what are the top 20 tallest mountains

What are the Top 20 Tallest Mountains?

The tallest peaks on Earth have long captured the imagination of the world’s most elite climbers. While there are lofty peaks scattered across the globe, the 20 tallest mountains on Earth are all located within the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges of South Central Asia. These peaks have long and storied […]

first backpacking trip

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before my First Backpacking Trip

I’d always considered myself an outdoorsy person, but if I had properly looked back at my outdoors experiences before going on my first backpacking jaunt… I’d have felt the need to do way more research! Aside from day hikes and organized group overnights, I was pretty green when I finally […]

should i carry one trekking pole or two

Should I Carry One Trekking Pole or Two?

To carry trekking poles or not is an interesting gear decision to have to make. For most situations, they are far from being an item of necessity on the trail. It really does just come down to personal preference combined with a great deal of trial and error. At the […]

what is considered high altitude for hiking

What is Considered High Altitude for Hiking?

Summiting your first peak is a rewarding experience, no matter how high the altitude may be. Still, once you’ve worked your way up to 14ers and beyond, things start to change a little bit. While you should always do your research when hiking on remote trails, adding elevation gain to […]

how long does it take to hike 100 miles

How Long Does it Take to Hike 100 miles?

Thru-hiking is an increasingly popular activity among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and those who feel the call of the wild. 100 miles is often the first major target that multi-day hikers will set for themselves, and there are a good number of well-marked long distance trails all over the world which […]

what is the longest hiking trail in the world

What is the Longest Hiking Trail in the World?

The world we live in today has long been crisscrossed on foot by trails walked on since well before the industrial revolution. Some of these trails even existed before the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Therefore, there are many hiking trails throughout the world that are extremely long, […]

k2 basecamp trek difficulty

K2 Base Camp Trek Report: Difficulty and Lessons Learned

When you tell people you’re about to head off to Pakistan the reaction is almost always the same… “Sorry, did you just say Pakistan!?” “yep” “why are you going there, isn’t that a super dangerous country!?” (accompanied by a mixture of confused, surprised and concerned looks). When I followed this […]

hardest treks in the world

The 10 Hardest Treks in the World

If you have found your way to this list, then congratulations – you must be crazy. We have examined hundreds of treks from around the globe, and then isolated the hardest in terms of terrain, altitude and weather. So, without wasting any time, here they are – the 10 hardest […]

Which Sunscreen is Best for Trekking

Which Sunscreen is Best for Trekking?

When we’re out and about in the mountains, we’re continuously exposed to the elements for days or weeks at a time. While many people prepare for the harshness of the cold, wind, and rain, many avid hikers forget that they also need to protect themselves from the sun when we’re […]