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Can you put a Shower in a Sprinter Van? (pros/cons/examples)

Can you put a Shower in a Sprinter Van? (pros/cons/examples)

If you’re converting a Sprinter Van into your vanlife home, you’ve undoubtedly experienced questions concerning showering on the road. If you are someone who likes the convenience of a home bathroom, you might want to know if you can put a shower inside a Sprinter Van.

Can you put a shower in a Sprinter van?

Yes, you can put a shower inside a Sprinter van. There is plenty of room inside a Sprinter van for a fully enclosed and stand-up shower. You will simply need to budget the appropriate space during your camper van conversion planning process.

There are a couple of shower style options you can select so that the bathroom matches your style and budget needs. However, installing a bathroom in your Sprinter Van comes with some downsides as well.

To help decide if a shower is right for your Sprinter Van, keep reading. This article fully explains the benefits, drawbacks, and style designs of putting a shower in your Sprinter Van.

Pros and Cons of a Sprinter Van Shower

Adding a shower to your Sprinter Van is one way to make your van homier and more convenient. Many individuals who like camping off the grid put a shower in their van to ensure they have access to a shower and toilet, no matter where they are.

Women especially like adding a toilet and shower to their van. It makes going to the bathroom a lot easier, which is something that men don’t have to worry about as much. Regardless, there are ways that you can put a shower in your Sprinter Van.


The benefits of putting a shower in your Sprinter Van are pretty obvious.

  • Improved Hygiene – You will be able to bathe and keep yourself clean, no matter where you are.
  • Convenience – You do not have to rely on public bathrooms or campsite bathrooms in order to stay clean and comfortable.
  • Comforts of Home – Adding a shower to your van can also make it feel more like home. It truly does go the extra step to ensure all of your most basic needs are cared for when living on the road.


Although the benefits of installing a shower in your Sprinter Van are pretty large, there are some downsides you have to consider.

  • Available Space – For starters, adding a shower and bathroom to your Sprinter Van will take up a lot of space. If you already have a small van, these additions can make you feel like you have no extra room to move. Don’t forget the space for your tankless hot water and fuel.
  • Weight – On top of the space issues, adding a shower to your Sprinter Van can add a lot of unnecessary weight as well. This might not be a big deal if your other items are lightweight, but your van will quickly have too much weight to carry if you use a lot of heavy items and materials.
  • Cost – Price-wise, installing a shower in your van is expensive. Although the toilet system is normally cheap, the shower requires plumbing and special materials that are waterproof. If you are already struggling to keep your van under budget, adding a shower will not make the task any easier.
  • Maintenance – Keep in mind you will have to maintain the shower in the future as well. Not only is this in annoyance to maintain, but it will make your shower cost even more money into the future.

We absolutely love the wet bath shower builds by Freedom Vans. You can easily see though, just how much interior room these take up. In the end, it’s a personal decision on how important this convenience is for YOU.

Wet bath by

Shower vs No Shower In Sprinter Van

Because there are both pros and cons to putting a shower in your Sprinter Van, it’s important to carefully consider if a shower is worth it for you.

If you are on a tight budget and sharing the van with someone else or pets, a shower might not be worth it. The shower will cost quite a bit of money, and it will take up a lot of space in the van. For these reasons, you might want to consider showering elsewhere for vanlife.

In the case that you have a little extra wiggle room financially, adding a shower to your van can certainly be a good idea. Especially if you take the time to plan the shower out accordingly, you can maximize the space in your van while still creating a shower area.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if a shower is worth it. If you have the money and space for a shower, it will be a convenience. However, there are outside options to consider if a shower is simply not feasible for your plan.

Shower Style Examples For Sprinter Vans

There are two main shower styles for Sprinter Vans: hidden showers and bathrooms. Both of these styles will allow you to install a shower in your van, but the benefits are different.

Hidden Shower

A hidden shower largely involves putting a toilet and shower quite literally in the living room of your van. You can use a shelf or curtain to create a divider for a little bit more privacy, but privacy is practically nonexistent. This option is the most affordable and space considerate.


Permanent Shower Stall

The most popular option is an actual bathroom. You can install a closet-like area in your van. The entire inside is made from waterproof materials. This option is the most attractive and provides the most privacy, but it is expensive and heavy.

Most people would recommend the bathroom option. It actually feels like a bathroom, although it is very small. Tall individuals might have trouble sitting down on the toilet because of the small dimensions. Even so, this is the most luxurious shower style for a Sprinter Van.


Closing Thoughts

If you are considering putting a shower in a Sprinter Van, you are in luck. Many other vanlifers install showers into their Sprinter Van for maximum convenience. In fact, there are two general styles you can choose from so that you have a shower that matches your style and budget.

Just because you can install a shower does not mean you should. There are some drawbacks to be aware of before you decide to install one in your Sprinter Van. Weigh the pros and cons against one another so you can decide if a shower is right for your Sprinter Van.

In a worst-case scenario, don’t install a shower. Instead, save your money and space for other purposes, and shower and go to the bathroom at rest stops on your journey.


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