Mountain Climbing

what are the top 20 tallest mountains

What are the Top 20 Tallest Mountains?

The tallest peaks on Earth have long captured the imagination of the world’s most elite climbers. While there are lofty peaks scattered across the globe, the 20 tallest mountains on Earth are all located within the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges of South Central Asia. These peaks have long and storied […]

best high altitude hikes in the us

The 10 Best High Altitude Hikes in the U.S.

High altitude hiking is a rewarding experience. You have a chance to get above the treeline and see extensive valley views. Plus, the good news is that even if you aren’t an expert mountaineer, you can still hike to the top of some amazing high altitude peaks.  The top 10 […]

how to train for high altitude hiking at sea level

How to Train for High Altitude Hiking at Sea Level

Despite our love of the mountains, many of us live in coastal cities. Whether it’s a job, family, or the lifestyle that keeps us entrenched in the hustle and bustle of city life, living in a major city can make it difficult to get out and explore wild places. Although […]

is running good for mountaineering

Is Running Good for Mountaineering?

Mountaineering isn’t necessarily a leisurely stroll – the term encompasses any activity that involves ascending mountains, such as traditional mountain climbing or skiing. Athleticism and strength is required in order to not only possess the ability to complete the task at hand, but also to have a good time. It’s […]

what is the scariest hike in america

What Is The Scariest Hike In America?

If you’re an experienced hiker, chances are you want to be challenged on your next hike, right? The kind of hike where your heart rate accelerates from the exposure and you truly wonder if you’ll be able to complete it. If this truly is the kind of hike you want […]

garmin inreach explorer review

Garmin inReach Explorer+ (An In-Depth Review)

We’ve all heard the saying, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Well, having a satellite communicator on you during a trip certainly prepares you for any situation. You no longer need to sacrifice safety to be out of cell-service. Not only can you send out an SOS in […]

mountain quotes

Mountain Quotes: 50 All-Time Favorites

Here are 50 of my favorite mountain quotes, with a generous helping of John Muir the naturalist’s words mixed throughout for good measure. Not all of these quotes are rosy and sweet, and neither are the mountains… “Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer […]

how much do mountain guides make

How Much Do Mountain Guides Make?

So, maybe you spend a lot of time in the mountains, or you want to spend more. And wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do the thing you love? The easy answer is to ‘become a mountain guide’. Not so easy. The process is slow and expensive. You […]