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Largest Fiberglass Travel Trailer? (7 Spacious Favorites)

Largest Fiberglass Travel Trailer? (7 Spacious Favorites)

Are you on the hunt for the largest travel trailer with fiberglass construction that will provide you with a spacious and comfortable living area during your camping trips? Do you want to have the luxury of a large living space without compromising on the durability and strength of your travel trailer?

Well, look no further! In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you 7 of the largest travel trailers with fiberglass construction that will provide you with plenty of space, comfort, and durability on the road. With these spacious and sturdy options, you can enjoy your camping adventure without any worries.

So, let’s get started and discover the perfect travel trailer for your next escapade!

7 Largest fiberglass travel trailers:

1. The Oliver Legacy Elite II

The Oliver Legacy Elite II will cost you a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth every dime. Oliver Travel Trailers are made with outstanding craftsmanship and boast a stellar record as one of the best fiberglass travel trailer manufacturers.

You can see that the Legacy Elite II is made to embody the brand’s luxury reputation and does it in class and style.

How can you fault the generosity of the Legacy Elite II’s size? We only have a single misgiving with the 23’6″ long, 7 ft wide, and 8’6″ tall machine. To our great dismay, for the considerable dent it’ll make to your pocket, it only sleeps 3.

The army of features, available options, and add-ons take away less from the large exterior dimensions of the Elite II than you would have expected.

Unfortunately, there isn’t as much passageway in the floor plan as Jayco’s White Hawk 27RB. You might feel crowded if more than one person is standing at a time, but the tall roof does help lessen any onset of claustrophobia.

The storage is unobtrusively integrated into the interior design of the trailer, which places only the necessary things in your sight and gives you more area for your eyes to wander and rest on.

The double-hulled fiberglass shell screams premium with its gloss finish, and the rest of the interior molded fiberglass is precision cut.

2. Bigfoot B25RQ

The telling name of the Bigfoot 2500 series isn’t there to mislead you. Everything about this travel trailer is almost larger than life, starting with the clean and modern interior, off-white color scheme, and light woody hints on the fixtures.

You might not even be able to tell that the B25RQ is made for the utmost comfort in arctic weather—the lightweight two-piece fiberglass exterior with high-density insulation and thermal pane windows are some heavy-duty stuff that you won’t even notice that they are there.

The B25RQ travel trailer is the largest and most purchased of the 2500 series. You can choose between a single-axle or double-axle series to suit your needs. However, you should still be reasonably impressed even if you select the smaller model.

Bigfoot’s B25RQ may only sleep 4, but it has amazing size proportions with its 8’4″ external width, 25’6″ length, and 9’2″ height.

The position of the lighting creates a sense of a more spacious as you might be familiar with how important lighting is in organizing the space of a room. The skylight further accentuates the tall interior ceiling height.

You can also swap the walk-in 60″ x 74″ queen bed for the B25RQ-exclusive twin bed option if you

want more space, especially if you aren’t thrilled that the orientation of the B25RQ makes it a walkaround queen bed.

3. Escape 23C

Escape is an impressive company with a knack for going above and beyond what the people want when it comes to the quality of their builds.

The company doesn’t have the lengthy history of some RV industry giants, but it doesn’t make it any less well-established.

As if to show its customers their dedication to their craft, even after the originally family-owned company was acquired by a private company in 2018, it continues to make fiberglass travel trailers you can rave about.

The Escape 23C is the latest and upcoming release from the company. While you may think its floorplan needs to be more lively, it promises to bring main bedroom comfort with you anywhere your journey calls you on the queen bed option.

You’ll usually notice the considerable difference between the exterior and interior dimensions because of the necessary things that go in between.

The external dimensions have a width of 7’11”, a length of 23’9″, and a lofty height of 9’1″. But Escape is trying to keep those dimensions as close as possible with the interior dimensions not being too starved.

The interior length should be 19’5″ with an impressive width of 7’9″ and 6’5″ internal height.

4. Scamp 19’ Deluxe

The Scamp 19′ Deluxe brings everything you love with the cute, bun-shaped Scamp 16′ with just a bit more refinement to the layout.

This 4-sleeper 19′ Deluxe 5th wheel is Scamp’s largest offering, and you’ll see that it tries to pack everything it can inside, which seems to be the fate of the Scamp line even with the improvements.

It has a length of 19 ft, a grand height of 8’10”, and a width of 8’10” when you extend everything outside.

As one of the smaller and more traditionally sized fiberglass travel trailers in this article, the 19′ Deluxe still manages to squeeze in a queen-size bed and a chockful of other fixtures.

It might be challenging to try full-time living in the Scamp, but you can if you enjoy the convenience of smaller travel trailers but want just a bit more space to enjoy.

5. Escape 21NE Travel Trailer

You probably don’t need to be talked into considering an Escape Trailer by now. The 21NE‘s compact exterior will look perfect when you’re towing it. It’ll feel just so as it is noticeably light, which should help your pockets stay healthy with a manageable fuel economy.

The widest point of the passageway you’ll get is 36″ between the fridge and the kitchen countertop on the opposite side.

The 6-person U-shaped dinette may be usual that you have to shimmy in and out of, but it does at least turn into a 2-person sleeper that’s spacious enough to help you not keep shoving the person next to you.

You should be pleased with how Escape has sized the 6-sleeper 21NE. The exterior width is 7’4″, the length is 21’4″, and the absolute height when you count the top of the AC unit is 9 ft.

You’ll also notice that the open design creates a sense of an open sea as you can look out over the entire trailer from your 82″ x 59″ 2-person bed.

You won’t go wrong with the clean contemporary aesthetics, but there’s just class you can’t contend with if you choose oak.

6. Forest River R-Pod West Coast RP-203

You may not know Forest River for its exceptional craftsmanship, and that’s why it sits at the bottom of this list, but you can’t argue with the generous floorplan of their 6-person sleeper West Coast RP-203.

Forest River’s Ultra Lite R-Pod travel trailers are made from a one-piece fiberglass roof and composite material Azdel panels. The Azdel is a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass.

The RP range has several spacious options you can choose from, and they should all be a delight to your senses. The West Coast RP-203 is this line’s newest 2023 offering and comes with a new layout Forest River will be pushing.

25 feet in length, 6’6″ in height, and 8 feet in width should help you feel at ease in the room department.

The layout brings you double bunks and a queen-sized bed to give your family the space to fully relax without seeming like you’re all confined to a single prison cell.

The all-terrain tires wrapped around the bronze-aluminum wheels combined with the dual axles of this new layout work to give you a smoother and more stable ride.

You know that tires and stabilization from the axle can’t achieve their full potential if your travel

trailer is deprived of a high-quality suspension system.

Well, fear not because the Curt Beast Mode suspension system is on the RP-203 to help you with a seamless tow that fights you less with swaying or bucking. You’ll also have all the comfort and luxury amenities on the RP-203.

7. Jayco White Hawk 27RB

The White Hawk 27RB has plenty of room to stretch out your arms with a width of 8 ft. If you still feel cramped, you can get an additional 11 ft with the slides out.

The 27RB holds the largest exterior measurements. You can get an 8 ft width, a sprawling length of 32’10”, and a height of 10’8″. Jayco’s White Hawk also comfortably sleeps up to 6.

There are also several interior design options that you can pick. You get six choices under “Modern Farmhouse” and six more under “Vintage Washed Grey” for a luxurious setup to your liking.

This White Hawk was only introduced in 2022, so you shouldn’t experience many issues with ordering your unit.

Like any RV brand worth its salt, you can also decide on the final touches to the travel trailer’s floor plan from available add-ons. You can swap the tri-fold sofa next to the coached eating area for a theatre seat with table trays and other options.

You’ll see that the stock White Hawk comes with a full-size, 60″ x 80″, queen-size bed that almost takes up the entire front. But if you’re a starfish position sleeper, you can change the bed to a 72″ x 80″ king-size bed.

You get a ton of kitchen space, a fireplace, and plenty of storage throughout the trailer without having to suck your belly in when you pass someone in the passageway.


What’s the largest fiberglass travel trailer?

You won’t typically find molded fiberglass travel trailers over 25 feet on the market. But, this external length of 25 ft isn’t a hard and fast rule just because the molded fiberglass manufacturing process can get expensive.

Like the Jayco White Hawk 27RB, 32’10”, you can get large fiberglass trailers that mix fiberglass and other materials.

Regardless of the construction material, travel trailers have an 8.5 ft width limit which can’t be exceeded no matter how long the trailer is.

Which brands make fiberglass travel trailers?

Some of the most widely known companies that make quality molded fiberglass travel trailers are Oliver Travel Trailers, Bigfoot RV, Escape, NuCamp, Scamp Trailers, Casita Travel Trailers, and Airstream.

Why are most molded fiberglass travel trailers smaller than aluminum trailers?

Manufacturing molded fiberglass can become expensive, leading to manufacturers only producing limited floorplan options. People like options.

Smaller fiberglass trailers are also in keeping with the fiberglass draw of a lighter trailer that’s easier to tow with smaller trucks.

Closing Thoughts

You can save money on fuel, have a smoother tow, and not have to worry as much when visiting national parks with a smaller fiberglass trailer, but you’ll likely hope for a bit more space when you’re on the road long enough.

Jayco’s White Hawk 27RB is definitely the largest in our list above but it is not a traditional fully fiberglass build. If you are dead set on a full fiberglass construction, your best bet for a roomy interior is the Bigfoot 25 footer!

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