how do you bear proof a tent

How Do You Bear Proof A Tent?

Bears are one of the major things that scare people about camping in a tent or spending time outside. While bears aren’t as much of a threat as people make them out to be, bear-proofing your tent and your campsite is essential if you want to avoid a negative encounter […]

what should be in a first aid kit for camping

What Should be in a First Aid Kit for Camping?

If you are planing a trip into the great outdoors for some camping, having a first aid kit with you is essential. Not only will a great first aid kit help you with injuries that commonly occur while out camping, but it can keep you prepared for survival situations that […]

Is it dangerous to hike at night

Is it Dangerous to Hike at Night? (13 Safety Tips)

Hiking in the dark may seem like a counter-intuitive idea – isn’t the best part about hiking the spectacular views, after all? Night hiking can actually be one of the most beautiful ways to encounter the landscape: taking in the sounds of the dark and opening your eyes to the […]

camping alone woman

Camping Alone: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Ever wanted to sleep out under the stars, wake up listening to the morning birdsong and feel 360 of nature around you – but have no one to go camping with? Well then, just go it alone! Although we might imagine the more stereotypical scene of friends hanging out by […]

is cotton good for hiking

Is Cotton Good for Hiking?

If you have hiked for long enough, you would have heard the age-old adage that cotton kills. Of course, the cotton itself won’t kill you – it is not poisonous and does not attract bears – but rather that wearing cotton can lead to hypothermia. But are there any exceptions […]

how do you stay cool while hiking

How do You Stay Cool While Hiking? 17 Essential Tips

Some of the most tantalizing hikes are set in dry, sunny regions, and can offer exquisite views of alpine lakes, dramatic canyons and mountain peaks. However, intense heat can build up rapidly on these trails and it is essential to be properly prepared for sunny hikes. Many a fun day […]

Is Hiking in Patagonia Safe?

Patagonia is an exquisite natural paradise. Characterized by the Andes mountain range – it offers impressive, jagged peaks, vibrant rain forests, cascading glacial fjords and thousands of miles of untouched coastline. Its landscape and biodiversity are totally unique, leaving no doubt that it is a haven for hikers and outdoor […]

is the pct dangerous

Is the PCT Dangerous?

Often considered the testpiece long-distance thru-hiking trail, the Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT, for short), is one of the most well-known thru-hikes in the world. Thanks in part to the popularity of the book, Wild, and it’s associated movie, the PCT is seeing more and more hikers each year. If […]

are there grizzly bears on the pacific crest trail

Are There Grizzly Bears on the Pacific Crest Trail?

For the majority of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hikers find themselves firmly in black bear country. In the last 150 years, only one person has been killed by a bear in the PCT states of California, Oregon and Washington in the wild. So, you would be just as likely […]