Trail Running

how do you taper for a trail race

How do you Taper for a Trail Race?

Knowing that a well-constructed taper can improve my running performance by as much as 3%, I set about researching and putting together a plan. The most common taper plan for a trail marathon to an ultra-distance run starts two to three weeks before race day. The idea is to reduce […]

how many lumens do I need for trail running

How Many Lumens do I Need for Trail Running?

Trail running at night or early in the mornings is sometimes necessary to get in a training run. Usually trail runners head out into the darkness due to their busy schedule, it offers cooler temperatures, shorter days, or they signed up for a race that involves running in pitch black. […]

can you run in hiking shoes

Can You Run in Hiking Shoes?

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never considered myself to be a runner. I’ve always been a dedicated hiker and backpacker. I have no idea what got into me the day that I burst into a jog and then took off in a run on a trail. Maybe I had […]

how long should you train for a 50k

How Long Should You Train for a 50k?

Five months ago, I got the running bug. I had always wanted to be a runner, but I couldn’t last more than ten or fifteen minutes before I felt completely depleted, and could barely feel my legs. I had trained in martial arts competitively throughout my teens and was convinced […]

toenail dremel runners toe

Toenail Dremel? (Runner’s Toe Quick Fix)

Runner’s toe is one of the most common injuries that can happen to the avid runner. It can leave you sidelined for up to a couple of weeks depending on how bad the injury is and leaves you staring at your shoes sitting by the door, begging to be put […]

best places to live for trail runners

10 Best Places to Live for Trail Runners

The United States is full of must-see destinations that offer scenic trails and routes for every trail runner. Many locations are meccas for the trail running community with plenty of options of trails nearby. Even some of these amazing places host or are nearby well-known trail running events. There are […]

what is the difference between fell and trail running

What is the Difference Between Fell and Trail Running?

If you thought the term “running” was good enough to cover all forms of the sport – then guess again. We have sprints, marathons, road running, cross country, trail and fell running, the last two of which are similar undertakings. So, just exactly what is the difference between fell and […]

are trail running shoes good for road running

Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Road Running?

Trail running and road running are so fundamentally different that they could be considered entirely different sports. The smooth, hard road could not be further removed from the softer, more rugged trail. But what if you want to engage in both forms of running? First, let’s ask ourselves… Are trail […]