most common backpacking mistakes

15 Common Mistakes Made by First Time Backpackers

There is not a person alive that has been into the backcountry and not made one of these mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many times we shoulder that pack and go wild, there is always something we could have done better. There is always something we wished we had and […]

trekking in thailand tips and advice

Trekking in Thailand (Useful Tips and Advice)

Thailand, or “The Land of Smiles,” is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. It’s not difficult to understand why. The hospitable culture, turquoise beaches, lush jungles and $1 street curries will quickly steal the hearts of many. Although vast numbers of tourists experience the nightlife of […]

best ultralight backpacks guide and list

12 Best Ultralight Backpacking Packs of 2020

Every serious hiker, I am sure, can think of that time when they went on a multi-day hiking adventure and just took too much stuff. It happens to the best of us. So, you could be here because you want to buy the best ultralight backpack in the world, or […]

santa cruz trek in 4 days

Santa Cruz Trek in 4 Days – Trip Report and Guide

The Cordillera Blanca, or ‘white mountains’ in English, are one of the most naturally astonishing mountain ranges on Earth, and an absolute masterpiece as far as serious hikers are concerned. This gorgeous 120-mile off-shoot of the Andes mountains in northern Peru is home to Huascaran, the 22,205-foot giant and the […]

ways to lighten your backpacking load

49 Ways to Lighten Your Backpacking Load

Let’s face it: backpacking can hurt. Heavy packs, steep hills, variable weather conditions, and difficult terrain all add to the difficulty of backpacking, but that’s all part of the adventure. When you finally crest the top of that ridge you’ve been walking toward all day and take in the beautiful […]

are trekking poles worth it

Are Trekking Poles Worth It?

If you’ve spent any time walking down a trail in recent years, you’ve probably seen a few people with trekking poles and you’ve likely contemplated getting a pair for yourself. However, you also see plenty of people plodding along without trekking poles, so you also probably question whether or not […]

can you trek in nepal without a guide

Can You Trek in Nepal Without a Guide?

Trekking in Nepal is at the top of many outdoor enthusiasts’ bucket lists. Snow-capped mountains, cozy tea houses, and endless dal bhat are just some of the many things you can look forward to while trekking through the tallest peaks in the world. So, the question that most would-be trekkers […]

what is hut to hut hiking

What is Hut to Hut Hiking?

Hut to hut hiking can be a fun alternative to tent camping. It can provide you with the same adventure but with the convenience and comfort of cabin camping. In this article, you’ll be learning what hut to hut hiking is, a few examples of some hut to hut trails, […]