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Can you put a Tent on the Roof of a Tacoma?

Can you put a Tent on the Roof of a Tacoma?

Although the Toyota Tacoma is a truck on the smaller side, it still has all the capabilities of a larger truck when it comes to roof top load capacity. So, can you put a tent on the roof of a Tacoma? Absolutely!

All models of Toyota Tacoma are suitable for roof top tents. By having a properly installed roof rack, you can easily put a roof top tent like the iKamper Skycamp Mini on the roof.

Tacoma, with its wonderful adaptation to terrain and difficult conditions, will allow you to enjoy a fully functional rooftop tent.

Toyota Tacomas a unique Toyota series produced for off-road driving and greater flexibility to suit different lifestyles. Tacoma, one of the first choices for adventure lovers, opens the doors of a different camping experience.

What Types Of Roof Tents Can I Use With My Tacoma?

There are several different rooftop tents that you can install on your Toyota Tacoma, and each of them offers different benefits and drawbacks.

Standard  Soft Shell Tents

The first is the type of tent that needs crossbars and the base needs to be fixed to a surface. These tents are installed with roof racks and require special mounting.

Some companies also send these ready-assembled, but mostly you will need to assemble this yourself. These tents have single or double bed space. They have several windows and an entrance.

They are usually rectangular or square in shape. If you wish, you can also install larger tent types on your Tacoma, because your Tacoma has this capacity.

Additional Support Requirments

All standard rooftop tents will hang outward from the width of the frame surface of your Tacoma. You should support this hanging part from the bottom with the ladder that comes with the tent.

This ladder is very solid and reliable. These types of tents are similar in width to conventional camping tents and can fit up to 4 people.

Large Tents

Tacomas also accommodate larger than standard tents. Bridges and poles are also used in larger tent setups but still make use of the ladder for additional support.

In larger tents, there are additional room compartments and there is an independent room just above the stairs and a hall-shaped room next to them. This tent type is wider than other tent types, appeals to the need for multiple usage areas, and larger families and travelers.

How To Mount A Rooftop Tent To Your Tacoma

The mounting materials you need to assemble your tent on your Tacoma are given to you by the manufacturing company together with the tents.

For roof assembly, tent racks are the first step of assembly. At the same time, if the tent is installed with a pole system, you should install the poles according to the instructions.

  1. First, you must mount the shelves on the modular attachment points and then begin the process of assembling the bed shelves.
  2. If your tent needs ladder support, you should install the ladder to support it from under the tent.

Tacoma is capable of carrying very large tents in terms of weight capacity. For this reason, the extra weights you will put on your vehicle will not cause you any problems.

Popular Rooftop Tent Brands For a Tacoma

Tacoma users prefer different brands of tents for their camping adventures. But in general, some brands stand out a little more. Here are some of these brands:


We like the iKamper Skycamp Mini for use on the Toyota Tacoma. It has a nice compact size that not only functions great but also looks good. iKamper will be on the pricier side but they do have quality to back it up. Expect to pay @ $3,500 for the Skycamp Mini.


CVT is probably one of the most popular tents for Tacoma drivers. These tents come in at an average of $2000-3000 and offer spacious options for two or four people. At the same time, many retailers offer options to rent rather than buy these larger tents.


Another camping favorite for Tacoma drivers is TEPUI. TEPUI, one of the fuller-sized tents, offers its users a comfortable stay with its 2-person and 4-person tents. This tent is very cheap in price compared to other brands and is just as reliable and comfortable.


Roofnest differs from other brands in that it offers its customers many different varieties, and this brand, where you can find tents of all sizes, helps you to get the best tent for your budget with its wide product range and all are compatible with the Tacoma.

Roofnest’s most sought-after tents are the Condor, Falcon, and Sparrow. All three of these are designed to appeal to users with different needs. In addition, the company conducts a small survey to help you select the appropriate tent before purchasing.

Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff offers its users very high-quality tents at very cheap prices. In return for this, there is a lot of demand for this brand. This brand, which produces high-quality tents that give you your money’s worth, offers many tents that are suitable for Tacomas.

They also give a 1-year warranty on all the tents they sell. You can look at the products of this brand in detail on their website and place your order.

Advantages Of Installing a Rooftop Tent On a Tacoma

Tacoma is a vehicle designed for ideal off-road driving and aims to provide you with a comfortable journey even in the toughest conditions.

In addition, the width of the casing allows you to easily install even large tents. Tacoma’s height from the ground gives you the opportunity to experience a different tent adventure, allowing you to stay in as large a tent as you wish.

A tent built on top of your Tacoma is much cleaner and tidier than traditional ground tents. No matter what the weather conditions are, no mud or stones can enter your tent.

Since Tacoma is designed for off-road driving, you will not encounter problems such as swinging, bumping, and falling while driving. Offering a completely different experience to its users, Tacoma is a great choice for tent adventurers.


Is a Tent For My Tacoma Worth it?

It is definitely worth investing in a good quality tent if you spend a lot of time camping. Having a tent is also ideal for safety reasons if you are taking an off-road road trip.

You never know when you may get stuck or be blocked from reaching your destination, and a tent is an ideal solution for last-minute camping.



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