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How Much Do Sprinter Camper Vans Cost? 

How Much Do Sprinter Camper Vans Cost? 

The price of a Sprinter camper van will depend heavily on a number of factors including the make and model of the van, the type of conversion work that has been completed on it, if it is new or used, and the location of which it will be purchased.

That said, a Sprinter camper van can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $200,000 and sometimes, even more than that. Sprinter camper vans are not cheap and many people are surprised to learn that they can purchase a Class C RV, which is much larger, for far less money. 

Continue reading to learn about why Sprinter camper vans are so expensive compared to other types of campers, if Sprinter camper vans are worth the money, and ways to cut the cost of your sprinter camper van down.

What is a Sprinter Camper Van?

A Sprinter camper van is a Class B RV and is the smallest RV that is available on the market. Sprinter vans are built on a Mercedes Benz cargo van chassis and are usually equipped with a camper conversion aftermarket. Sprinter camper vans have been around since the 1970’s with a resurgence in popularity throughout the 1990’s.

Since the pandemic hit, however, the sprinter camper van has seen interest unlike any other from social media influencers, bloggers, and individuals alike who want an easy-to-drive, fun, stress-free RV experience.

Price Range of a Sprinter Camper Van

The cost of a sprinter camper van is anywhere between $90,000 and $200,000. Just like with other RVs the high-end and luxury models will be more expensive than base models. You would expect used camper vans to sell for less, but the pandemic has kept used prices steady and higher than usual.

Why Are Sprinter Camper Vans So Expensive?

There are a few reasons that sprinter camper vans have become so expensive. The first is the rising demand. Demand for sprinter camper vans has risen 60% in the last 2 years alone, and interest has been trending upwards for quite some time now.

Another reason that sprinter camper vans are so expensive is that the base sprinter van cost is high. Again the pandemic has forced higher prices in most areas with automobiles being hit especially hard. A base model sprinter van that has not undergone a conversion costs around $30,000 for a plain, low-end model.

The conversion that the sprinter van undergoes to become a sprinter camper van is the other reason that sprinter camper vans are expensive. While most conversions are fully customizable, people usually opt for top-of-the-line products and materials once they are already spending the money on the van.


Cost of a Luxury Sprinter Camper Van

Luxury Sprinter Camper Vans are in a class of their own, and their price tag shows it. There are several manufacturers of sprinter vans, but the most recognizable brand of sprinter is the Mercedes Benz Company.

Mercedes Benz is a German luxury automobile brand. A basic unconverted Mercedes Benz sprinter van base model starts at $50,000. Those who choose to go with the luxury brand tend to choose higher-end finishes for their conversion which can likely put their total price into the $200,000 range.

What is the Cheapest Camper Van?

Purchasing a camper van can be intimidating just from the price tag alone. Fortunately, The Caravan Outfitters have recognized this and filled this gap for those who just don’t have a hundred thousand dollars to spend. The Caravan Outfitters Free Bird is the most affordable camper van available. The Nissan NV200 serves as the foundation for the Free Bird. It is small, light, and compact, but it is inexpensive.

Unlike many larger camper vans and RVs, the Free Bird can easily accommodate two people. There isn’t much place for anything else. This Caravan Outfitters offering is simple and tiny, but it is necessary in order to deliver the most affordable camper van on the market. The price of the Free Bird varies slightly depending on configuration, but the starting price is $37,665.

Is a Sprinter Camper Van Worth the Cost?

If you are wondering if purchasing a Sprinter Camper Van is worth the cost, the answer is going to depend on how much you plan to use it. If you are an occasional camper who likes to venture into the woods several times a year, then you will most likely find that purchasing a Sprinter Camper Van will not be worth the money.

Travel bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and those who intend on living full time or almost full time inside their Sprinter Camper Van will most definitely get their money’s worth out of the vehicle. Sprinter Camper Vans could be considered an investment to social influencers and bloggers alike.

Is a Sprinter Camper Van Expensive to Repair?

Several factors will determine whether your Sprinter Camper Van will be expensive to repair. The most recognizable Sprinter, from Mercedes Benz, will cost a lot more in repair bills than a Ford Transit or Chevy Express. This is partly due to the repairs for the Mercedes Sprinter being exclusive to the Mercedes company.

Parts are also much more expensive on a Mercedes Sprinter than other domestic van manufacturers. If you are looking to save money on overall cost and repair bills, you may want to consider a different camper van manufacturer.


How Long Do Sprinter Camper Vans Last?

A Mercedes Benz Sprinter Camper Van that has been well cared for and given maintenance on a regular schedule could see its odometer reach into the 300,000 range before any serious repairs or total engine failure creeps up.

Mercedes Benz is a great luxury product, and the company stands by its products, services, and extended warranty deals. Other brands of sprinter camper vans could last until around 100,000 miles before serious issues start to show.

Considering that cheaper models are less expensive to repair, you could, in theory, have a cheaper sprinter camper van for up to 500,000 miles if you consistently replace or repair bad and faulty parts.


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