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Luxury 5th Wheel Campers (10 Best Brands)

Luxury 5th Wheel Campers (10 Best Brands)

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury 5th-wheel camper, you might be surprised how many are reasonably priced. Sure, some of them are absolutely insane but they often look and feel the part. The good news is, the variety is pretty large and if you have a reasonable budget, you’ll find one that measures up.

Whether you have a ½-ton, ¾-ton, or 1-ton truck, there are luxury 5th-wheel options on the market. Just remember that payload capacity is more important with a 5th-wheel setup, with your towing capacity a very close second.

A luxury 5th wheel won’t do you any good if loading some light gear is enough to overwhelm your truck’s payload or towing capacity. With that being said, here is our top ten list of the best luxury 5th-wheel campers on the market.

Top 10 luxury 5th wheel camper brands:

1. Crossroads Redwood RV

The Redwood RW4150RD is an expansive goliath of luxury 5th-wheel travel trailers. There are three slides on this mode, one for the master and one each for the dual-opposing, tri-fold sofas in the entertainment area.

The inside is spacious and impressive with a wicker-weave aesthetic to the fabrics which matches the offset light gray and dark gray, hardwood flooring. The galley area looks both massive and high-tech, with enough stainless steel notes and black glass to contribute to a 2023 sense of modernity and tech.

The living room is all about dark leather, with the sofas nearly matching the pull blinds An HDTV, and a fireplace with over-the-top cabinets round out the slick interior. The master bedroom is huge and sits adjacent to a loaded wet bath.

2. Luxe 5th Wheels

When you step inside a Luxe Elite 39FB, the premium aesthetic is jaw-dropping. There are various color options in the different floorplans. Cream-colored cabinetry and light gray hardwood floors interconnect with rich, dark leather furnishings.

The ambient lighting is suitably calming, adding an additional degree of comfort to the luxurious style. The kitchen island is always a nice touch and the slides fill in the kitchen/entertainment combo nicely. The dinette sits adjacent to the theater seats, across from a fireplace topped with an HDTV.

The King Bed in the master bedroom can be closed off for privacy if necessary and it also features a loaded, wet bath with a shower/tub, toilet, marble counter sink, and a washer and dryer combo. The storage space is immense as well.

3. KZ RV Venom

The KZ RV Venom series comes with four floorplans, of which we’ll concentrate on the 3911TK. The Venom series consists of luxury RVs that double as toy haulers, so no worries about double towing if you lack the experience.

The interior is phenomenal with solid countertops, theater seating, fog-glass, interior doors, and a full-blown entertainment center that houses an HDTV, fireplace, and glass cabinets. The kitchen is small but robust, featuring all the amenities you expect from a luxury 5th wheel.

Steps lead up to the master bedroom complete with a king-size bed and a spacious wet bath. The opposite end contains an 11’ room with enough space for a large ATV. Once the ATV pulls out, a 60”x84” power bed lowers in place. Above that is an additional loft bed.

4. Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude series features 15 unique 5th wheel floor plans in two classes—standard and S-Class. Some of the floor plans are drastically different while others are fairly similar. The above specs are from the Solitude 376RD.

Grand Design Solitudes are all about ambiance, from the hover-LEDs under the kitchen counters to the bright, airy lighting throughout. The slides feature a queen bed, a free-standing dinette with large, opposing windows, the major kitchen appliances, and two, opposing tri-fold sofas.

Solitude is definitely the keyword here. The dinette is almost its own room and the entertainment center is essentially a room unto itself, surrounded on three sides by the above-mentioned tri-sofas and the theater seating across from the HDTV.

5. New Horizons Majestic

The New Horizons Majestic series includes a mind-numbing 31 floorplans. Whether you’re looking for a luxury toy hauler or a straight-up luxury 5th wheel, you’ll find it here. The above specs are based on New Horizon’s largest, 48-foot monster, the Majestic M48TY4S.

One of the most eye-catching features is the extremely long couch, encapsulated in panoramic windows. This particular Majestic is also a toy hauler, with a drop-down loft bed over the garage area. The slides include a residential fridge and kitchen counter space, along with a king bed.

The bathroom is large enough for some extra counters and dual sinks across from a large, standing shower and toilet. This 5th wheel also includes a second bathroom with a sink and toilet.

6. Jayco North Point

If there’s one thing Jayco is known for its premium materials. Everything that goes into the Jayco North Point is top of the line, from the walk-in shower with the L-counter bathroom to the tri-fold, opposing sofas and theater seating on the opposite end.

The steps lead into a fully self-contained entertainment room with the aforementioned opposing tri-fold sofas, theater seating, and 50” HDTV. The 382FLRB floorplan includes two wet baths along with a shoe garage and a residential refrigerator.

The exterior features two, separate awnings—12’ and 19’, along with a fully loaded, exterior kitchen. The smaller awning features a Tailgate TV setup in case you want to take the movie outside.

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7. Arctic Fox Grande Ronde

The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde series includes four floorplans with three, additional new releases. The specs are based on the 35-5Z model, which is a spectacular 5th wheel, luxury design. The Grande Rondes feature a rounded, interior aesthetic which is immediately noticeable with the kitchen island.

The master bedroom features a spacious design with a large bookshelf that follows the same, rounded or curved formula. The wet bath is fit for royalty with dark wood flooring, a large, standing shower, a sink, and a toilet.

The dinette is free-standing, adjacent to two, swivel recliners across from a fireplace and HDTV entertainment center. The tri-fold sofa fills out the entertainment aspect and it’s all encapsulated in a deep forest, rich wood vibe.

8. Forest River Cardinal Luxury

The Forest River Cardinal Luxury 390FBX is luxury refined with one of the largest master bathrooms on the list. A large, sliding door separates the master from a spacious wet bath, with plenty of cabinetry and a panoramic-style window.

The entertainment and living area are spacious and well-lit with strategically placed windows to let in the most light The kitchen features a large, U-counter with a four-burner stove and more cabinets and drawers than you will find in many, modern homes.

The 390FBX also features a second bathroom which also houses a stackable washer and dryer.

9. Heartland Bighorn

The Heartland Bighorn series features four floorplans, with 3883MD the largest and most luxurious of the bunch. It’s a unique aesthetic, with bright, reflective cabinetry interlocked with navy blue appliances, stainless steel, and white countertops.

The Bighorn has what’s called a spa bath, with a large sink and toilet. The above loft is a drop-down sofa inside an office space complete with a wardrobe and desk. The dining area and entertainment areas are combined to make up almost half of the back end of the trailer.

All the galley amenities you expect to find are here, with plush, leather couches and a full entertainment center in the living area.

10. DRV Mobile Suites

If you like white and light cream aesthetics, you’ll appreciate the aesthetic DRV Mobile Suites is going for. Cabinet space and the sheer number of cabinets in the 41RKDB model are easily the most on this list.

Two bathrooms and a king bed make up one end of the trailer, with a dual-sink setup, a large bath, a toilet, and a walk-in closet featured in the master. In the smaller bathroom, you’ll find a stackable washer and dryer setup.

The interior is lit with LED lights hidden by slim, crown molding. The living room is spacious, featuring a three-sided sofa arrangement around a central HDTV and fireplace.


How much does a luxury fifth-wheel cost?

That depends on what you’re going for. You can find some for as low as $100k and some that approach $500k. Of course, when you get into the Hollywood and Silicon Valley stuff, you’re talking about a whole different category.

How much does a luxury fifth-wheel weigh?

In general, a luxury fifth wheel comes with a GVWR of anywhere between 15,000 lbs and 30,000 lbs. GVWR is the maximum weight that the trailer can weigh once all of the tanks are filled, all of your gear is onboard, and all of the passengers are sitting in it.

Can you live full-time in a fifth-wheel camper?

You can and it happens all the time. Most people that live in a fifth-wheel year-round rent a specific lot in a summer place and one in a winter place.

What is the most luxurious of all the fifth wheels on the market?

The Vanleigh Beacon 42RDB comes to mind but if you really want to get ridiculous about it, any fifth wheel from The Anderon Mobile Estates will fit that definition. These are multi-million dollar campers and are basically Hollywood homes with wheels on them.

My Closing Thoughts

There you have it, the ten best luxury fifth wheels on the market today. The best of the bunch is probably the Redwood fifth wheel. It’s difficult to match their rich aesthetics, massive fifth-wheel travel trailers, and superior levels of durability and craftsmanship.

They’re so particular about every little item that goes into their luxury fifth-wheel campers that there’s hardly anything you can’t count on.

There are many top rated 5th wheel campers available on the market today, each with their own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used 5th wheel camper, there are many reputable brands to choose from.

From the most expensive fifth wheel to more affordable options, you’re sure to find a 5 wheeler camper that meets your needs and budget.

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, consider investing in a luxury 5th wheel camper to make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable. See you on the road!

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