is tasmania good for campervans

Is Tasmania Good for Campervans?

About 12,000 years ago sea levels rose, cutting off Tasmania from mainland Australia. In doing so, it isolated some of the most spectacular parts of the country to that little island south of the Bass Strait. The “Apple Isle” has a population density of about 20 people per square mile, […]

how much does a tiny house cost

How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?

Building tiny homes has become increasingly popular as a way to own a home without taking on huge amounts of debt or mortgages as you would when purchasing a traditional home. Downsizing your home in this manner allows you to simplify your life and spend more time pursuing your passions. […]

where can i rv in summer

When and Where can I RV in the Summer?

If you are looking for suggestions on when and where to hit the road this coming summer – the answer is simple: Anytime. Anywhere! The US and Canada are wide open to RV travel adventures of all kinds. From two-week trips where you hit a few parks, to three-month excursions […]

what are the smallest class c rvs

What are the Smallest Class C RVs?

RV sizes and prices vary as much as their floor plans and features. But if you’re looking for that small Class C RV to get you and your family around comfortably and efficiently, while still being able to navigate the vast majority of National Parks, this round up of options […]

how do i choose the right rv

How Do I Choose the Right RV?

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to buying a recreational vehicle. So much so that it can become completely overwhelming. You’ve probably asked yourself more than once in frustration… “how do I choose the right RV?” and here’s what we recommend: The best way to start the […]