Trail Running

is running good for mountaineering

Is Running Good for Mountaineering?

Mountaineering isn’t necessarily a leisurely stroll – the term encompasses any activity that involves ascending mountains, such as traditional mountain climbing or skiing. Athleticism and strength is required in order to not only possess the ability to complete the task at hand, but also to have a good time. It’s […]

what breed of dog is best for running

What Breed Of Dog Is Best For Running?

Runners always say that it’s best to run with a buddy. Forgoing solo runs is not only more fun, but also motivating to push yourself when you may not have felt so inclined to do so alone. There’s strength in numbers, and the numbers don’t necessarily have to be human. […]

what is power hiking

What Is Power Hiking?

If you are a trail runner training for a mountainous ultra marathon, then you will potentially be doing a lot of hiking during your race. Only the fittest of runners in a 30 to 50 mile plus race are going to be running the uphill portions of the course, especially […]

are compression socks good for running

Are Compression Socks Good for Running?

You may have seen travelers wearing them in the airport, or have heard the benefits they provide during long travel stints. Or you may have seen runners wearing them during or after their race in a variety of bright colors, shapes, lengths, and fabric types. You may have hardly seen […]

what should i wear for a marathon

What Should I Wear for a Marathon?

Chances are, if you’re running a marathon soon, whether it’s your first or your fifth, your preparation checklist runs long. You’ve laid out your pre-race, during, and post-race fuel, you’ve found the right shoes to run in, you have your support squad in tow – and you’ve checked the race […]

how can i get faster at uphill hiking

How Can I Get Faster At Uphill Hiking?

Below, I will detail a few different ways that you can get faster at hiking uphill. I will warn you, getting faster at hiking takes dedication to training. You wont be faster a hiking overnight, however if you get out on plenty of hikes in the meantime, and do other […]

what is a recovery run

What is a Recovery Run? (Benefits and FAQs)

If you’ve ever talked to a non-runner about running, they’ve probably said some things like, “Running is so hard!” “I can’t run for more than one minute without needing to stop.” “I don’t know how you do it.” It’s almost as if they assume that runners nearly sprint every run, […]

How Long Does It Take To Run A 50K

How Long Does It Take To Run A 50K?

If you’ve just signed up for a 50K, or you’ve planned to sign up for one, or even if the thought has wandered across your mind, you might also be considering how long it takes. At just barely under 8 kilometers longer than a marathon, it seems daunting enough to […]

How Often Should You Change Your Running Shoes

How Often Should You Change Your Running Shoes?

While you’re hitting the pavement or running the trails, you count on your shoes to last long and offer support. However, even the most durable pair eventually needs to be replaced. So, how often should you change your running shoes? In general, running shoes should be replaced after 300 to […]