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Cybertruck Camper Cost? (Top 3 Concepts)

Cybertruck Camper Cost? (Top 3 Concepts)

Currently, there are a handful of companies developing camper solutions for the Cybertruck and they look pretty exciting to say the least. A few are available to pre-order, while others are still in their conceptual stages.

So, how much will the Cybertruck Camper Cost?

The Cybertruck campers coming to market will cost from $50,000 to $70,000. The top manufacturers to keep an eye on are: Loki, Cyberlandr and FORM. There are also many concept designs in the works focused on travel trailer and fifth-wheel styles.

Once you’ve bought your Cybertruck for around $70,000, you’re going to want to look at the costs for adding a truck bed camper, or buying a compatible towable camper. We’ll take a deeper look at these concepts and see what exactly you are getting for your money later in the article.

At the very cheapest, you can budget around $70K for your Cybertruck and then an additional $50K ($120K total) for a camper solution. If you’re after all of the camper bells and whistles, you’ll want closer to $150K total budget.

Cybertruck Camper Manufacturers and Pricing

Each of the companies developing camping solutions for the Cybertruck have their own unique take on what will look and work in harmony with the Tesla design and each has its own awesome range of features. It goes without saying that these designs will only improve with time as these are the first in what is sure to become the next level of sustainable camping.

Undoubtedly, it won’t take long for more companies to jump on the bandwagon and start developing even more hyper-futuristic camper ideas for the Cybertruck, but for now let’s rundown what’s currently available.

Loki – Cybertruck Edition Truck Camper

As it stands, we don’t know too much about the Loki Basecamp adventure pod for the Cybertruck, other than it looks incredible and it’s available for pre-order for an initial deposit of $5,000. Unlike the Cybertruck, Loki has opted for a black finish on the exterior and, if the conceptual designs are anything to go by, it looks sleek and could easily have come out of Tesla’s playbook.

Loki Basecamp is a US-Canadian company who produce all-season slide-on adventure pods for flatbed trucks. Their camper shells combine excellent craftsmanship and top of the range accessories to transform pick-ups into unbelievably luxurious all-terrain homes.

The current models in their catalog, the Falcon series and the Icarus series, are compact and stylish with interior climate control, all weather insulation and high quality glazed windows and you can expect the Cybertruck edition to feature the same line of excellence.

From the first glance, the Loki Basecamp Cybertruck pod will provide plenty of room (it’s got a surprising height) that will be able to fit in a great deal of features including a kitchenette, sink, toilet, a couch and any extra gadgets can be powered using the solar electrical system.

Check pricing:

Cyberlandr – Tesla Cybertruck Camper

How much is a Cyberlandr? The price is currently listed at $49,995 and you can reserve one for just $100.

What makes the Cyberlandr unique is its seamless expansion and retraction in and out of the bed of the Cybertruck. You can drive without the restrictive height of the camper compromising aerodynamics and efficiency by adding drag. Weighing in at just 1,200 lbs, it’s also not going to massively impact the weight of the vehicle. 

The Cyberlandr extends out over the tailgate and rises vertically to create a spacious, off-grid living space that would look more at home in the Transformers movie than it would at your local camping ground. As you would expect, the Cyberlandr is full to the brim with high tech features powered by independent 500 watt solar panels.

The living space consists of two rooms, a multi-purpose space complete with kitchen, bed and table and then a private bathroom.

Luxury is at the forefront of each aspect of the Cyberlandr design – it features under-floor heating, motion-sensing security lights, dual-pane windows for insulation, a 32-inch 4K smart TV, as well as high speed internet linked to Tesla’s StarLink RV satellite dish allowing you to work, stream or game from anywhere in the world.

Check pricing:

FORM – Cybertruck Campers

FORM is a company of industrial engineers with a passion for all things outdoors. They’ve managed to combine their design skills with their sense of adventure to create one of the most versatile camping extensions you’re likely to see for the Cybertruck. One of the key benefits of the FORM camper is the space – it provides 195 square feet of indoor and outdoor dry space for cooking, living and relaxing.

The space to weight ratio is quite an achievement, as the FORM camper has a dry weight of 1000 lbs thanks to its carbon fiber shell resulting in a smooth ride with minimal drag in the Cybertruck.

Once the FORM camper has been erected, it can be left standing, free of the Cybertruck allowing you to come and go as you please and remain flexible at all times. The kitchen is compact, yet fully loaded with high end appliances and storage and the camper uses optimal airflow and temperature technology allowing you to control the indoor climate all year round.

The camper utilizes 400W solar panels and a 12V/300Ah deep cycle lithium ion battery so power problems aren’t going to be an issue meaning that you’ll be able work and entertain yourself on rainy days without fear of running out of juice. On the whole, this is one of the most spacious options for Cybertruck campers that packs down compactly with minimal effort and a small net weight.

Check pricing:

Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Concepts for the Cybertruck

Since the moment Tesla announced its plans to release the Cybertruck, designers have been taking to the internet with exciting proposals for specialized compatible 5th Wheel towable RVs. These ideas come in a variety of sizes and shapes and each one is as sensational as the next.

The spec for the Cybertruck suggests that it has the power to tow larger trailers, but at this current moment in time, we’re unsure of the distance it can tow larger weights on a fully charged battery. That being said, future Cybertruck owners would expect compatible towable trailers to incorporate solar panels that would re-supply energy to the truck making it fully sustainable.

The 5th Wheel concepts popping up on social media, blogs, YouTube and various RV enthusiast forums all seem to share the same futuristic exterior styling of the Cybertruck and tend to be modeled on the tiny house movement and designed for full-time, off grid living. Ostensibly, if these designs were to be approved, they could have huge long term financial and ecological benefits.


A larger towable incorporating solar panels and Tesla’s Powerwalls would have the potential to provide clean energy for travel and household appliances year round. On the surface, these designs are awesome and while they embrace notions from the ‘tiny house movement’, they need to embrace more smart storage solutions to be efficient for full-time living and vacationing alike.

One stumbling block that has been exposed in a few of the 5th wheel concepts is that the Cybertruck has a unique, origami-style shape that’s unlike conventional pickup truck beds. Because of this, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself for towing traditional style trailers as the Tesla’s shape won’t allow tight turns to occur with a trailer adjoined.

Any potential designs will have to take this into account and find an ingenious solution to the problem. While these designs are still in their infancy and conceptual stages, technology is always advancing and it may be just a short amount of time before these dream towables become a reality.

Cybertruck Campers – The future of camping?

Picture yourself out in the country in your RV, totally immersed in nature. Now imagine taking that same trip with uninterrupted, high speed internet connection, 5-star luxury, amazing modern appliances in your camper and all of it powered by solar energy. It sounds pretty futuristic right? Well not really – this fantasy is soon to become a reality thanks to the Tesla Cybertruck, their latest high-tech off-road vehicle design.

Tesla has been synonymous with sustainability and style since its creation in 2003 and their product range is continually being updated with the latest gadgets and technologies. Fans of Tesla can expect the same level of quality in the highly anticipated Cybertruck. One glance at the vehicle’s spec and you realize that this is going to be a seriously powerful beast.

While Elon Musk’s innovative Cybertruck might not be available until 2023, it has people on the edge of their seats and eager to know how it will integrate into the market and adapt to use as a camper.

It’s design might not be for everyone – the Cybertruck looks more like a vehicle from Blade Runner or Minority Report than it does a traditional RV designed to get you off road and into the wilderness and it’s hard to imagine one pulling up at a camping ground or national park. However, there are a few companies developing concepts that will allow the Cybertruck to become the ultimate, high-end camper.

These concepts are really out there in terms of design and mechanization. They employ the same levels of modernism and cutting edge technology as Tesla itself to match the quality and progressive nature of the Cybertruck. But the one question on everyone’s lips is ‘how much will it all cost?’


Closing Thoughts

Buying a Cybertruck isn’t going to be cheap. The truck alone can cost almost $70,000 and that’s before you’ve even considered the conversion costs to adapt it to use as a camper. Right now, you can pre-order the Cybertruck directly with Tesla for a deposit of $100 which will place you in line and ready to start choosing your package.

To buy the Cybertruck in its most basic form – that’s rear-wheel drive – it will set you back $39,900. If you’re looking to step it up a gear, you can go for the Dual Motor all-wheel drive model that will begin at a base price of $49,900. Then there’s the Tri Motor version, also all-wheel drive, which costs $69,000.


Can a Cybertruck carry a camper?

The short answer is yes – the Cybertruck has a pretty decent towing and payload capacity. The towing capacity is going to vary between different specs, but it’s understood that the single motor Cybertruck will be able to tow 7500lbs. The dual-motor model will be able to tow 10,000lbs and then there’s the model with a third motor that’s able to shift an incredible 14,000lbs.

How much does the CyberLandr cost?

You can currently place a fully refundable reservation deposit of $100 today to pre-order a CyberLandr. Once production begins in 2023, there will be plenty of additional features and room for customization, but from there the base price is $49,995. Remember, this is just the price of the CyberLandr and it does not include that actual Cybertruck itself.

Can a Cybertruck tow a tiny house?

This really boils down to the spec of the Cybertruck that you opt for and the size of the tiny house. The triple motor Cybertruck – the highest spec model available – is designed to tow up to 14,000 lbs. Tiny houses can weigh anywhere between 3000 lbs and 15,000 lbs so, if you own an average sized tiny house, the Cybertruck will be able to tow it with ease.

Can you sleep in the Cybertruck?

With the range of Cybertruck camping solutions available to pre-order, sleeping won’t be an issue. On the whole, they’re all designed with a queen sized bed, although some designs use slightly shortened mattresses. Most of the concepts also incorporate versatile sofas and seating areas that will fold into an auxiliary bed for accommodating extra people.

The Cybertruck itself, without any additional camping conversion, has a bed that measures 6.5ft, that’s in-keeping with the size of a traditional pickup truck so there’s plenty of room there for storage and potentially sleeping.


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