireplace, large entertainment centre and a large spa shower, perfect for washing off the dirt and grime of the day’s ride. The garage has a Zero Gravity door for easy raising and lowering, frame welded tie downs, and a 3-season removable garage wall for indoor/outdoor living.

8. Forest River XLR Nitro 35DK5

Base Price: $124,802
Length: 44′ 8″
Width: 102″
Weight: 13,639 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: 6-8
Cargo Capacity: 3,441 lb.
Garage Size: 15’
Garage Sleep Quarters: single loft space, split sofas convertible into queen bed

The Forest River XLR Nitro is tied with the Venom for the largest garage at a roomy 15 feet. But the Nitro is also lightweight considering the size of the garage. This could be helpful in savings a few bucks on fuel. Touted as an affordable toy hauler fifth wheel, these toy haulers are 102” exterior width and 5,000 lb cargo tie-downs for higher carrying capacity.

One unique feature is the Star-gazer front windshield which gives people in the main bedroom expanded views. Buyers have the option to add a party deck for outdoor living space.

9. Grand Design Momentum 410 TH

Base Price: $175,830
Length: 20,000 lbs.
Width: 101”
Weight: 44′ 11″
Sleep Capacity: 6
Cargo Capacity: 3600 lbs.
Garage Size: 13’ 6”
Garage Sleep Quarters: single loft bed, optional rollover sofas with top bed

The Grand Design Momentum prides itself on the 101” wide body chassis, 5” wider than many other fifth wheels. This provides extra living space in the trailer. The interior of this trailer includes a full walk-in closet, ample basement storage, and a garage camera to keep an eye on your toys.

This trailer also offers a touch screen control pad or a downloadable phone app to manage systems such as leveling, awnings, slideouts, generators, HVAC, lights, and montior tank levels. The garage features a 3-season garage wall, electric bunk system with folding sofas and a quick set up ramp door patio system with a power awning.

10. LUXE Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler 44FB

Base Price: $203,040
Length: 45’ 6”
Weight: 24,000 lbs.
Sleep Capacity: Up to 5
Garage Size: 13’ 8”
Garage Sleep Quarters: Loft, electric bunks

The LUXE Luxury Fifth Wheel offers the unique FlexSpace Garage. This customizable 13’ 8” space can serve as second bedroom with a full or half bath, laundry room, or multi-functional with plenty of storage ability.

This fifth wheel is built for full time living and is an all-season model. There is the option to purchase solar packages or a second 100-gallon freshwater tank, perfect for boondocking. The 5000 lb ramp door serves as an outdoor living space and buyers can add a large side patio to their model if they like.


What is the best quality 5th wheel toy hauler?

In terms of features and comfort, the Jayco seems to offer the best bang for your buck. One of the lower priced models listed, the Jayco does not skimp on space, functionality, or comfort features. It also has the highest cargo capacity of all the other models at 4700 lbs. Most model’s capacity if between 2600-2600 lbs.

Is there a 4-season toy hauler fifth wheel?

Four of these toy hauler fifth wheels are all season; Jayco Seismic, LUXE, KZ Venom, and the Dutchman Voltage

Jayco is the only one that claims to withstand extreme temperatures anywhere in the range of 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Models like the LUXE offer a few more luxury features such as a tub and a king-sized bed.

Who makes the biggest 5th wheel toy hauler?

The Jayco Seismic wins this one as well. With a 12-foot garage and the ability to sleep up to 9 people, this toy hauler fifth wheel offers the most room for a group and all their toys.

Closing Thoughts

Personally, I’m drawn to the Jayco, which offers the most value of any of the models listed. It’s the lowest cost trailer but leads the other models in a lot of categories. It has the highest cargo capacity of all the other models (by almost 1000 lbs.) meaning it can accommodate heavier toys. It’s one of the few that are all-season and the only one that states it can handle extreme temperatures from 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snowmobiling is a blast, and having an all-weather trailer to relax in after a day in the snow sounds like the ultimate winter weekend. The interior is not quite as luxurious as some of the other models with details such as a queen bed instead of king, and a shower instead of a tub. But overall, the Jayco Seismic has just as many features as the others with a lower price tag.

If I couldn’t get a Jayco Seismic, I would look at the LUXE Luxury Fifth Wheel. Also, an all-weather model, this fifth wheel offers more luxury and additional living features. This trailer also allows a lot of outdoor living options with the ramp door serving as patio or adding a large side patio to it.

The garage seems to be built more for living space versus toy storage, great for a family or full time RV living, but not so great of you have a lot of toys.

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