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Hiker Trailer Review: Pros/Cons and Owner QnA

Hiker Trailer Review: Pros/Cons and Owner QnA

For people who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, Hiker Trailer can make getting out into nature easier than ever. Hiker Trailer is a U.S. based company that has been manufacturing tear drop camping trailers for 14 years, designed to make camping trips affordable and comfortable.

The trailers come in a range of sizes, starting at 4 x 8 feet and going up to 5 x 10 feet and are designed to be towed behind your vehicle. Obviously, they are a lot smaller than a motor home, but offer more comfort than a tent with a proper bed and better weather proofing.

They come with a power socket and windows as standard, but they can also be upgraded with features like kitchen units in the back and complete off-road capability.

The compact size means that Hiker Trailers are light to tow and don’t put too much pressure on your vehicle, as well as making them much easier to park up and store than you would find with a big RV. It can also mean a claustrophobic camping experience if the weather turns, as they are too small to stand up in and the kitchen is outside.

For people who want to immerse themselves in isolated places off the beaten track, the off-road model can be driven over rivers and mountains, offering you a comfort that would never normally be possible in beautiful, remote locations. Although the dimensions are tight, space efficiency can be maximized by using a bed that folds back into a sofa, creating a cozy lounge area by day and a bedroom by night.

The facilities in the Hiker Trailer are basic, but these little camping pods can certainly transform the way that you explore the great outdoors.

Having a safe and comfortable place to warm up after a long day surfing in the ocean or scrambling up mountain sides is a luxury that many of us have dreamed of as we lay in our lightweight hiking tents, breath swirling around our faces as we toss and turn on a camping mat in a bid to get comfortable.

Hiker Trailer manufactures their trailers in two locations: Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana. There are 4 different models that are available to buy: the highway basic, highway deluxe, midway deluxe and extreme off-road deluxe with sizes ranging from 4′ x 8′ to 5′ x 10′.

The biggest difference between the models is the size and type of wheels and tires, but there are also variations in the wiring connections, building materials and power systems.

How much does a Hiker Trailer cost?

They cost anywhere from $2,895 for the 4′ x 8′ basic model and up to $9,995 for the 5′ x 10′ extreme off-road deluxe, but it is also possible to fully customize your trailer with awnings, cabinet packages and even solar panels if you are willing to fork out the extra cash. If that sounds out of your price range, it doesn’t mean that your options are completely cut off.

You could consider hiring a Hiker Trailer from as little as $50 a night at RV Share, which as well as being much more affordable in the short term could also give you the chance to spend a night in the trailer before committing to investing in your own. Hiker Trailer has also set up a partnership with Spring Leaf financial to offer financing options, which you could find out more about when making an inquiry.

Alternatively, you could try finding a second hand trailer online, using the Facebook group ‘Pre-Owned Hiker Trailer Buy/Sell Group’, where you can either write a post outlining your budget and requirements or check out the trailers that have already been listed by sellers. Other websites to check out include eBay and RV trader.

Heather (@red8hb) has created a lovely homey feel in her trailer, a perfect place to unwind after a long day on the trail.


The biggest pro of the Hiker Trailer comes down to its size. It is small enough to park, tow and store easily and the lightness is great for saving fuel. Owners love the fact that you can customize them according to your needs, with awnings to relax under and even a roof tent for larger families.

Hiker Trailers offer a fantastic middle point between the freedom of tent camping and comfort of RV camping, being much more weatherproof than a tent but much more maneuverable than your average camping vehicle. In fact, the off-road deluxe gives campers the facility to reach places that an RV simply never could.

The fact that the Hiker Trailer is towed also gives the camper additional flexibility, as they can leave their trailer at camp and still use their vehicle to go on supply runs or explore the local area. Most importantly, they make getting outdoors much more convenient as all camping supplies can be stored in the trailer and you can hitch up without any planning or preparation to head off on your next adventure.


The biggest benefit of the Hiker Trailer is also its biggest drawback. Size! Although the small dimensions of the trailer are really useful when towing and storing, it can be a little claustrophobic for people who are used to a larger RV. Although this can be compensated with space management like a bed that folds back into a sofa, it can be annoying to have to switch between the two when you want to go to sleep.

What’s more, the kitchen is outdoors. Whilst that might be really wonderful on a balmy summers evening, it can be a nightmare when you’re cold and wet and a storm is raging. Trying to cook your breakfast with the wind and rain lashing down on you isn’t fun for anyone.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Hiker Trailer can’t store very much water. You would need to refill fresh water and empty wastewater every few days. Whilst this may not pose a problem for a weekend trip, it could limit your ability to stay out in the beautiful wild places that the off-road deluxe can reach for as long as you would like to.

Finally, though the trailer can usually fit in a garage, you do need to think about where you would store it and although they are cheaper than many RVs, they are out of the price range of many of us going up to $10,000 for the deluxe models.

Q&A with Owners

We got in touch with some Hiker Trailer owners, for an honest insight into their experience. Here is what they had to say:

Jennifer (@jennwilliams021) loves using her Hiker Trailer on family camping trips. She says that the trailer has worked out brilliantly for herself, husband, baby and even their 2 dogs. She feels that the Hiker Trailer can grow alongside their family, as they have the option of adding a roof tent if they are blessed with another child.

They decided to go with the 5′ x 10′ trailer as it gave them more options to expand in the future, and even shortened the cabinets at the back to allow them to install bunk beds into the trailer whilst still leaving space for the couple’s queen bed.

Jennifer recommends the Hiker Trailer Owner Facebook group which is packed full of tips and inspirations for DIY improvements and has a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Jay (@asthejayflies) always gets a lot of compliments when he’s out with his trailer. He appreciates the lightness of the trailer making it easier to tow.

Like Jennifer, Jay agreed that there is a very friendly owner community that is prepared to help out and give advice whenever it’s needed. Jay also pointed out there can be a long waiting period if bought new and highlighted how small the trailer really is:

‘Seriously, we can sleep and store a few things, and that’s pretty much it.’

If he did it again, Jay would choose to find somebody local to build a trailer rather than going through Hiker Trailer. He pointed out that there’s companies making kit versions for a teardrop trailer now which would be cheaper than buying a finished trailer.

Jamie (@redbeardceramics) loves his Hiker Trailer! Unlike Jay, he thought that the Hiker Trailer was really good value for money after he looked at several similar options.

“The biggest pro for us was when were looking at the cost. It’s much more affordable than similar sized options and you can customize your order.”

Jamie lives in Denver, so Hiker Trailer was a local company to him which he was happy to support. He did mention that the long wait time is a draw back for anyone anxious to get straight on the road.

Jamie advises you make sure you have a powerful enough tow vehicle as his Jeep Cherokee wasn’t up to the job and the suspension was ruined after he tried to tow the Hiker. He has a 4Runner now and says the trailer tows like a dream!

Finally, Jonny (@Johnny_fedevich) loves the fact that his trailer is small enough to store in his garage. Weighing less than 1000lbs, he is convinced that the Hiker Trailer is the best entry level trailer on the market.

“I can’t think of another negative attribute apart from the fact that I can’t stand up in it, but to be fair I knew that before I bought it.”

Final Thoughts

All the owners that I spoke to had positive things to say about their trailers, although the size and price was admittedly drawback for some. All in all, the Hiker Trailer seems a pretty great investment for people that want to get out into nature as often as possible.

The tiny dimensions mean you can’t expect the same luxury as larger camping vehicle, but for people who just want a comfortable bed to rest in, well protected from the wind and rain and don’t want to fork out for an RV, it’s a great option to consider.


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