Trip Reports

k2 basecamp trek difficulty

K2 Base Camp Trek Report: Difficulty and Lessons Learned

When you tell people you’re about to head off to Pakistan the reaction is almost always the same… “Sorry, did you just say Pakistan!?” “yep” “why are you going there, isn’t that a super dangerous country!?” (accompanied by a mixture of confused, surprised and concerned looks). When I followed this […]

bikepacking the butte batholith route in montana

Bikepacking The Butte Batholith Route – Southern Montana

Not every bikepacking endeavor need be a multi-week epic, nor does every weekend trip need to be a ho-hum ‘that was… fun’ that doesn’t get out into the boonies. There is compromise to be had! Look no further than the Butte Batholith route in southern Montana! An achievable long-weekend singletrack […]

grand canyon rim to river to rim

Tackling The Grand Canyon Rim-To-River-To-Rim in One Day

The true story of one woman’s first high-endurance self-supported adventure through one of the greatest wonders of America. The first time I ever saw the magnificent Grand Canyon I was already 4 miles down into it. Moments before sunrise, in that twilight between sleep and awake, I found myself at […]

kearsarge fire tire overnight trip

My Kearsarge Fire Tower Winter Overnight Trip

As one of the last remaining fire towers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the beautiful structure resting on the summit of Kearsarge North near North Conway, New Hampshire is certainly a hot spot for visitors and locals alike. What was once a forester’s base for fire detection has […]

santa cruz trek in 4 days

Santa Cruz Trek in 4 Days – Trip Report and Guide

The Cordillera Blanca, or ‘white mountains’ in English, are one of the most naturally astonishing mountain ranges on Earth, and an absolute masterpiece as far as serious hikers are concerned. This gorgeous 120-mile off-shoot of the Andes mountains in northern Peru is home to Huascaran, the 22,205-foot giant and the […]

hike Jebel El Kelaa Chefchaouen Morocco

How To Summit Jebel El-Kelaa in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Have you heard about that Blue City, hidden by the Rif Mountains in the north of Morocco? That place with the seemingly-difficult-to-pronounce name of Chefchaouen (but is actually so much fun to say, and just rolls off the tongue – think a cooking chef, the Shah of Iran and when, […]

My Solo Ascent of Mont Blanc from Les Bettieres

Mont Blanc is one of the most beautiful climbs that any mountaineer can embark on, and one of the deadliest. This past September I had the opportunity to make a solo ascent up what is one of the most heralded mountains in the sport. It was a very challenging ascent, […]