Trail Running

are trail running shoes good for road running

Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Road Running?

Trail running and road running are so fundamentally different that they could be considered entirely different sports. The smooth, hard road could not be further removed from the softer, more rugged trail. But what if you want to engage in both forms of running? First, let’s ask ourselves… Are trail […]

best treadmills for trail runners

Best Treadmills for Trail Runners: 7 Crowd Favorites

As a trail runner, having great workout equipment right in the comfort of your own home is a growing trend that is becoming more and more popular. Staying competitive as an ultra marathoner or trail runner requires logging a lot of miles. There’s no better way to keep your mileage […]

how long is the longest ultramarathon

How Long is the Longest Ultramarathon?

In my previous article listing the most difficult ultramarathons in the world, I branded the participants of said ultramarathons as ‘admirably crazy.’ And on that list was one ultra in particular that I would like to give it’s participants a new name. Admirably crazy doesn’t quite fit the difficulty and […]

are yaktrax good for running

Are Yaktrax Good for Running?

Yaktrax are strap-on metal spikes that are designed to pierce through ice and hard snow which provides you more traction when running. Also known as “ice cleats,” these are affixed to a shoe or a boot with small spikes underneath. These are used to avoid sliding on slippery surfaces when […]

what is the hardest ultramarathon

The 15 Hardest Ultramarathons in the World

Humans love to be challenged. We thrive on the possibility of our own failure– if failure is not a possibility, then the task isn’t worth working toward in our eyes. That’s why as things become easier, we find ways to make the task harder– making puzzles more and more complex, […]

is running good for mountaineering

Is Running Good for Mountaineering?

Mountaineering isn’t necessarily a leisurely stroll – the term encompasses any activity that involves ascending mountains, such as traditional mountain climbing or skiing. Athleticism and strength is required in order to not only possess the ability to complete the task at hand, but also to have a good time. It’s […]

what breed of dog is best for running

What Breed Of Dog Is Best For Running?

Runners always say that it’s best to run with a buddy. Forgoing solo runs is not only more fun, but also motivating to push yourself when you may not have felt so inclined to do so alone. There’s strength in numbers, and the numbers don’t necessarily have to be human. […]

what is power hiking

What Is Power Hiking?

If you are a trail runner training for a mountainous ultra marathon, then you will potentially be doing a lot of hiking during your race. Only the fittest of runners in a 30 to 50 mile plus race are going to be running the uphill portions of the course, especially […]

are compression socks good for running

Are Compression Socks Good for Running?

You may have seen travelers wearing them in the airport, or have heard the benefits they provide during long travel stints. Or you may have seen runners wearing them during or after their race in a variety of bright colors, shapes, lengths, and fabric types. You may have hardly seen […]